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Samsung UNKS8000 Series 4K TV Review

The flat-screened KS8000 series by Samsung made quite an impression when it first landed last year. Even now, the Quantum Dot technology, the great HDR, and exceptional video processing continue to impress in its class.

The KS800 series has one of the most flexible configurations of any Samsung line with the TV being available in 49, 55, 65, and 75-inch models. While the 49-inch and 75-inch have huge difference in size, the TVs should perform identically as we will see in this review.

Complete review for Samsung UNKS8000 Series 4K TV

Pros and Cons

Aside from some minor issues with angle viewing and blacks inferior to OLEDs, the TV performs excellently in almost every other area.

  • Capable of displaying fantastic 4K HDR content.
  • Impressive video processing.
  • Beautiful design.
  • One of the best LED LCD panels around.
  • Designed to be viewed head-on, lest you risk noticeable quality loss.
  • Black levels are simply not on the OLED level.
  • Auto Motion Plus is problematic.

Key features

The KS8000 series is perhaps one of the most straightforward lineups to come out of the Samsung HQ. The TVs in of this series focus on aesthetics and picture quality in an equal manner with very few compromises on either side.

Once again, Samsung has opted to focus on edge-lit LED lighting technology, a choice that has definitely attracted some criticism. Despite that, the KS8000 series, along with its related cousins, features incredible brightness levels, decent contrast, and fantastic color accuracy.

The 4K HDR panel is undoubtedly fantastic and every model of the KS8000 lineup looks stunning. Watching made-for 4K HDR movies and TV shows on the KS8000 is enough to inform a buying decision.

Interestingly, Samsung has also improved a lot of its smart features. Its OneConnect box makes it easy to install almost any device, provided that it is supported by the company. Even better, supported devices like the Xbox One and the Roku boxes can also be controlled via the TV’s own remote.

Design and build

As is usually the case, Samsung has designed a beautiful TV once again. The TV is exceptionally thin and though the back is plastic, the black design which covers everything – screws included – looks as premium as the rest of the TV.

The bezels are almost non-existent and their silver, brushed design complements the stand in the best way possible. The dual-configuration stand can be set up in either edge or in the centre, depending on the configuration of your own furniture.

Minimalism is the name of the game here, which is also one of the reasons why Samsung continues to include its One Connect box with every TV. With some extra work, you will be able to connect virtually any device directly to the TV without any messy cables in sight.

The aesthetics of the design even extend to the remote itself. The Smart Remote Controller has been built with one thing in mind: simplicity of use. After plugging in your (supported) devices, you can easily control everything via a single remote so you do not have to shell out extra cash in a third-party universal remote.


As with other Samsung TVs, the KS8000 features the impressive Quantum Dot Color technology. The extra layer of film between the LCDs and the protective glass produce an excellent color palette, almost comparable to OLED TVs.

While many were skeptical at first, the results show that this technology separates Samsung’s color reproduction from the competition. Combine this with incredible peak brightness and you have one of the best-performing TVs of this class.

While the default settings will be enough for many users, the KS8000 series absolutely shines once some calibration has been performed. Thanks to the fact that the TV has been out for quite some time now, there are multiple configurations online for you to peruse.

Motion blur is a bit of a strange point on the TV. More often than not, the TV is excellent at controlling motion. However, the Auto Motion Plus feature will most likely be a bane on your existence.

More specifically, you will want to turn this feature off when viewing anything other than sports as it will make images appear exceptionally unrealistic.

1. Picture quality

The KS8000 series showcases exactly what can be accomplished with an LED LCD panel now that the technology has reached its peak. Before moving any further, it is worth noting that no LCD panel can display black and bright levels as exceptionally well as an OLED panel.

With that out of the way, however, it should also be said that the picture quality of this TV is simply stunning. Samsung’s UHD dimming is one of the best in any LCD TV. The resulting quality is excellent overall, despite some minor issues.

When looking at the TV straight ahead, everything looks pretty much as they should. While some of the top content will look worse when compared to much more expensive TVs which feature OLED 4K HDR displays, the difference will not be that noticeable for many.

The only issues arise when looking at the TV from an angle. Unfortunately, you may need to reconfigure your space in order to get the best out of the KS8000 series, though the same could be said for any LED LCD TV.

2. Gaming performance

The KS8000 series is, quite simply, one of the best 4K TVs you can get for gaming right now. While this has been true for Samsung TVs since 2015, it is fantastic to see that the company continues to impress with an extremely low input lag.

In fact, the KS8000 models sport a mere 20ms of input lag on Game mode, making them a fantastic choice for some of the latest and greatest in gaming. From the stunning landscapes of The Witcher 3 to the incredible tracks of Forza Horizon 3, everything looks and performs great in these TVs.

The only minor caveat is that you will most likely have to tweak some of the settings yourself. For instance, the Game mode will not feature HDR content by default, so you will have to manually change the settings yourself.

3. HDR

As mentioned throughout this review, the KS8000 series is one of the brightest LED LCD panels out there. This also means that the performance of HDR is phenomenal, being in the perfect point between the KS7000 and the KS9500, the latter of which delivers slightly better HDR overall.

The HDR of the KS8000 performs at its absolute best when displaying bright content. Clear skies and fields of green look amazing. This is especially true when you use Samsung’s own UBD-K8500 4K player though whether this is an advantage or not will depend on your current setup.

The only downside is, once again, the black levels. Even though bright areas look great, black areas look a bit washed out, an effect which is exaggerated even further when looking at the TV from an angle.


The KS8000 series is a great example of flat TVs that perform exactly as they should. While the LED LCD technology will slowly be replaced by new panels, Samsung’s innovations like the Quantum Dot technology have kept these TVs near the top of the game, especially at this price point.

If you are willing to invest considerably more in your TV, there are certainly better options out there. But if you are looking for a simple 4K TV which will deliver excellent picture quality and amazing gaming performance, then the KS8000 will do just fine.

Nov 23,2017 14:27 pm
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