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LG New Pro 43UD79 4K Monitor Review

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Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

LG has launched several 4K products into market till now and each one of them is loaded with unique features. It is really a great idea to invest on such an extraordinary set of 4K monitors that come with bonus specs and have abilities to serve gamers, editing professionals and office needs at the same time. Here we are talking about one of the most popular design of LG 4K monitor series LG New Pro 43UD79. This 43 inch panel serves better for almost all graphic needs with highly spacious screen that allows incredible experience for gaming and designing applications. The LG New Pro 43UD79-B possesses all advanced connectivity features that make it suitable for multi tasking professional PC users. Go through the detailed review below to collect details about all advanced features of this latest monitor model from LG.

LG New Pro 43UD79 4K Monitor Design Quality:

1.Design Style

Same as the all latest LG models, this monitor also follows sleek design along with narrow bezels that assist in cinema style viewing needs. The panel is designed with IPS technology and it promises 3840 by 2160 pixels for delivery of native 4K Ultra HD content while extending support to 60Hz refresh rate. It has wide viewing angles and the added bonus is advanced non glare coating on screen that improves viewing experience without causing any fatigue or strain on eyes. The VESA mount ability is 200 x 200mm and it also allows easy tilt facility with movement flexibility up to -5 to 10 degrees. The anti glare coating assists in elimination of sunlight so that view can stay crystal clear with fine details.

2. Ports and Connectivity

If you are not much impressed with aesthetics of this monitor like many other users then probably the connectivity options may please you. LG has incorporated all essential ports into this classic monitor so that gamers as well as editing professionals can access everything with ease. The list of connection ports include one Display Port 1.2a, two HDMI 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 ports along with one UDB 3.1 type C port. Note that, if you want to access 4K resolution with 60Hz refresh rate then it is good to go ahead with DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 whereas those who need to stream video or audio content can take help from USB-C port. At the same time it can assist in data transfer as well as can charge other external devices.

Remaining ports include two USB 3.1 ports that are designed with KVM switch so that users can have control over several computers at a time from single computer using dedicated set of mouse and keyboard motions. Other than this you will find RS-232 port and headphone jack on this device. The multimedia experience is boosted with addition of 10W speakers on this FreeSync monitor. Professionals will also love to access Pic By Pic mode and Pic in Pic mode on this monitor that helps to manage screen into four and two separate sections easily. Controls can be managed easily with additional remote unit that is available with package.

LG New Pro 43UD79 4K Monitor Features and Performance:

As already discussed, LG New Pro 43UD79 is designed using IPS panel and it extends support to 10 bit color range. The viewing angle response stays perfect up to 178 degrees; you will never observe any loss in color accuracy even at edges. This monitor is designed with sRGB technology that offers maximum color coverage of 99% and the factory calibration makes it perfect choice for semi professional photographers as well as designers. This 42.5 inch display ensures excellent image quality with solid density of pixels that follows a range of 104 pixels/inches. The image quality of LG New Pro 43UD79 is observed to be sharp and crisp for complete UHD resolution.

Probably the complete list of advanced features that professional’s demand from new 4K monitors is available in LG New Pro 43UD79 model. You will be able to access Dual Controller, Screen Split 2.0, Dynamic Action Sync, Game Mode and Black Stabilizer. Note that this black stabilizer is useful to improve visibility during dark scenes that are common in action games. Pictures can be further optimized using custom mode, RTS and FPS genres. If you are a multitasker who wants to access several applications at a time on this wide screen monitor then the split screen feature will provide your appropriate results for your needs. Note that all these screens can be easily accessed with keyboard and mouse based movements.

Those who are searching for a high end gaming monitor will find LG New Pro 43UD79 useful for their needs. The reason behind is addition of AMD FreeSync technology and faster response time that is suitable for action games. During recent tests, response time was recorded to be somewhere around 5ms that is capable enough to avoid ghosting effect. However, it cannot meet the 1ms range of TN panels but gamers will not find any issue with 5ms also. Other than this, Dynamic Action Sync ability helps to reduce input lag for truly responsive gameplay.

Few other features of LG New Pro 43UD79 include Pic by Pic technology and Pic in Pic technology along with remote control ability and 6 axis advanced color adjustment ability. The blue light filter in this monitor assists to reduce that harmfull effects associated with blue lights whereas the flicker free technology reduce eye strain.

The best results from this user friendly monitor can be obtained when AMD graphic cards are used to work wiht AMD FreeSync technology. It helps to manage frame rates per second with ease while removing the input lag, stuttering and screen tearing issues.


The multitakers will find this monitor best for their routine needs with combination of all advanced features. Professionals love to recommend this monitor for cinematic movie watching, multi tasking, photo editing and gaming needs. The extensive set of features make this LG New Pro 43UD79 43 inch monitor more useful and the AMD FreeSync technology ensure prefect color deliver during 4K content on screen.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.