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Acer S277HK 27-Inch 4K UHD Monitor Review in 2017

Most of gamers and video enthusiasts these days are searching for high end 4K monitors that can handle fast frames with ease. Yeah! We cannot compromise for quality but it is really good if we get collection of all required features in a budget friendly monitor. Acer has recently launched S277HK to fulfil all your needs with its mid range price tag and feature rich design. This 27 inch monitor is designed with IPS technology and it ensures delivery of fine color distribution on screen along with eye catching gray scale performance.


  • Its refresh rate is truly amazing.
  • You will definitely love its bezel free design.
  • It ensures delivery of sharp edge UHD images.
  • The sleek design grabs attention of viewers.
  • Solid performance.


  • It does not include USB ports.
  • You cannot make adjustments for its height.
  • Wall mount facility not included.
  • It is not compatible to VESA.

Hardware Design:

1. Design Style


Here is a 27 inch non reflective IPS panel that can ensure you stunning viewing experience. The screen is designed with anti glare coating and the panel is stored inside a glossy white cabinet. The bezel free exterior with brushed aluminium style stand makes it more stylish. This panel can tilt up to 15 degrees in backward direction and only up to 5 degrees in forward direction but the sad part is that users cannot make adjustments for its swivel and height.

You will find five different function buttons on this panel and there is a power switch that is mounted over bottom trim. S277HK allows users to access basic as well as advanced screen settings with ease. It is possible make easy adjustments for gamma, color temperature, sharpness, brightness and low blue light settings. Users can adjust this blue light setting to adjust the blue light emissions so that strain on eyes can be avoided with ease. Note that the advance setting options include 6 axis saturation and hue so that panel can be calibration as per required settings. It also consists of sRGB mode, User, ECO, Movie, Graphics, Standard modes etc.

2. Interfaces and Connectivity


Manufacturers have managed all the ports very well on this monitor, without making any compromise for its aesthetics. All the IP ports are accessible on back side of the panel and they are facing forward direction. The list of video input ports includes DVI port, HDMI 2.0 port, mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort. You will also find a headphone jack and one audio input jack on this monitor but the design lacks in USB port availability. Acer has mounted speakers to this monitor and they offer quite balanced performance without being too loud and even by managing bass output. When you open the package for Acer S277HK then you will find four essential cables inside it along with the monitor itself; the cables include audio, DVI, Display Port, and HDMI. It also comes with 3 year limited warranty for backlight, labor and Parts.

As this monitor contains USB 2.0 port so you can enjoy 4K resolution at 60Hz frequency range. That simply results smooth video rendering with well managed graphics, casual gaming response that impresses gamers as well as editors. Further, the IPS technology leads to overall response time of 4ms but it is not much suitable for action gamers or videos that demand very fast response for 4K rendering.

Features and Performance:

1. Color and Image Quality


S277HK handles 3840x2160 resolution and you will be able to enjoy wide range of color gamut with higher accuracy. It will ensure you highest details from all Ultra HD videos and images. Professionals love to use this monitor due to its vibrant color focus and perfect adjustment of all light and dark shades. The sRGB color gamut is observed to fall in 99.9% range where contrast goes as high as up to 883:1. The black levels are adjusted to very decent range with 0.27cd/m2 range; you will find its color temperature somewhere around 6858K that is little higher because as per standard specifications it must lie around 6500K. When this monitor is adjusted to graphics color preset then this color temperature range was varies up to 6583K with contrast ratio improvement up to 911:1.

Although, manufacturers does not claim professional style color accuracy for this monitor but as per calibration tests it performs equally good for all almost all modes and can serve office as well as home editing needs. The Delta E score is usually desired to be as low as possible and here it is measured around 1.4. The weakest color in this monitor is red and it always stays over saturated, rest all colours are handled well. You will find its adobe RGB color gamut little low in performance that provides only 72% coverage. Indeed, it does not suit to professionals and may be that is why manufacturers do not claim this design pro friendly. But yes, it can deliver satisfactory performance for simple office and home needs.

2.On Screen Menus


S277HK have basic onscreen menus but you may not find them so easy to navigate as they are not labelled on the front of the display but left to the power button. You may feel little confused while handling forward, backward or right, left controls. You can adjust the five preset color modes, i.e. ECO, Standard, Movie, Graphics and user modes, on the on display screen to change the color balance, color temperature and gamma.

3. Window Scaling

If you use this monitor with Windows system then it will find little difficulties in handling scaling feature but results are little improved with Windows 8.1. Some objects will not update their resolution for scaling adjustments too so you may find it little difficult to handle Ultra HD resolutions. You can expect high quality results from Mac OS X.

Watch the video below to get more information about the Acer S277HK 4K Monitor.


We can call this UHD monitor an all rounder and it is one of the top choices of office users. If you are planning to buy a new monitor for your office or home then it is good to think about Acer S277HK. It has all major connectivity options but missing USB port and VESA mount option is a big disadvantage.

Nov 23,2017 14:21 pm
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