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ViewSonic XG2700 4K Monitor Review in 2017

If you are in search of a monitor that can handle your Ultra High Definition games then your first most requirements must be powerful graphic engine. It is most essential to ensure smooth gameplay and secondly it is important to spend on a dedicated UHD display. ViewSonic XG2700 fits perfectly to these specifications and you will be able to get it in a reasonable price tag of $619.99. This monitor is capable enough to deal with workloads caused by high resolution such as motion stutter, blurring and ghosting etc. the IPS panel ensures delivery of stunning gaming graphics along with impressive reproduction of gray scales and solid color accuracy etc. There are lots of interesting features to discuss about this well designed 27” IPS panel; go through the detailed review below to collect best details.


  • It ensures delivery of highly accurate colours.
  • The grayscale performance is simply incredible.
  • It appears highly responsive.
  • Ensures sharp Ultra High Definition images.
  • AMD FreeSync technology added.
  • Numbers of input options with pic-in-pic adjustment ability.
  • Users can access advanced settings options for color adjustments.
  • You will be impressed to see its ergonomic stand.
  • Numbers of modes are available for easy adjustment for settings for professional users.
  • It is most suitable for photo editing and gaming needs.


  • It does not include speakers.
  • You will find it dimmer as compared to competitors.
  • The FreeSync technology delivers inconsistent performance.
  • Bezel appears thicker.
  • Touchscreen buttons are not much satisfactory.

ViewSonic XG2700 4K Monitor Design Quality:

1.Design Style


Actually, there is not much exciting to know about design of ViewSonic XG2700; you will find a matte black cabinet same as that of most of the competitive models. But yes, the red trim stripes on stand with thin appearance make it unique. This 27” panel is designed with 0.8 inch bezel where the 60Hz refresh rate can be well handled along with 16:9 aspect ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness level and 5 milisecond pixel response. The overall weight of this monitor is 11.8 pound and it comes with four dedicated holes for VESA mounting needs. Its fully adjustable stand allows users to enjoy swivel up to 175 degrees, tilt up to 25 degree and height range of 4.7 inches. Pivot adjustment goes up to 90 degrees so that viewers can have incredible experience during Portrait mode adjustment. With all such features, this monitor ensures delivery of stunning viewing experience without making any compromise for aesthetics.

2. Ports and Connectivity


The I/O ports are added to the rear portion of this panel that helps to manage the clear and well managed display appearance. The list of ports includes two USB 3.0 downstream ports, one USB 3.0 upstream port, Mini DisplayPort, full sized DisplayPort, 2 MHL/HDMI inputs and one HDMI 2.0 port. You will find the USB 3.0 downstream ports on rear right portion of this 27” cabinet. Note that this monitor does not include speakers but the red hook and headphone jack can better handle your headphones wherever required. There are five different touch sensitive buttons on right side of front bezel that helps to turn the monitor ON and OFF as well as provide easy access to various image settings.

ViewSonic XG2700 4K Monitor Features and Performance:

1.OSD and Settings


You will find a range of touch sensitive type control options on front side of this monitor but the sad part is that they have poor labelling. So it will create little trouble in usage of OSD but the benefit of buying ViewSonic XG2700 is that it contains lots of options on OSD menu.

The list of basic settings includes Gamma, Sharpness, Contrast and Brightness adjustments. Further, you will find six different preset options for pictures such as Mono, Text, Web, Movie, Game and Standard. When users switch to game preset setting then they can further access two optimized settings for First Person shooting, one adjustable setting option for Real Time Strategy and one Multiplayer Online Battle Arena option. Also, it is possible to make adjustments for improving shadows in case of dark scenes by using Black Stabilization control settings. Other than this, users can access easy control options for AMD FreeSync performance, Black Stabilization, Input Lag mode, Blue light filter, multi picture mode, Overscan and Dynamic Contrast etc.

2. Color Performance


You will be glad to know that ViewSonic XG2700 comes out of box with useful factory calibration. Even if you connect it for testing right after taking it out from the box then it will ensure higher color accuracy. Tests show that all the blue, green and red colours stay well aligned on the ideal coordinates of CIE. You will find all color adjustments uniform and rich enough. Other than this, the grayscale performance is also stunning where every gray shade appeared sharp and well defined during DisplayMate 64 type Step grayscale test. Improving performance over most of the same range monitors, this device results in better reflection of white and black spots on screen. There is no doubt to say that viewing experience with ViewSonic XG2700 can be rated to be of professional quality. You will not be able to observe any issue related to unwanted color shifting or luminance related losses even when it is viewed from extreme angles. The color adjustment ranges varies between User, Warm, Bluish, Cool, Native, EBU Standard and sRGB format. If you want to apply advanced color settings to this monitor then they can be easily access from one screen menu. It offers easy adjustment over 6 axis saturation and hue with satisfactory setting options for offset, blue, green and red gain. All these settings help to keep this monitor well calibrated while ensuring higher accuracy. The ViewSonic XG2700 design also includes ECO power saving modes that can vary between Conserve, Optimize and Standard setting options whereas eye strain can be managed well with Blue Light Filter.

