ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Review

 ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor

The Asus' computer hardware products are known to be synonymous with high-quality and overall high-end performance. Their PB279Q 4K UHD model doesn't seem to offer anything less than amazing image quality and color accuracy that can compete with the leading 4K monitors currently on the market. The wide array of options and the elegant design make up for a few minor details that are missing.

Furthermore, the PB279Q fits perfectly in the office setting or as a gaming accessory that delivers low input lag performances even when being pushed to its limits. The Asus' 27-inch 4K monitor offers much more than its price suggests. So here is everything you need to know about this stunning multi-purpose 4K monitor that exceeds all expectations.

ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Pros and Cons


  • Low input lag
  • Easily adjustable
  • Great contrast and brightness
  • Amazing color accuracy
  • Good response time


  • Refresh rate at just 60 Hz
  • Low HDMI refresh rates
  • No USB ports

ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Complete Review

Part 1: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Design

The elegant, yet neutrally designed PB279Q has a business-like appearance even though it can be used equally effectively for gaming purposes. The Asus' 4K UHD monitor is perhaps not the largest one that you can find, but its visual appearance definitely makes it one of the most attractive monitors on the market today.

1. Design Style

The PB279Q 4K UHD monitor features a 27-inch display enframed by thin bezels that maximize the monitor's picture displaying area. With the dimensions of 24.6 in x 8.7 in x 16.1 inches and weight of 22.05 lbs without the stand, the PB279Q is relatively light and easy to fit into any work environment. The Asus' 4K monitor is only available in black color, which significantly narrows down a number of different options offered to the users.

However, the PB279Q is equipped with a stand that enables amazing tilting possibilities. The monitor can be tilted -5 degrees backward and 20 degrees forward at the maximum height of 5.91 inches, while users can pivot the monitor as much as 90 degrees and create a portrait picture format instead of the standard landscape format. Furthermore, the PB279Q can be swiveled by 60 degrees using the mechanism located beneath the stand base. The six centimeters VESA mount extends the monitor's mounting options and enables you to use it separately from its stand.

2. Ports and connectivity

While USB ports have been entirely removed from the PB279Q 4K monitor, thus reducing its connectivity potential, the manufacturer compensated this by adding more HDMI ports. All ports are located on the lower back end of the monitor and in addition to four HDMI ports, the Asus' 4K monitor also features a DisplayPort 1.2 and a Mini DisplayPort 1.2 port that enables a wide variety of connectivity options.

The PB279Q is also equipped with an Audio In and Earphone jack that allows the user to connect audio devices directly to the monitor or use it independently of any sound system. The Audio In and Earphone jack, are particularly useful to gamers that want to connect their gaming consoles directly to the monitor without the use of the additional equipment.

3. Display

The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio screen comes with a maximum 3840 X 2160 resolution that can support 4K resolution images. The moderate 27-inches are barely enough to display the high image quality in its full potential, but despite somewhat limiting display diagonal size the PB279Q delivers crystal clear high definition images. The matte display reduces the reflections, although not entirely and for this reason, the ideal positioning for the Asus' 4K monitor should be in a room that has a more moderate lightning.

The In Plane Switching technology display enhances the PB279Q's performance and enriches the colors, while the ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angles allow the users to view the screen from almost any angle without any color shift at all. The shorter display diagonal enables a higher pixel density, thus PB279Q has pixel density value of 163 ppi or over 8 million pixels. The Asus' 4K monitor has a contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1, which says a lot about its potential.

Part 2: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Color Gamut and Performance

The color display performance is without question the strong suit of this 4K monitor because it supports brightness values as high as 300cd/m2. The 10-bit color coverage further enhances the color performance of the PB279Q, while its 1.07 billion color screen ensures that all colors displayed by this 4K monitor are lifelike. A 100% sRGB color gamut coverage enables the PB279Q to deliver stunning color performances even with highly demanding visual content.

However, the 81% of the Adobe RGB gamut coverage is significantly lower than most professional 4K monitors offer, and for that reason, the PB279Q's ability to complete more demanding tasks in video or photo editing is somewhat limited. Despite this Asus' 4K monitor has a remarkable color accuracy that should satisfy most users with lower expectations than the ones high-end professionals have.

Part 3: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor OSD Settings and Calibration

The Asus PB279Q 4K UHD monitor offers a plethora of settings to its users. The menu is easy to use and it is operated with the buttons located on the bezel at the lower end of the cabinet. The image presets such as Theater, Game, Night View or sRGB modes offer automatic display adjustments to users who want to avoid going through the trouble of adjusting the color, brightness and contrast values manually. One of the buttons on the cabinet serves as a shortcut to the brightness properties that can be easily adjusted to fit the demands of the visual content that is being displayed on the monitor.

However, the PB279Q doesn't allow you to save manually adjusted values, which can be a downside for users who prefer to calibrate their monitors by themselves instead of using one of the preset modes. The Asus' 4K UHD monitor offers some amazing possibilities to its users and it is a perfect choice for gamers who are looking for an affordable monitor capable of high-end performance.

Part 4: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Gaming Performance

A good 4K gaming monitor must have low input lag, excellent refresh rates and it must be capable of reproducing the colors in painstaking detail. The Asus PB279Q meets all of these requirements and it offers a superb gaming experience for all its users. The refresh rate is at 60 Hz, but that doesn't lessen the monitor's ability to handle even the most demanding 4K games. Furthermore, the input lag is at a very low level, because this monitor has a stellar 5ms response time, that places it among the best gaming monitors in its price range.

Perhaps, the screen size of the monitor could be bigger, because the 27-inch monitor is barely enough to display 4K visual content, but most users will find this nearly bezel-less 4K UHD monitor more than capable of meeting their needs. What's more, the PB279Q's has a semi-glossy screen surface that enables it to display accurate colors, even in rooms with a high amount of light pollution.

Part 5: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Audio

The Asus' 4K monitor is equipped with a pair of built-in 2-watt speakers. However, like most built-in speakers the sound they reproduce is far from perfect and in order to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest, gamers would probably be better off using an external sound system. Connecting external audio devices directly to the monitor is enabled by the Audio In, located at the lower end of the PB279Q's cabinet.

The headphone jack further extends audio capabilities of this 4K monitor, but there is just one headphone jack, which at times can limit the gamer's options. The PB279Q offers a solid audio performance, but users who would like to have a perfect sound along with impeccable 4K images should use their stereo systems.

Part 6: ASUS PB279Q 27 4K UHD Monitor Highlighted Features

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the PB279Q is its Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle panel that enables a superior wide viewing angle performance. Much similar to the highly praised AMOLED display, the AHVA monitor panels provide higher transmittance at higher resolutions regardless of the angle from which you are looking at the picture. Furthermore, the panel makes sure that there is no color shift or wash out and as a result, AHVA-enabled monitors provide stunning color accuracy.

The PB279Q also has a superb response time because of the AHVA technology, which makes it perfectly suited for gamers that require low input lags.


The Asus PB279Q 27-inch UHD 4K monitor is an excellent all around performer that offers more than it is suggested by its modest price. The wide color gamut, 1.07 billion dot screen, and the amazing contrast ratio are just some of the features that make this 4K monitor stand out.

The video game enthusiasts cannot go wrong if they decide to purchase this affordable 4K monitor, on the other hand, high-end professionals would probably be better off with a 4K monitor that has a better Adobe RGB color coverage. Regardless of the minor weaknesses, the Asus PB279Q UHD 4K monitor is a great choice for anyone but the most demanding users.

Jul 31,2017 14:18 pm