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OnePlus 5 vs LG G6: Which is best?

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Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

One of the most anticipated smartphone models in 2017 was the OnePlus 5. After so many rumors, most people are wondering if this is really a smartphone that is worth having or if you should look at another different brand.

Considering all this as well as the fact that the LG G6 has been well received so far (although it has been overshadowed by the launches of the HTC U11 and the Samsung Galaxy S8), we decided to compare both models.

So, which one is better: the OnePlus5 or the LG G6? Which one fits you better? Let's check their features in more detail.

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Looking at the overall features of both smartphones, we can easily say that the LG G6 is smaller and heavier than the PlusOne 5 as well as it has an inferior processor. However, the LG G6 has a bigger and better screen as well as you can easily use a MicroSD u to 256GB. There are no main differences regarding the operating system they use as well as the battery is exactly the same. The PlusOne 5 has more RAM while the LG G6 has a water resistance of IP68.

As you can see, there are a lot of features that we need to look closely to make a final decision.

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Design:

The OnePlus 5 design hasn't been consensual. Despite most people find it beautiful because OnePlus was able to create a very thin full metal unibody, the truth is that the resemblances with other models are very explicit. No matter what you think about it, the truth is that the way OnePlus was able to create a 7.25mm smartphone is absolutely remarkable.

In the case of the LG G6, if there is a detail that will immediately catch your attention is the ultra-thin bezels as well as the rounded corners. Although these give the LG a unique look, the truth is that they also use the same materials like HTC or Samsung.

Another thing that stands out on the LG G6 is the fact that despite it is smaller than the OnePlus 5, the screen is bigger.

So, we just need to say that the LG 6 is the winner in this category.

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Hardware:

One of the things that are common to all OnePlus smartphone models is the fact that they always include the best and the latest technology available. And the OnePlus 5 is no exception.

The OnePlus 5 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and you can either get it with 6GB or with 8GB of RAM. In what concerns the LG G6, you can expect to get the Snapdragon 821 and only 4GB of RAM: The LG is clearly inferior in both features.

Despite that this difference is not particularly significant for someone who uses their smartphone on a daily basis for the most basic operations, in case you like to play a game or anything like it, you'll be a lot better served with the OnePlus 5.

So, the OnePlus 5 is the winner.

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Display:

In what concerns to the screen, the OnePlus decided to remain more traditional while LG decided to make a clear bet on improving their displays. The truth is that although the OnePlus 5 display features are yet good, they could be a lot better. And you just need to take a look at the LG G6.

While the PlusOne 5 comes with a 5.5 inches display with a full HD resolution, the LG G6 goes a lot further. It includes 5.7 inches display with a QUAD HD+ resolution. Despite the fact that you won't notice the difference for most of the things you do on your smartphone, the truth is that the OnePlus 5 is the more expensive smartphone OnePlus already launched. And they remained with an "old" display, which can cost them a bit in terms of sales.

So, in the display category, the winner is, without any doubts, the LG G6.

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Camera

One of the major upgrades that are easily noticed in the OnePlus 5 is the camera. They include a system on the back (one with 16-megapixel and another one with 20-megapixel). But LG also features a dual-camera system on the back. However, they include 2 13-megapixel cameras.

Although the G6 is able to take amazing photos when there is a good lighting when the light is lower you will lose a lot of the natural colors and details. When you're using the OnePlus 5 to take photos, the results are great when the lights are good, just like with the LG G6, but when the lights are lower, you can also take some pretty decent photos. They will not be the best in the world, but they can be pretty good.

So, the winner in this category is the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Battery:

Although the OnePlus 5 and the LG G6 use the same battery - the 3,300 mAh units, the truth is that their performance is different.

While you can use the OnePlus 5 for more than 1 day without charging it, this is unlikely to happen with the LG. And there are several reasons for this to occur. One of them is the processor. The Qualcomm's processor that the OnePlus 5 uses is more efficient. Plus, the display of the LG G6 has more resolution so demands more power. These two factors combined give us a winner for this category - the OnePlus 5.


As you can see, this was a very interesting comparison. Although you knew we were comparing two great smartphone models that offer you unique and amazing features, most probably you had your own preference.

All we can say is that in three out of the five categories we analyzed were won by the OnePlus 5. So, although the LG G6 is water resistance, has a better display, and design, the OnePlus 5 has a better processor, a better camera, and is more affordable.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.