Review of TCL ROKU 4K TV US5800 Series

Roku is an affordable brand of HD and UHD TVs known to deliver great value for money. The TCL US5800 is the very one in this mould. It's an LCD 4K TV that offers shoppers a decent Ultra HD experience for around $500. It's available in 55" and 65" models, and features Roku's slick smart TV interface. It also comes with a host of 4K apps and a 4K spotlight section that helps viewers find content to enjoy on their Roku sets. While the US58OO is hardly a top performer among 4K TVs, it certainly gives shoppers a decent taste of the 4K viewing experience and this may be its strongest selling point.


Complete review for TCL ROKU US5800 4K Series

Pros and Cons

The Roku US5800 is a good bargain. It has great smart TV options and a smart TV interface that's very easy to use. The US5800 also makes it easy to find and use connected devices by showing them on the same screen as apps. By eliminating the need to switch input channels in search of connected peripherals, the Roku US5800 gives users a more intuitive experience. Its array of 4K content apps is also a plus. Furthermore, by aggregating 4K content in a spotlight section, the Roku US5800 eliminates the stress of finding 4K capable content. It's a feature that makes a very positive impression on testers and gives users more reasons to love their budget 4K TV. On the downside, the US5800 has limited HDR and Dolby Vision compatibility. This means that it doesn't render the rich contrasts of HDR as well as expected of 4K TVs. Also, while its colour coverage is acceptably wide, it fares poorly at colour accuracy. Some testers have observed a skew towards blue on the US5800. It also fails to render the rich, pure blacks that many have come to expect from 4K TVs.

Key features

The US5800 comes equipped with multiple HDMI ports. It displays 4K content at a refresh rate of 60Hz. This is great for 4K movies and TV shows but may prove inadequate for 4K gaming. The Roku US5800 also has Wifi and can support an array of inbuilt streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Vudu. Its 4K Spotlight section aggregates 4K content across apps for easy viewing in one place. The remote control for the US5800 is another feature that makes it easy to use. It has a simple design which uses directional buttons to navigate its smart interface. It also has buttons for Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and Pandora (formerly Rdio). These ‘easy access' buttons are designed to get users the content they want quickly and seamlessly. While it succeeds in this regard, the remote control does not have an audio jack. Users who sometimes want a discreet and private experience will miss this feature.

Design and build

Design is certainly not one of this model's distinguishing features. By most accounts, the Roku US5800 has a solid build but is very basic in design. Its LCD screen has full-array backlighting. As a result, it's not particularly thin. It's also worth noting that its black bezel and splayed feet are common to popular models already on the market. This shows that it was designed to fit in with products in its range not stand out. While its body is made of plastic, its stands are made of metal. They provide sturdy support for the US5800. It is also VESA compatible and can be mounted using a standard 200 x 200 wall mount.


1. Picture quality

The Roku US5800 delivers decent quality imagery. Its brightness has impressed some testers, and it does quite well at upscaling HD and Full HD content. However, the Roku US5800 does not render the exceptional image quality for which 4K TVs are known. Specifically, it does not render rich contrast, accurate colour depth, or the rich, deep blacks that make for a truly immersive theatre experience. That said, the Roku US5800 is by no means a terrible TV. It simply has limited ability to deliver the rich visual experience that puts the 4K viewing experience in a class of its own.

2. Sound Quality

Sound quality is also not a strong suit of the Roku US5800. Its volume range is relatively low and its audio presets while intuitive serve more to distort than amplify or clarify sound. Its audio settings include Theatre mode, Speech mode and Big Bass. Most testers agree that the inbuilt audio system of the US5800 is by itself inadequate. For an immersive and entertaining home viewing experience, you are advised to purchase a sound bar to go with your Roku TCL US5800.


The smart TV features of newer Roku models, including the TCL US5800, set a standard of user-friendliness which more established brands are eager to emulate. Besides this great feature, the Roku US5800 provides a good viewing experience. It is definitely a great buy for budget shoppers who own outmoded HD TVs. For them, the US5800 will provide a much-improved viewing experience and for around $500, this Roku model does offer great value for money. However, shoppers who own good Full HD TVs and are in search of an outstanding 4K viewing experience will be disappointed by the Roku US5800. Its limited picture quality leaves much to be desired. Its colours are rich but not nearly as much as average 4K TVs. Similarly, its contrast and black levels are not nearly as good as expected. In fact, some Full HD TVs may perform better than the US5800 in this regard. In the end, deciding whether to buy the Roku US5800 may come down to ease of use and value for money. Going by these standards, the US5800 is an excellent purchase. Shoppers may be able to get it for less than $400 in the coming months. With the 4K TV scene still adjusting to the superb but expensive OLED options that made quite a splash in 2017, the Roku US5800 is a safe buy that lets shoppers have some fun while they plan towards getting more capable 4K TVs.

Jul 17,2017 11:45 am