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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a 4K Mirrorless Camera

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

Mirrorless cameras have gained much popularity these days due to their lightweight and compact design. They are much suitable for applications where photographers cannot carry big DSLR cameras. The mirrorless cameras have so many advantages over DSLR, they are quite enough, you need not to adjust the mirror again and again and many more. These user friendly camera units find their application in wedding, street and theatre photography.

As a beginner, you may find difficulties in selection of a mirrorless camera because they use to have so many variable features and specifications. Users need to think about lens systems, video abilities, sensor size and lots of other details. If you want to buy a new mirrorless camera then it is important to go through few important specifications first, they are listed below in this article. This guide will help you to take right decision for your next investment:

1. Sensor Size:

Generally, mirrorless cameras use to have APS-C sensors like consumer DSLR units but few are also equipped with Micro Four Third Sensor that range somewhere between point and shoot to APS-C sensors. There are currently so many big brands that are dealing with these sensors like Panasonic and Olympus etc. One of the biggest reasons behind increasing applications of mirroless cameras is that that use to be smaller and lighter then DSLRs due to small sensor size. However, if you are more concerned about low light performance then you must go for full frame mirrorless cameras; one with APS-C sensor is also a good choice.

2. Lens System:

Here is another big advantage of using mirrorless camera, they offer interchangeable lenses. This feature brings impressive results for different kind of shoots. It must be clear by the name that mirrorless cameras do not have any mirror inside so they have very small distance between sensor plan and lens mount; hence you can enjoy photography with large focal length. One trouble of connecting legacy lenses to mirrorless designs is that they lose autofocus abilities and users may also need to adjust aperture manually as they stop sending electronic signals. But this fact works like con only got photographers; videographers are not affected with this. Market is currently loaded with so many lenses that suit for mirrorless cameras.

3. Electronic Viewfinder:

This feature is also taken into consideration while buying a new mirrorless camera as most of these camera models use to follow electronic viewfinder ability. You may find various pros and cons of EVF technology; the biggest trouble is noticeable lag time but manufacturers are trying to improve it with all new design updates. Secondly, the EVF technology is a big battery consumer like LCD screens. But, you will also find many advantages of EVF designs, they have focus peaking ability that leads to higher sharpness as compared to manual focus. EVF technology helps to highlight edges with better contrast adjustments. Also, these models offer greater exposure, better camera adjustment options and improved color balance.

4. Autofocus:

Most of buyers these days use to focus upon image sensor and megapixel ranges while buying a new device but they are advised to think about autofocus too because it is going to play major role for most of applications. When you buy a cheaper camera, it often serves with inferior autofocus; you may have to make compromise for type of autofocus like contrast detection or phase detection system and it will also reduce the focus point count. However, you will not find any fixed rule about specifications of autofocus but yes at least it has higher number of focus points because they improve accuracy. Note that, the phase detection type autofocus lenses use to be faster as compared to contrast detection systems, at the same time, they accuracy of cross type sensors is found higher as compared to vertical lens sensors.

You will be glad to know that some of the recent mirrorless camera designs follow hybrid systems for autofocus where it works with combination of contrast detection and phase detection methods. So you can also think about buying such collection. Those who want to shoot footage in low light conditions will find hybrid systems much useful as it maintains better content quality with sharpness in details.

5. Connectivity:

These days, mirrorless cameras are coming with wireless capabilities that improve usability. You will find most of cameras with built in Wi-Fi system and they can also be connected to Android or iOS applications to enjoy remote control. Users can have various controls from these applications, like aperture, ISO, shutter speed and several other settings. Those who are more interested to share their recent memories on social media or wish enjoy easy transfers between camera and other handheld devices can take maximum benefits from these applications.

6. Weather Sealing:

The high end and mid range collection of mirrorless cameras is often designed with weather shield so that camera elements can stay protected in adverse conditions. Manufacturers use to follow different kind of arrangements for weather sealing like rubber sealing, use of additional protective case and making arrangements for weather proofing of areas around buttons. This feature is more useful for professional photographers and action lovers.

7. Image Stabilization:

Image stabilization ability helps to collect shake free footage but at the same time it increases cost of camera. Some of the most advanced cameras use to possess 5 axis type image stabilization ability that provides classic results. This technique leads to stable and well focused recording even when camera us continuously moving or it is fixed on a moving mount.


Indeed, there are large numbers of details that you need to check while buying a new mirrorless camera because all these features cause great impact on applications. Prefer to do huge research before you make investment so that you can find something suitable to your needs as well as budget. There are so many popular brands providing wide range of buying options, you can find the most useful product with ease.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.