3. Image Quality

There is no doubt to say that ViewSonic XG2700 delivers satisfactory performance over factory settings. But still few users will find its initial brightness higher with 341 nits level. It is possible to vary contrast ratio of this IPS panel between 1,217:1 and 1,012:1. Color quality for images was observed to be of mid range where the Delta E setting of 2.33 is not comparable to Asus monitor. The best thing to know about its image quality is the color temperature range of 6,397K.

If you adjust the brightness level to 150 nits then it may satisfy most of the users. With this setting, the contrast ratio gets reduced to 1,153:1 but at the same time the black level adjustments provide better results of 0.13 nits. This performance is much better than Asus. Further, the range of color temperature was improved up to 6,542K that became much closer to standard 6,500K. If you want to enjoy image editing then it is good to switch to sRGB mode as on this setting the brightness level gets reduced to 162cd/m2 and the contrast becomes 539:1 that means darker display. Note that, the sRGB technology for this monitor ensures 97.4% coverage on color gamut and the color accuracy is improved with Delta E 0.44 setting. So you will find this monitor perfect for Photoshop needs.

4.Gaming Performance

If you want to enjoy games on ViewSonic XG2700 then it is good to get a high quality graphic card. With appropriate graphic card selection it can easily deliver the output of 60fps with 4K resolution level. The best suggestions are AMD RX580 and RX480 because cheaper cards will struggle to fulfil requirements of this high end monitor. If your setup is fine then XG2700 can definitely ensure incredible gaming experience. This IPS panel has 4ms response rate, although it is not the fastest rating in the market but you will find this monitor responsive enough. The input lag is much improved in this monitor so you will rarely notice any delay in mouse movements. Never forget to enable the low input lag mode to ensure stunning results for gaming experience.

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5.FreeSync Performance:

The XG2700 monitor is designed with FreeSync technology that leads to impressive results. Here you will not find the screen tearing issue with this classic AMD power technology as synchronization between graphic card and monitor is well maintained. The best thing to know about this IPS monitor is that it allows all games to run well irrespective of the enabled or disabled mode of FreeSync technology. But the sad part is that while noticing little stuttering or screen tearing issues when monitor was switched to FreeSync technology then also it was not able to improve performance much.


You will be glad to know that ViewSonic XG2700 is designed with dedicated uniformity feature but the software leading corrections are not able to show much impact over performance. When uniformity of this 27” panel was tested for out of the box settings then it was able to deliver little bit satisfactory results but on the top portion of the screen it faced around 4 to 10% brightness loss whereas the middle part suffered backlight reduction from 2 to 10% range. For the bottom right portion of the screen, the brightness losses were reported to be somewhere around 7% whereas left side was free from any losses.

There is a wide selection option for adjustment of input lag where three different settings are available. When users switch to standard mode then input lag will be observed around 25.4ms whereas for advanced mode it drops down to 17.2ms. In case of Extreme mode, the lag was as low as 9.4ms that appears good for most of games.

7.Highlighted Features:

Most of the users love to appreciate two major settings of ViewSonic XG2700 that are Picture by Picture mode and Picture in Picture mode. With these settings, users can easily access multiple inputs at the same time on monitor screen. For example if users can play YouTube videos on half portion of the screen while editing photos on another half section. It is also possible to switch this device to quad widow mode where users can adjust four different inputs on screen at a time. Testing for these multiple input handling modes resulted satisfactory performance. There are numbers of game centric presets that can be easily accessed from on screen menu. Users can adjust settings between two FPS modes for this 27” IPS panel where first one is the bright and dull option that leads to minimum strain on eyes whereas another one is deep black along with sharp contrast setting that can be used to spot enemies during action games.


ViewSonic XG2700 is well known for its incredible performance along with impressive set of features. Professionals love its responsiveness and delivery of vibrant colours that is idea for high end gamers. The wide range of ports assists users in easy connectivity from multiple sources whereas Pic in Pic mode helps to manage multiple portions on the screen at a time. ViewSonic XG2700 is rated as best multi tasking monitor and users will definitely love to appreciate its performance for image and video experience. Easy adjustments of settings from on screen menu is one more advantage of buying ViewSonic XG2700 so it is right time to order your device and start enjoying incredible experience for games, photo editing and video entertainment needs.

Nov 23,2017 14:26 pm
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