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Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 4K Monitor Complete Review in 2017

PG27AQ is a well-designed 27” gaming monitor that offers 4K resolution on its IPS panel and the advanced G Sync Technology of Nvidia. This combination simply leads to incredible highly quality and crisp images that can stay safe from common issues like stuttering or tearing etc. You cannot call it a high speed monitor but yes, it provides great results for 60Hz range. If you are searching for a monitor that has smooth color details and finest image quality, then you can have a look over Asus PG27AQ. Go through the details below to avail complete information about Asus PG27AQ.


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Asus PG27AQ Specification

Parameters specs
Screen Size 27"
Resolution 3840*2160 4K
Screen Technology AHVA IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Response Time 4ms
Color Support 1.07 billion (10-bit per subpixel plus dithering)
Contrast ratio 1000:1 ((20m:1 Dynamic Contrast))
Maximum brightness 300 cd/m²
Sync G-Sync
Input Lag Time 11.35ms
Built-in Speaker 2W x 2 Stereo speakers
Viewing Angle 178º
Eye Save Mode Flicker-Free
Stand Tilt : +20°~-5°
Swivel : +60°~-60°
Pivot : 0°~+90°
Height Adjustment : 0~120 mm
Connectivity HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0, Earphone Jack
Power consumption Below 90W
Backlight LED
Dimensions with Stand (W*H*D) 619.77x362.96x65.98 mm without stand


  • You will find solid speaker performance with built-in mechanism.
  • It is equipped with G Sync technology.
  • Comes with intuitive interface.
  • Asus PG27AQ offers impressive picture quality.
  • Has a sturdy stand.
  • Great results for color accuracy can be obtained with post calibration


  • Costly choice.
  • Average image quality with factory settings.
  • There are limited control options.

Accessories in the Box:

When you open box of Asus PG27AQ then you will find it full of various useful accessories. Along with Asus PG27AQ IPS monitor, you will find HDMI cable, USB 3.0 cable, DisplayPort Cable, Power adapter and power cord inside this box. Other than this, the box also includes the 3 year warranty document.

Features and Performance:

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1. Design and Style:

The overall design of Asus PG27AQ is simply impressive where every feature is incorporated in classic manner. You will find the gaming logo of Asus on base of this monitor and there is an eye catching angular pattern on stand. Most of the users love its sharp edges and the matte black plastic finish. This monitor has almost all qualities of a gaming special monitor. You will find a hole in its stand that provides a tidy cable for input connection whereas all other ports are hidden in the rear side of this monitor. The overall appearance is simply impressive and the stand helps users to enjoy wide range of adjustments with pivot, tilt, swivel and height range. With its easily adjustable design, it becomes quite handy for gamers and professionals as it is possible to move display about 5” upward to downward. It also swivels up to 60 degree in right or left direction and tilt is allowed up to 5 degree forwards or backward.

2. Ports and Connectivity:


You will be glad to know that Asus ROG Swift offers all essential connectivity options with availability of Display Port 1.2m HDMI and 3 USB 3.0 ports for external world connectivity. With HDMI and DisplayPOrt connection, you can hook up your PC and Console at the same time and this monitor also has an audio jack to serve your audio needs. The navigation option is quite interesting with series of physical buttons and direction nub. Main menu of this monitor appears clean and robust so you need not to mess with it to adjust brightness and colour settings.

3. On-Screen Display and Settings


You will find several options for settings on this monitor; it has five unique levels of attractive blue light filter, numbers of monitor overdrive options to get rid of ghosting effect, wide sound adjustment options etc. It also has light in motion control that works for backlit logo as well as for the rig around base of this monitor. You will definitely love the transparency of its main menu. If you want to reduce the brightness level for your display then simply move to On Screen Display; by default it is set to maximum level. You will definitely love its mini joystick type buttons and there are two another tiny buttons that help to switch between GameVisual Modes. The impressive thing to know about this monitor is that even if there is no input signal then also it allows users to access OSD. But note that thins display cannot switch between inputs automatically when you remove one and get connected to another, you will need to go to the menu for making this adjustment.

4. Color Quality


The color temperature range for Asus ROG Swift is 6,678K that is little higher than the ideal value of 6,500K but on the other side, gamma value is just perfect at 2.2. ROG Swift can enhance image viewing experience with its ultimate color space management where about 99.2% coverage is provided by sRGB technology; this value is useful to improve calibration of Asus ROG Swift. The Delta E value is set to 0.1 so this monitor can ensure impressive color gradation. But, there are limited options for screen adjustments where, as per your preferred GameVisual Mode users can make adjustments for color temperature, saturation, contrast and brightness levels; however you cannot set individual color levels. One more trouble is noticeable bleeding of backlight from bottom left portion of this screen.

5. Responsiveness

The response for input lag for this monitor was tested using Leo Bodnar input lag tester that provides average around 10ms. Indeed, it is significantly below the 16ms threshold level so you will have smooth response over 60Hz display. Further, its performance is enhanced by G-Sync technology. All these features make this monitor suitable for gamers but note that you need to use only AMD card to avail beneficial support from G-Sync. Those who love to play CS:GO will find this monitor perfect for their needs with its quality responsive nature.

6. Modes

Like other popular gaming monitors, Asus ROG Swift also features special GamePlus features to enhance your playing hour experience. You will find a online screen informative frame rate counter as well as a timer that gamers can access to adjust their gaming strategy. There is wide range of crosshair overlays that can improve your shooting abilities for shooter games. This monitor also contains collection of display presets. Most of the players love to work on its default scenery mode that ensures perfect distribution of brightness and color on screen. With the RTS/RPG mode, you will really find it quite easier to indentify all characters for strategy games whereas if you love shooter games then high contrast type FPS mode is perfect for you. One more interesting thing is its darker cinema mode, sRGB mode and low latency mode that you can access to edit images.

7. Window Scaling

One more thing that you need to consider here is the fitting 4K resolution n this 27 inch monitor display. Actually, everything will appear too small until you make settings for Window scaling function that can help to improve size of icons as well as text. The scaling feature provides impressive results but the sad part is that there are few software programs that does not work with scaling feature and will reflect tiny details on screen.

8. Calibration

There are two things to discuss about in calibration section, one is pre calibration quality and another option is post calibration adjustments. Note that, when you plug-in this monitor for the very first time, you will find it tuned to maximum brightness range i.e. 300 lux with non glossy coating. Images displayed in this mode catches attention of viewers. Due to the improper adjustment of color temperature, you will find colours little blown out with average error in accuracy – 2.08. After calibration, you can reduce color error to 0.78 that is quite improved. Post calibration tools work to enhance performance for need of video professionals as well as for gamers.

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No doubt, this monitor has all excellent features that make it standout among all 4K competitors in the market. It takes great advantage from all latest technologies like G-sync etc that help to provide smooth display on almost all frame rate settings. However, window scaling is not much suitable but the FreeSync technology improves input lag to some extent. These monitors are simply the long lasting solution for almost all kind of games and professionals editing needs.

Nov 23,2017 14:03 pm
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