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OnePlus 5 Review

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

The OnePlus 5 is one of the company's finest handsets available currently and it has some incredible tech specs as well as somewhat of a hefty price tag. The phone offers exceptional performance as well as a premium design that goes a step beyond what you might expect from a number of other Oneplus phones. As this line is considered to be a fairly budget friendly smart phone solution, this is an affordable flagship phone that has some fairly outstanding performance.

Even though it is just over half the price of some of the flagship competitors, the device does come with some drawbacks especially when compared to some of the other more affordable OnePlus phones. With the improvements in technical specifications, it seems as though OnePlus is having to abandon some of its pricing models in order to finally offer more premium designs.

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OnePlus 5 Pros and cons


  • The device has a much more premium feel to it and the design is more closely modeled after flagship phones.
  • The device comes with an amazing camera on board
  • It is fast with a top-of-the-line processor that has been optimized for A


  • This is one of the priciest phones that OnePlus has ever produced in this could be a sign that they are abandoning their affordability model.
  • The device doesn't offer any other choice for resolution it can only be displayed in full HD which can really suck away the battery life.
  • There is no micro-SD support.

OnePlus 5 Design Quality

1.OnePlus 5 Design:

The design for this phone has definitely received a huge upgrade on some previous versions and this is a huge boo as the company actually has a phone that's more than just a budget friendly option.

The phone has been upgraded with a brand-new camera which is dual lens for lossless zoom that can be delivered just like the iPhone 7+.

The new design comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack for any type of wired headset but the phones only available in two colors including deep black as well as dark gray. This is the thinnest OnePlus phone ever made and it remains extremely comfortable to hold. The materials have also received a huge upgrade when compared to other OnePlus designs and this phone feels extremely substantial even though it weighs in at just 153 g. It is a nice size and weight and the whole phone is made of metal for a stronger design.

The case has been designed to hide some of the antenna bands and look like one simple piece of brushed metal. The power button can be found on the right-hand side of the phone and it has relatively clean lines as well as a left edge with a silent mode, volume rocker and typical buttons that you would expect to find on a Samsung flagship phone or older OnePlus design. The company was extremely purposeful when they built the phone in this way and there is a silent switch on this phone for easy switching to the handset camera, as well as quick settings for bedtimes in meetings each day.

The device has only one speaker and it sits just below the USB port and headphone jack. Many premier phones today are now using this one speaker design and this is like a step into the past rather than a step into the future.

The whole idea that they are trying to sell with this device is a persistent horizon or look with minimal interruptions and this is exactly what they have produced. Everything's relatively low profile on the device and it comes in versions ranging from 64/6GBto the 128/8GB RAM option.

2.OnePlus 5 Display:

The display on this device is a 5.5 inch full HD Amoled screen which is very similar to the one that you might find in the current Google pixel XL. This type of screen is made for a display with 401 pixels per inch. The display hasn't been upgraded quite to the point of the google pixel or other phones but it does deliver fairly crisp images when compared to its rivals. OnePlus had to redo some of its display properties in order to properly compete with some of the flagship phones and this is quite evident especially when you put it right next to the leading Google or Apple phone.

The device still looks beautiful on its own even though it's held back by a lower resolution. The lower resolution does provide some extra clarity when you are looking at a darker video but this is about the only major advantage to this lower resolution.

The display is also protected by gorilla glass five to make sure that scratches can be avoided.

3.OnePlus 5 Hardware:

The device can come with 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM depending on the size of the hard drive that you wanted to put on board. The 128 and 8 GB model is considerably more expensive but the extra RAM power is especially nice to have if you are a heavy user.

OnePlus is use the latest snapdragon 835 system-on-a-chip that can be found in the galaxy S8, the new HTC U11 and some other flagship phones. This is not where OnePlus decided to cut its costs and the processing power on the five will continue to deliver. Even with some of the most demanding apps you can see considerable improvement and the ability to run them very smoothly.

Considering the standard for most smart phones today is 4 GB of RAM, you could potentially be using 8 GB of RAM which is complete overkill for any type of device. This can provide some massive improvements in any benchmark score with this product.

4.OnePlus 5 Durability:

With gorilla glass five on board, A mostly metal/ aluminum case and waterproofing support this is an extremely resilient phone. The device has definitely been produced to last but it does have some drawbacks with the display and the scaled back resolution.

OnePlus 5 Features and Performance

1.OnePlus 5 Camera Performance

The camera on board is certainly something to talk about with a 20 megapixel rear lens that offers lossless zoom as well as a 16 megapixel front facing camera, this is the first OnePlus phone to have a dual lens camera on board.

OnePlus has seen considerable feedback for its poor cameras in the past and it seems as though they've got a bit overkill with the primary cameras in this phone. Both of the image sensors on board this phone are made by Sony and there is a 20 megapixel telephoto lens in the back of the phone is capable of capturing some beautiful photos. You won't get the same type of quality as you might receive from a DSLR but this phone is certainly no slouch with the quality and resolution of photos that he can capture.

2.OnePlus 5 Audio Performance

The audio performance on this device is fairly good for applications as long as you're going to be using headphones. The location of the headphone jack does lead to some tangles and difficulties but it's well worth it over the single speaker on the phone.

3.OnePlus 5 Battery Performance

With a 3300 mAH battery, this device has some solid battery life. It's rated to last at least 24 hours with the auto brightness feature available. It's interesting however that the OnePlus 5 has a smaller battery then they made available on their last phone. In many cases this phone is a little more efficient with the processing tech that's on board. Auto brightness is definitely required when using this phone, cranking up the brightness of full for the entire day will drain the battery very quickly. The battery life on the OnePlus 5 can keep pace with many of the top flagship devices today but it’s certainly not at the top of the heap.

OnePlus 5 OS and UI:

The device runs 7.1.1 and many of the features that can be found on Android seven such as split screen apps and more can be found on this device. Android updates will be pushed to this device in fairly quick time including the chance to use the Android O update. The device comes with an OS called oxygen OS that is the OnePlus version of android. It doesn't look too different it just comes with a number of different skins that are good for battery saving and performance.

The UI is fairly attractive and easy to use and the adjustment process is very quick. It doesn't feel too different from running native android on a Google device. There are several modes including a do not disturb mode, custom gaming modes for vibrations and sounds and more. Highlighted apps can be easily moved around and optimized.


This is an excellent smart phone that should be considered for gamers, photographers and those interested in saving a bit of money on a device. The display on this device is one of the only places that it really lacks but as long as you aren't planning on using it for up close and VR gaming experiments, it will work just fine. The OnePlus 5 is a step in the right direction for OnePlus and its affordable line of flagship phones.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.