Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K Projector Review

Looking for 4K home theater projector? Well your search is over, because Sony VPL-VW350ES is the one that you have been looking for. With mind blowing color reproduction, exceptional contrast and a resolution that is of 4096*2160, this projector is going to win you over within first display. The best part other than excellent output? The price is most reasonable when it comes to Sony technologies. Want to find out if it is your dream theater projector? Find out more by reading on.

Complete review for Sony VPL-VW350ES

Specs in a Glance:

Product Sony VPL-VW350ES
Price $9999.9
Lumens 1500
Lamp Life 4000 hours
Resolution 4096*2160 pixels UHD
Inputs 2 HDMI inputs
Projector size 60 to 300 inches
Weight 30.6
Content display 2D & 3D
CFI Smooth motion "Motion Flow"

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Sony's VPL-VW350ES. They will help you in deciding whether or not this is the theater projector you have been searching for your home.


When it comes to home theater entertainment, this is one of the coolest gadgets that Sony has to offer in this price range. The image quality, along with crisp colors, beautiful color accuracy, as well as light output and video processing, everything shouts for the projector to be bought immediately. There are quite a few setup options and running sounds are negligible. The cherry on top is its stylishly modern appearance which can easily win anyone who is a techie at heart. Read on for more detailed plus points of Sony's VPL-VW350ES.

As mentioned above, Sony's VPL-VW350ES has color resolution of 4096*2160 pixels which means that the picture gives an impression of looking at live reality. Even though the wider aspect ratio is greater, it is not something that is noticeable when seen on display device. The inky deep contrast levels are another plus, making the projector worth having.

Yes there is no HDR capacity, the home theater projector still performs better than other Sony projectors. But for Sony VPL-VW350ES, the biggest selling point is its price. No doubt the projector is expensive, but compared to other Sony technologies, it is still comparatively of less amount and great as far as money worth is concerned. You will find other 4k projectors like Epson and JVC but they will simply not match the 4K projection you seek. Even compared to other Sony projectors that are pricier with vibrancy of colors, VPL-VW350ES performs better in all aspects.

Does that mean there are no downsides to the entertainment provider? Here is a very small list.


When it comes to the negatives of Sony VPL-VW350ES, you will discover that they are few and ignorable. If the content source is HD videos, you will find that the quality changes somewhat. You will need content that is 4K or your projector might not perform as well as desired. This most certainly does not mean that the image would be unclear or cheap, just that quality will not be the same as 4K content. If you are a diehard techie, only then will you be able to tell the difference between the kinds of content played.

Sony VPL-VW350ES also does not offer HDR enhancements. The contrast is not bad but the dynamic range of the projector is slightly weak compared to other HD products in the market. When it comes to price, you will discover that it is not cheap, but can be considered of lesser range when other 4K projectors are compared in Sony projector line. If you want the very best, you will need to cough up some solid amount to get your hands on this home entertainment projector. If you don't want to spend about $10,000 on a projector, then this device is just not your thing.

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality VPL-VW350ES accepts all kinds of 4K content and depicts it to the best. This means you can watch movies in superb quality along with your well cherished photos and videos. What's more, VPL-VW350ES also plays Blu-ray UHD, discs that are available in Q3 and Q4. This Sony device will also cater to 4K content that will in the future be projected through satellite as well as cable format. As there are 1500 lumens, quality is something that will put you in awe.

With support of 3D technology you can have a fun movie night with any kind of movie you wish. Since you get 3D glasses with the projector, you can enjoy 3D films right in your very own home theater. What is even more amazing is that 2D movies can be up scaled to give them 3D like qualities. If there is more than one person watching the 3D setup, you can purchase any kind of D glasses from the market and they will sync just as well with the VPL-VW350ES.

Picture settings allow you Sony's Reality Creation processing adjustment that is simply best in its own. You can filter all kinds of noise and resolution without any extra effort. MotionFlow is another feature that is interesting to use as it controls motion handling modes. VPL-VW350ES offers five custom color temperature presets that lets you set the mood that you want.


The sleek and elegant design is definitely going to make you gaga over Sony's VPL-VW350ES. You will look at the large sized projector with its smooth surface and shiny cover and fall in love immediately. It is easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Even your young ones can operate it with ease.

Remote controls of the VPL-VW350ES are large and makes for a comfortable handling experience. There are different buttons for 9 different picture modes. Shortcut controls also make the user experience enhanced. Since the keys are backlit, they are convenient for darkened rooms.


Connectivity of the VPL-VW350ES is based on two HDMI inputs. They provide 4K at 60 frames per second. Keep in mind that HDMI 2 input is the only one that lets you use HDCP 2.2. So you would need to buy a long HDMI cable which is easily available at any Sony outlet. VPL-VW350ES also has a USB port, a LAN port, IR remote port, two remote triggers and RS-232 serial remote port.


Sony's VPL-VW350ES has a 3 year limited warranty. You also get connected to a tech support hotline which means that of you are stuck anywhere, you can call them up and get your issues resolved within no time whatsoever.


So should you or should you not buy this projector? If you looking for something that is quality product and yet has comparatively affordable cost among Sony projectors, then this is the projector for you. Pros are higher and the quality and guarantee that comes with Sony products cannot be denied. VPL-VW350ES is an awesome piece of 4k projectors and is a true dream come true for home theater lovers. With a large 4K TV, your movie cravings will be satisfied! Try it and you will not be disappointed as the features along with picture quality are simply perfect for a home projector.

Jul 28,2017 17:04 pm