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Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 4K Projector Review

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 is a major change from existing home theatre projectors. It delivers some of the best image quality we have ever seen. The real story here is totally with lasers. Unlike most projectors in the market which has replaceable lamps that costs around 250 to 500 bugs each and it needs to be replaced every few thousand hours, LS10000 has lasers which is the best implemetation that allows it to start-up faster.

Additional feature that distinguishes LS10000 is the 4k enhancement technology. It's not a true 4k projector but a less expensive one of those that provides extraordinary image quality. Comparing the LS10000 to couple of top competitors like Sony VPL-VW350ES and JVC DLA-X700R, overall contrast is great, but not quite as deep as it is on JVC, whereas SONY VPL offers true 4K resolution that can actually be worthwhile on a huge screen.

Complete review for Epson Pro Cinema LS10000


Product Epson LS10000
Price $ 7999.00
Lumens 1500 ANSI
Display Type 2 cm 3 LCD
Resolution 1920x1080 resolution[4k enhanced HD]
Aspect ratio 16:9
Projector Size(cm)(H*W*D) 25*55*55
Weight 18.0 kg
Engine Type LCos
Zoom(Optical or Digital) Optical
Key Stone(Optical or Digital) Digital
Computer Interface Analog VGA, HDMI
Video Inputs: Component, Composite, HDMI
RGB Pass-through Connector: No
Wi-Fi connectivity: No
Supported Video Formats: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 576i, 576p, 480i, 1080p, 2160p, 2160i
USB Ports(Excluding Upstream ports) No
Remote mouse support No
Wireless remote control Yes
Build In speakers No
Lens Shift Vertical Horizontal
Height 8.9 inches
Width 21.7 inches
Depth 21.8 inches
Warranty parts 36 months
Warranty Labor 36 months
Tech Support Phone, Email

Pros and cons


  • Excellent image quality(3D)
  • Blue laser light engine instead of replaceable and costly lamps
  • Start-up is faster as compared to other projectors
  • Easy Installations and image adjustments
  • 30,000-hour life from laser light source
  • Sleek
  • Too many features
  • Lacks in brightness
  • Not native 4K resolution,
  • Audio output is missing
  • Overall contrast is poor
  • Limited HDMI inputs


LS10000 is a big sized projector, one can say one of the biggest projectors amongst the recent ones. Well to make it clear, its big size doesn’t make it bulky instead makes it attractive. The reason being its sleekness and eye catchy build quality.

The high quality lens are centrally placed with motorised cover. The setup is quite easy since the lens controls are also motorised (focus, zoom and shift). A special feature "effective lens memory" designed specifically for those that use a scope ratio screen.

Basic controls like on/off, source, lens, menu, navigation and escape are available on the left side pop out panel. Above this pop-out panel there are some indicator lights. This lights indicates if the projector is on, the status of the laser and the temperature. Apart from this there's also an on/off button. If you see at the rear end of LS10000 there is a removable grille present and its function is to cover the air intakes, filters and connections; which can be screwed back on once you have attached all the cables and once again keeps things tidy.

Picture quality

One of the best implementation of Epson Pro Cinema LS1000 4k is the use of lasers instead of lamps. The laser used is bright giving the best picture quality. LS10000 claims 15000 lumens which is quite accurate. The combination of laser lights source with 3 chip LCoQ delivers black levels extremely impressive and making it comparable with JVC projectors.

Talking about the contrast ratio which is 24,000:1; is not to the peak but definitely more than acceptable. One of the strong specification from Epson is that there will be no light on completely black screen. But this specification need a little rectification. Let's rephrase it and rather say "One of the strong specification from Epson is that there will be no light on completely black screen if you use Dynamic Contrast feature".

LS10000 uses good quality lens because the image look uniforms and there are no artefacts seen. An additional feature in LS10000 is 4k enhancement. It creates a pseudo 4K effect from a physical device that diagonally shifts the image by half a pixel to double the horizontal and vertical resolution. But it can't be used for big screens because it will result in sharpening the image.

3D performance

LS10000's 3D performance is a thumbs up.!!

You don’t hear any crosstalk ghosting noise. And if you do its quite negligible. Epson Pro Cinema LS10000's contrast setting is so perfect that leaves you enjoying your 3D set quite well.

The objects in the foreground does pops out from the screen keeping the background in its place and the best part is it doesn't sound sluggish. You do feel the impact and action.

There are three picture modes in LS10000

  • The 3D Cinema mode
  • 3D THX picture
  • 3D Dynamic picture mode

The 3d cinema mode and 3d THX mode are used in a completely dark room, but if you want to watch 3D with any ambient light in the room, you'll probably want to use the 3D Dynamic picture mode instead.

It only lags behind during high-contrast adjacent areas, during such times you can see a little ghostly double image. In such case, Sony VPL-VW350ES is the best performer.

Conclusion – Should buy or not?

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 4K Projector delivers the best image quality. It's not really 4k but when it comes to sharpness it's one of the best projectors as compared to other top ones except for the SONY's VPL-VW350ES. This projector can also be used for watching TV and gaming, without worrying about the bulb dimming.

LS10000 has excellent black levels and contrast performance because of the use of three chip LCoQ design. Talking about its design, though its big in size, its sleek and has excellent build quality.

Though there are some loop ends like it's not actual 4k and the HDMI inputs aren't full 2.0. Looking to the positive aspect, it accepts native 4k signal, supports DCI color space and has 10-bit video processing.

if you're currently looking for a projector in the price range of $7000 - $9000, the Epson EH-LS10000 is definitely recommended.

Nov 23,2017 14:36 pm
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