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Best Curved 4K Monitors

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

It is high time to think about the benefits offered by curved 4K monitors and at the same time, buyers need to focus upon the potential issues related to them. The article below will provide you details about the need of spending on curved monitors and it also contains information about two highly rated 4K curved monitors that are popular in 2019.

Why choose a Curved Monitor?


1. Improved Immersion:

We must call it the biggest benefit of curved monitors where the slightly curved design let viewers feel completely involved with the scene appearing on screen. It makes a perfect appearance for your peripheral vision that is why professionals recommend it for the classic viewing experience.

2. Enhanced Depth Sense:

People who watch videos on curved screens for the very first time often report 3D like experience even with 2D content. The reason behind is improvement in visual perception of viewer with curved edges. Most of the manufacturers these days are trying to use depth enhancement techniques in combination to curved designs so that overall sense of field depth can be improved.

3. Wider Viewing Angle:

When edges of screen/display are designed with little bending then they naturally add a feeling of wider view as compared to the flat screen. For a while, if you try to compare viewing experience of 65 inch flat and curved TV by simply moving your head position between both of them, you will naturally feel the highly stretched details on curved one. In such displays where viewing angle is wide enough, you can expect best strain adjustments with effective details for color and contrast.

4. Reduced Reflection:

It is observed that the flat screen designs usually suffer from reflections from surrounding environment but this is not the case with curved screens as they are well protected from corners. This shape helps to avoid glares so that viewers can enjoy videos without distortion.

5. Cooler:

There is no doubt to say that curved screens provide a cool impression on viewers. Technology has provided us a way to add more elegance to living space with curved monitors that deliver stunning 4K clarity.


1. Cost:

So, as you already knew that curved screens are designed with the latest technology so they are naturally little costlier. However, you will find curved monitors little well priced but the monitor screens are available with a much higher price tag.

2. Distortion:

Although very few people have reported this issue yet it is considerable that curved monitors cause geometrical distortions. The possible effect is known as bow tie effect that causes edges on display to appear more stretched as compared to the middle portion of the video clip.

Best Curved 4K Monitors in 2017:

1. Philips BDM4037UW 40-Inch Curved 4K LED Monitor:

Philips has designed this Monitor with high performance panel so that users can access higher resolution level to meet their goals. Professionals can enjoy impressive results for 3D graphics and it also appears best solution for CAD users. The ultra wide color technology promises deeper blues, brighter reds and natural appearing greens. You will really love the way it controls brightness with flicker free technology so that viewers cannot face eye strain even after using this monitor for hours. Philips has also added the MultiView Technology to this monitor that ensures perfect PIP monitoring for multiple systems appearing on screen simultaneously.

The advanced multi-domain type vertical alignment technology promises classic contrast ratios for color rich and bright images. This monitor is often recommended for most of the standard office requirements and for handling graphical applications, gaming, web-browsing needs as well as photo editing. The wide viewing angle support with 178-degree in both vertical and horizontal direction offers crispness in images.

2. AOC C4008VU8 40" 21:9 Curved LCD Monitor:

AOC is popular enough for its impressive 4K content delivery with comfortable viewing experience. You can easily enjoy details from 21:9 ultra-wide displays that fits perfect into human eye curvature. Its resolution is adjusted to deliver 3840x2160 ultra-HD content that is almost 4 times higher as compared to 1920x1080 Full HD monitors. This monitor has ability to cover almost 85% of the popular NTSC color gamut and the color support goes up to 1.073 billion colours. The flicker free technology is also added to reduce eye strain. You can easily get content from external world via its USB 3.0 port connectivity.

This monitor offers 178-degree viewing angle and manage the perfect color distribution for all viewing angles. The screen is designed with special anti-glare coating so that viewers do not find any mark of finger prints. The added flicker free technology makes perfect adjustments for brightness levels and keeps eyes free from strain. One more popular detail about AOC is its user friendly unique graphical OSD Menu that makes navigation much easier.

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Liza Brown
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