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BenQ PD3200U 4K Monitor Review in 2017

The Benq PD3200U 4k monitor is designed specifically for professional designers under the PD title. This 4k monitor as a whole is designed to be one of the best for producing top quality animations, building webpages, creating high color CAD content and more. The overall idea of this monitor is to not only improve the resolution but to deliver an improved sense of color coverage to maximize designs and editing capabilities.


  • Beautiful ultra high definition picture that has extremely accurate colors
  • High quality set of features
  • The grayscale performance on this monitor is fantastic as well.


  • Monitor is extremely expensive
  • Can take some time to dial in with the right settings
  • Limited advanced color options for designers who regularly need to work on certain types of color schemes too.

Accessories in box:

The delivery in box has a variety of great tools for improving the quality of monitor as well as enhancing the use of this monitor. The box comes with an overly simplified design and it doesn't even have a picture of the monitor on the outside. The sticker just comes with a number of performance spec features. Included in the box are the HDMI cable, Display Port/mini Display Port cable, USB cable for connecting this monitor to another PC, external hockey puck controller, CD with drivers and manual, power cable and some manuals.

Watch the unboxing video below to check more detailed information about this 4K monitor for Video Editors and Designers.

Design Quality:

1.Design Style


The overall design of this monitor is of quite a good quality. It has quite a modern look and has a very interesting stand design. The main element of the stand includes a strong base as well as a raised ergonomic display. Holes for VESA bracket are also slightly recessed into the case to improve the cord management. Overall this is a very modern looking monitor that would look great in almost any office setting or throughout the home office. The construction and the screen design are definitely very professional looking and they deliver quality in performance at a premium price point.

BenQ also decided to place an on-off panel to the right in a horizontal configuration. This makes the monitor much easier to turn on and off and ideal for layouts with wall mounting. The monitor functions much more closely to a full television workstation. With an on-off switch located along a side and easy cord placement this is an ideal monitor for a quality workstation.

2. Ports and Connectivity


The BenQ PD 3200U 4k monitor also comes with a series of ports such as a mini displayPort, speakers, HDMI 2.0, USB and more. The port placement in this model is a little bit different from some of the other monitors and it is mostly designed for optimal cord management. If you are working in an office environment this can come in especially handy when you're trying to save on space. All USB ports can be configured to work with the internal KVM switch which allows you to share a monitor with the use of a single keyboard and mouse between two PCs. This is especially helpful for the use of improving processing power for professional graphic design, animation and video editing. Having the ability to leverage two different machines with control over one monitor can speed up rendering processes, improve high-definition image-editing and more.

To make improvements to the monitor even further there are two extremely powerful speakers built directly into the monitor design. This makes the process of editing videos and creating high quality animations with sound much easier because there's no need to ever remember external speakers.

Features and performance:

1.OSD and Settings


The OSD is extremely easy to access on this monitor and through the OSD menus you can easily introduce picture-in-picture, picture advanced, audio settings, eco-option settings, KVM and ergonomics. There are a number of touch keys available in the screens lower right corner where you can have the desktop clutter heavily reduced. There are also the easy touch keys in the corner that make it simple to shut down the monitor when required.

A good selection of settings are available with this monitor including the easy OSD settings right out of the box. You can view to sources at once and adjust the PIP and PbP controls through the picture menu. Image calibration options as well as the picture menu presets are available throughout the user mode.

The user modes including color temp options, gamma presets and the ability to set up a user mode all introduce some huge changes for adjusting the monitor settings. From the OSD settings screen it's also possible to adjust several different RGB sliders to affect human saturation for all six main colors in the monitor. Default autodetect options make this an easy monitor to set up right out-of-the-box but there are HDMI RGB PC range settings that you can play around with for black-and-white thresholds in PC signals. There are also format changes that can be made to correctly process and change colors as required.

2. Color and Image Quality


One of the main aspects of this monitor is that it has 100% coverage of sRGB and REC.709 gamuts. The grayscale, in contrast, is also excellent on this monitor with various image filters. Ideally, this is a monitor that requires very little setup right out-of-the-box and the designer display delivers an excellent build quality as well as an amazing reputation for its overall color display over time.

Although the color and display technology are not necessarily designed for gaming the resolution is extremely competitive for professional monitor. With a maximum resolution capable of reaching 3840 x 2160, this is a monitor that can be used for high-quality image-editing. The 1000 to 1 native contrast ratio as well as the incredible pixel response are great for working on a wide range of products.

The image quality can be adjusted even though it is excellent right out-of-the-box but users get access to brightness, sharpness, color temperature settings, contrast settings and eight preset picture modes. The main preset picture modes include animation, standard, low blue light, user-defined, darkroom, CAD/CAM, and more.

One of the other features that improves image quality and the overall use of the design is the ergonomic menu with an eye protect setting. This delivers a setting that uses an embedded sensor to detect ambient light levels and to automatically adjust screen brightness when required. There's also a light meter as well as a timer to provide professionally mandated breaks when it's time to rest your eyes. The present sensor will work for improved power settings as well as to ensure that the monitor goes into sleep mode when you aren't nearby.

Unfortunately, this monitor doesn't come with the six color saturation and hue settings that you may find on other BenQ monitors so it may be difficult actually dialing various color settings. The presets, however, do make it quite manageable for working in a variety of different mediums.

3. Responsiveness

The input lag on this monitor is quite reasonable although it isn't necessarily meant for gaming. In tests completed with the use of DVDs, Blu rays and editing tasks it could deliver a reasonable input lag at just under 11 ms. This is the type of lag that you might expect from a business workstation with the ability to perform video editing and more. The convenient switch from an entertainment workstation to a business workstation is done quite easily but the responsiveness could make this a very frustrating monitor to use if you are hoping to have a 4k gaming rig setup.


Overall this is an extremely effective solution if you are looking for a quality monitor for professional use only. You really don't need to invest in a monitor quite expensive if you are planning on doing light editing tasks only. Ideally, this is a professional monitor that's going to be using CAD/CAM, graphic design or a variety of professional tasks that require extremely accurate colors and fine details.

Nov 23,2017 13:52 pm
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