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Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q 4K Monitor Review in 2017

Here is a heavy duty display unit that can serve office requirement with its outstanding collection of features and incredible 4K performance on 3 inch screen. All the specifications and well adjusted to this signature style design of Dell and users are satisfied with this monitor due to its durable and simple design. The wide range of versatility and buyer friendly price tag make it best choice for gamers as well as office users.

Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q 4K Monitor Specification

Parameters Specs
Screen Size 32"
Resolution 3840*2160 4K
Screen Technology IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Response Time 6ms
Color Support 1.07 billion
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Maximum brightness 300 cd/m²
Sync FreeSync
Input Lag Time 10ms
Built-in Speaker /
Viewing Angle 178º
Adjustable Stand Tilt : -4°~+21°
Swivel : +60°~-60°
Height Adjustment : 0~90 mm
Interfaces DisplayPort 1.2, Mini DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 ,USB 3.0, 5mm Audio Jacks
Backlight LED
Dimensions with Stand (W*H*D) 29.5" x 22.5" x 8.4" (with stand)


  • This monitor is well known for its sharp and crisp Ultra High definition images.
  • It offers wide spectrum coverage.
  • You will be impressed with its impressive color range and classic grayscale performance.
  • There is wide number of connectors and ports.


  • You will find this monitor little costlier as compared to the other monitors have almost same features.
  • All the ports for external connectivity are added to the backside of this monitor so they become difficult to access.
  • It does not offer pivot capability.

Accessories in the Box:

The box of Dell’s Ultra Sharp 4K monitor contains numbers of useful collections with its Dell UP3216Q 4K UHD IPS Monitor that offers Ultra sharp details with 16:9 ratio on 31.5” display. Inside this box, you will find a durable stand, USB 3.0 Upstream cable, HDMI Cable and one cable for making connection between Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort. Other than this, the package includes cable cover, power cable and report containing Factory Calibration details. This product also comes with a 3 year limited warranty document.

Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q 4K Monitor Features and Performance:

1.Design Style

The UP3216Q 4K monitor is designed with matte black color and it has a combination of powder coated silver exterior that looks really elegant in office premises. Dell has designed this monitor with very clean edges and slim lines that give a modern appearance to this monitor. The height adjustment goes up to 90mm whereas the circular section available on the base makes this panel turn towards left as well as right side with ease. The 100mm VESA mounts make it compatible for forward and backward tilting.

The overall weight of this device goes up to 8.6Kg that makes it lighter and even smaller in size. UP3216Q 4K is well known for its sturdy looks that offers better stability and quality for long run.

2. Ports and Connectivity

There is no doubt to say that Dell’s UP3216Q 4K monitor offers great versatility and productivity. You will find wide range of connectivity choices for peripheral devices with this UP3216Q 4K monitor. There are 2 DisplayPort 1.2 slots, one HDMI 2.0 slot, one Mini DisplayPort, 4 USB 3.0 ports and it also possesses one 3.5mm audio line-out jack. Its HDMI port is callable enough to handle crisp 4K details with 60Hz refresh rate. Also you can connect a SD Card reader to this monitor for easy transfer of media files.

Note that, this monitor does not possess any built in speakers but the best thing to know is that Dell has included mounting slots in this system so that if anyone wishes to extend the system to separate set of sound bars then it can be done easily. The audio output can be derived via 3.5mm audio jack that users can buy separately.

3. On-Screen Display

Dell has designed this monitor with a descent display screen that is well organized, smart and elegant enough. You will find different sections for managing on screen tweaks, inputs, power consumption ratings and color management. It is possible to customize the quick access keys that usually appear on screen right before the main menu. These four quick access keys provide easy access to OSD and users find it more convenient to use with its highly responsive design. The layout itself has several options and they are arranged to ensure easy access. All the settings for this monitor can be easily adjusted within sub menus so that the screen looks much clear and handy.

4. Image Performance


The factory settings allow UP3216Q 4K monitor to deliver images with sub 2.0 Delta E adjustments. By default it works with Zonal color space mode where users can display variable color spaces in the right as well as left half of the display screen. This might appear good in few situations but it delivers bad performance when users need to achieve higher contrast levels, more consistency for colours and want to ensure accuracy for content delivery.

The color temperature for this monitor is recorded to be 6,311K and the brightness level goes up to 201 nits that lead to 75% brightness level whereas black levels are adjusted to 0.21 nits. The contrast ratio is set to 957:1 that suits perfect to common office users. If you turn off the Zonal Color Space Setting then it will also switch off the Uniformity compensation and Dynamic Contrast but yes, the Delta E gets improved up to 1.65. This Dell monitor has abilities to display wide range of colours with its perfect combination of Adobe RGB and sRGB gamuts.

5. Screen Modes

UP3216Q Monitor possesses limited specifications and they are not suitable for industrial applications. All its modes like game mode, movie mode and multimedia mode, as their name indicate they are designed to serve users better for entertainment needs.

In Game mode, this monitor provides 2.58 rating for Delta E and it is observed to be poor as compared to normal modes. The color temperature is recorded to be 7,348K whereas black level moved up to 0.35 nits. Its Movie mode causes great decline in Delta E as it falls up to 4.33 with color temperature setting of 12,783K.

6.Design Style


The well designed IPS panel of Dell UltraSharp can incredible adjust all the color details. It processed about 99.5% of Adobe RGB color range with sRGB gamut support to deal with less intensive details so that they can be covered up to 100%. UP3216Q is designed to handle REC709 Standard with 100% accuracy and DCI-P3 gamut can be managed up to 87%. All these industry standard ratings make this monitor more suitable for your gaming needs.

Further, just to improve the color accuracy level to generate deep crispness in all details Dell has incorporated sub-2 Delta E average for calibration. This 10 bit panel can handle 10.97 Billion colours; this value is quite high as compared to the 8 bit Samsung monitor. There are lots of things hidden inside UP3216Q that keep on surprising the buyers. Its stunning results for 4K content possess 138ppi density level and they are far better than most of the competitive monitors that offer 1080p and 1440p resolution levels. This monitor adjusts all details for icons, texts and pictures with crispness so that users can manage all work with higher precision and easy handling. If the display icon appear tiny to your eyes then there is no need to stress out your eyes, simply use scaling function of windows to bring them to desired size.

Now, here is an important thing to note for all buyers. As UP3216Q comes with factory calibration so it is well understood that you will find amazing color accuracy on screen when your monitor comes out of box. If, its performance is measured on chromaticity chart then you will find all red, blue and green color measurements well aligned on the CIE coordinates. With all such impressive features, this product becomes must buy for your 4K gaming needs.

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With all such incredible features, Dell Ultrasharp 4K monitor becomes best choice for gamers as well as for office needs. It can handle color information with crisp details and the wide range of connectivity options make it more suitable for managing external peripherals. You can order this impressive 4k monitor at reasonable price range.

Nov 23,2017 13:58 pm
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