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Philips Brilliance BDM4037UW 4K Monitor Review in 2017

Philips has designed BDM4037UW with outstanding 40” display that has curved appearance and delivers impressive 4K content. It comes with VA panel technology that has extreme capability to make fine adjustments for contrast levels and delivers 4ms response time. Its color response makes it suitable for professional users and the minimalistic design enhances the view around. It gets higher rating for performance as well as looks and the middle range price tag makes this monitor more suitable for your needs.



  • The image quality is impressive.
  • It suits perfectly for gaming needs with addition of FreeSync technology.
  • Best monitor for entertainment needs as it delivers classic color response.
  • Incredible collection of features with great connectivity options.
  • Built in type power supply.
  • Designed with 7.0 EnergyStar rating.
  • FlickerFree technology helps to adjust modulation for brightness variations.


  • The screen is too large so you will find some viewing angle problems on corners.
  • It delivers unsatisfactory performance for full resolution.
  • It is designed with VA panel. IPS technology is missing.
  • You will find all connectors little extended on right angles on rear portion of this monitor.

Accessories in the Box:

The box includes almost all useful accessories. Once your product reaches at your door step you will be able to take out Your Philips BDM4037UW along with various standard accessories like USB 3.0, 3.5mm audio cable, VGA cable, HDMI cable, DP cable and power cable. These cables are designed with light gray color that makes perfect combination with the aesthetic of monitor exterior.

Hardware Design:

1.Design Style

Instead of simple black color, Philips Brilliance is designed with attractive adjustment of glossy grey white and warm white tones that make perfect combination with the matte silver pedestal and bezel. There is a LED type status indicator on bottom right corner of Philips BDM4037UW and the only physical control option is a tiny joystick above indicating LED. You will find two piece pedestal with this monitor and it offers only tilt adjustment. It offers tool free assembly where dog leg type post hinges from rear side of display. You will rally love the matte silver finish over aluminium alloy for both pedestal. Other than this, there are 4 threaded holes on backside of the monitor enclose that assist in safe VESA mounting.

2. Ports and Connectivity:


You will find all the sockets of this stylish monitor on back side of the casing and they are attractively grouped around VESA mount holes. All these connections are extended on right angles. There are lots of connectivity options on Philips BDM4037UW as here you can enjoy two MHL-HDMI connections one with 1.4 design and other with 2.0. Other than this, device contains only 2 DisplayPorts with 1.1 and 1.2 standard. It has one VGA port along with 2 well designed 3.5mm stereo jacks where one can handle headphone output and other takes audio input. Both the DisplayPort and HDMI ports extend support to 3840x2160 resolution level. The DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 is designed for 60Hz refresh rate whereas DisplayPort 1.1 and HDMI 1.4 port assist in 30Hz connection. Finally, the MHL and VGA ports offer great results on 1080p with 60Hz rating.

Features and Performance:

1.OSD and Settings

Philips BDM4037UW has an extensive on screen menu that offers more than 90 selection options with 3 different levels. There is a 4 way tiny joystick on backside of monitor that allows easy navigation. If you bend this joystick towards upward direction then it will open PIP menu, downward bending can be used to access favourites menu that is user defined, moving this joystick towards left side will lead you to SmartImage menu whereas right movement connects to main menu. Right click will help you to go inside the menu options whereas left click will help you to come back. The rear mounted buttons can be accessed with on control approach. Note that Philips BDM4037UW is not designed with Blue Filter so users need go access color balance adjustments to work on their blue gain settings.

2.Color Management:

You will be glad to know that Philips BDM4037UW comes with impressive color settings from factory itself. The sRGB technology provides 100% coverage for color response and enhances display quality with extra adjustments for red and green coordinate saturation levels. Few users also love to use it’s in built sRGB emulator that can lead to 96% coverage for color gamut but the oversaturation problem is eliminated up to certain extent with this choice.

If we talk about its color performance for movies and games then it can be defined with crispness in details. When this monitor was tested for BF1 then color response was observed to be beautifully managed for green vegetation and orange flames whereas the dark woody tones made an eye catching impression. Little decay in performance was observed for saturation levels but this is quite obvious with VA screen technology.

3.Responsiveness :

Responsiveness is an important parameter for gaming monitors because it decides how useful particular monitor can be for fast action games and shooter type games. To test this parameter, comparison was made with some competitive brands in the market. This monitor delivered average input lag of 11.35ms. This reading was greatly affected by pixel responsiveness and signal delay.

One test was also conducted for ghosting effect that was done with default speed settings of 960 pixels and monitor was set to ‘SmartResponse’ overdrive settings with a variation of Fastest, Faster, Fast and Off.

4.Windows Scaling:

The best thing to note about this 40” display is its trouble free adjustment for text and icons. You need not to apply scaling operation to update these details. It is possible to avail great results for full range of 3840 by 2160 resolution level. The higher pixel density on screen improves crispness and clarity of images and the glossy screen naturally makes viewing experience amazing even without scaling. It is also possible to switch this monitor to 1920x1080 resolution level whereas in case of 3840x2160 settings, monitor demands interpolation adjustments for complete mapping. The OSD video and Picture Format mode can be easily adjusted to 1:1 scaling so that gaming needs can be perfectly served.

5. SmartImage

As most of the latest monitor designs are available with Philips SmartImage feature, this monitor also incorporates same technology. With this advancement, it is believed that monitor can perform active analysis over content that is displayed on screen and it automatically improves contrast, sharpness, saturation and display performances for videos. There are six possible options for settings as users can easily switch between SmartUniformity, Economy, Game, Movie, Photo and Office. Professionals such as videographers, designers and photographers can easily calibrate their displays to enhance its performance; they can gain stable response with SmartImage technology. The factory calibration setting details ensure improvement in brightness level up to 95% whereas the Economy mode allows best performance settings for backlighting, contrast and brightness level. Economy setting is generally used for office needs. Small variations in brightness settings lead to great effect on power consumption. The A Energy star rating of this device ensure energy consumption up to 61.77 Watts and when brightness was reduced to 240cd/m2 then power consumption was recorded around 43W. The Economy mode helps to reduce it up to 25W but you will have significant reduction in screen brightness.

6. PIP

If you prefer to plug in 2 different video input sources at a time then you will need Pic-in-Pic settings and Pic-By-Pic settings. It helps to display two sources at a time whereas if you have four sources then screen can also be divided into 4 equal sized portions. It is possible to access these settings by moving the four way joystick in upward direction. One can also reach to PIP and PBP settings by simply using right click on OSD menu.


Philips BDM4037UW can provide you incredible experience for gaming as well as professional editing needs. The large size of this monitor appears little awkward for office needs. The color coverage and image quality both are satisfactory but not as good as that of IPS panels. The multi view feature assists professionals in editing needs whereas multi screen views are also proven to be useful for conferencing and video presentation applications. With all these quality features, Philips BDM4037UW becomes best choice with mid range budget options.

Nov 23,2017 14:14 pm
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