ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Review in 2017

 Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor

Over the past few years, since the Asus PB287Q 4K UHD monitor first hit the market, this 4K monitor has established itself as a reliable home and office monitor. This 28-inch 4K monitor is capable of delivering Ultra High Definition image quality, while its color range and performance are nothing short of amazing. The low input lag compliments a long list of stunning features that make PB287Q a perfect choice for gamers.

The Asus' 4K monitor is affordable to most consumers and at such a low price it offers much more than most of the monitors in its price range. We've gathered all the information you might need before buying this truly remarkable monitor, so let's have a look at what PB287Q has to offer.

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Pros and Cons


  • UHD image quality
  • Low input lag
  • Offers more than its price suggests
  • Solid all-around performance


  • Image quality deteriorates when viewed at an angle
  • No USB
  • Complicated OSD controls
  • 4K content is not sharp enough

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Design

The Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer has been known for a long time for their modern and utilitarian designs. Their 4K PB287Q 4K monitor model continues this tradition as it is designed allows it to fit perfectly in the office setting or in much less formal environments.

1. Design Style

The Asus' 4K monitor doesn't challenge the users with a bold design since its visual appearance can be best described as common for 4K monitors. With the dimension of 26X16.3X8.7 inches and the weight of 17.42 lbs, the PB287Q will take quite a lot of room on the desktop. The sturdy stand enables the users to tilt the monitor in -5 to 22-degree radius, while you can also pivot the PB287Q from horizontal to vertical image orientation. The VESA mount extends the adjustability of this 4K monitor since it enables you to remove the stand and mount it on the wall. The 28-inch screen alongside 19mmm thin bezels creates an overall professional impression that captivates the attention of most users. Even though it is clear that manufacturers emphasized functionality over aesthetics, the PB287Q is still designed so it can fit in virtually any context.

2. Ports and connectivity

For some reason, the manufacturer decided not to equip their 4K monitor with USB ports. Yes, that is right, the Asus PB287Q doesn't even have one USB port which significantly limits its connectivity potential. To make things even worse, the HDMI 2.0 ports are entirely excluded from the connectivity options of this 4K monitor and replaced by two 30 Hz HDMI 1.4 ports that offer MHL support. The PB278Q has just one DisplayPort 1.2 that offers true 4K UHD content support, while mini DisplayPort option is not included.

The 3.5mm Audio In and Headphone jack enable the users to utilize the monitor's audio options, but more advanced connectivity options like Microphone jack remain unavailable on this Asus' model. The Asus PB287Q 4K UHD has limited connectivity options at best, but the options it offers are still enough to cover the needs of most users.

3. Display

The 16:9 aspect ratio display that comes with a 4K native resolution is capable of delivering high definition images. The LED-backlit monitor with a TFT active matrix that provides a wider viewing angle than the passive matrix panels, has a limited viewing angle despite the thin film transistor technology. The horizontal viewing angle is 170 degrees while the vertical viewing angle is 160, but despite this, the image quality deteriorates as the viewing angle increases.

With a contrast ratio as high as 100000000:1 and a maximum brightness value at 330cd/m2 the PB287Q is capable of displaying high color accuracy and stunningly vivid images. The pixel density is at 157ppi which is incredibly high for the monitor that isn't designed for professional use. The Build-in Picture-in-Picture (Pip) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) features that let you view content from two different sources at the same time make this 4K monitor especially attractive to professional photographers and video editors who often need to view several images simultaneously. The following page sizes are available B5, A4, Letter, 8”x10”, 5”x7”, 4”x6”, 3”x5”, and 2”x2” and they provide much help to all users who want to see what their pictures will look like in a certain picture format before printing them.

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Color Performance

With the color support of 1.07 billion, it is safe to say that PB287Q has a wide color range that guarantees an above average performance even while handling highly demanding visual content. Even though the panel used on this 4K monitor doesn't usually provide the color vibrancy we see on IPS panels, the PB827Q's 10-bit color range more than makes up for it because it delivers a natural gradation between the hues.

The Asus' 4K monitor has a 95.78% sRGB coverage that guarantees a high gamut volume and somewhat lower Adobe RGB coverage at 65.65%, which makes it perfectly able to display vivid colors with a great amount of accuracy. In addition, the monitor's color uniformity is at an impressively high level and it further extends the PB287Q's overall solid performance in this area. This 4K monitor might not be perfect for the professionals that demand even wider color gamut and Adobe RGB range, but most gamers and common users will find the PB287Q's color performance more than satisfying.

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor OSD Settings and Performance

Located at the bottom left corner are the six OSD buttons, that should provide an easy navigation through the monitor's settings menu. However, the buttons are a bit sensitive and incredibly small, so it is very easy to push the wrong one and end up doing exactly the opposite of what you wanted to do. The menu button allows you to use all other OSD options including increase and decrease options that enable the user to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display in accordance with the current light conditions of the room.

Those users who don't want to adjust sharpness, brightness or contrast values manually can easily do so by choosing the ASUS SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology option. In addition, the Theater, NightView, Scenery or Standard modes allow the users to fine tune the image settings and increase the image quality. Skin tone and Color temperature modes are designed to add more natural and lifelike feel to the colors displayed by the Asus PB287Q 4K UHD monitor. Despite a somewhat complicated OSD, the Asus' 4K monitor has a menu that is easy to use once you get used to it.

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Gaming Performance

The Asus' 4K UHD monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate that will probably make a lot of gamers feel skeptical about the PB287Q's gaming performance. However, at the refresh rate of 60 Hz and gray to gray response time as fast as 1ms this 4K monitor is probably one of the best gaming monitors in its price range. With virtually no input lag, a wide color gamut and remarkably sharp images the Asus PB287Q provides a superb gaming experience even with the 4K games that have a demanding gameplay.

The monitor's Game mode is specifically designed to improve the in-game experience and bring out the dark areas while leaving well-lit areas of the screen untouched to help the gamers to spot the opponents hidden in the corners. The Asus PB287Q features a wide array of software and hardware features that guarantee a near perfect gaming experience.

Asus PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor Audio Performance

Audio features of all 4K monitors can improve quite a lot considering the fact that most built-in speakers have a terrible bass and questionable treble. The situation isn't much different with the Asus' PB287Q model that features two 2-Watt RMS speakers that don't offer much more than average sound quality. This 4K unit also features an Audio In and a Headphone jack that enable the users to connect their sound system or any other audio system directly to the monitor.

Be it as it may, this monitor has limited audio capabilities and video game players and all other users will have significantly better experience if they choose to use an external sound system instead of monitor's built-in speakers that barely produce sound worth listening to.


One quick look at the PB287Q's specification list makes it obvious that this by no means a superstar 4K monitor, however, a closer look reveals a plethora of options that suggest a strong all around performance. The Asus' 4K monitor is among the very first units that brought stunning 4K image quality to users who don't wish to spend a small fortune on a computer display. At the price of $432 currently on Amazon, the PB287Q is worth every penny of its market value.

A number of features make this monitor a great buy even in 2017, a few years after its initial release. All gamers who are looking for an affordable 4K monitor will love the PB287Q's low input lag and video game mode that is designed to enrich their gaming experience. Even though the PB287Q wasn't aimed at video and photography professionals it still has a few options that could impress them and for that reason, even the professional users can't go wrong if they choose to buy this monitor. However, the new 4K monitors are constantly emerging and gamers can probably find a much better unit at a slightly higher price.

Jul 31,2017 20:21 pm