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SJCam SJ6 Legend VS Xiaomi Yi 4K

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

There are so many competing brands in market that are dealing with action camera models. Xiaomi and SJCam are also the big names in this list and buyers often find difficulties in selection of best product for their needs with so many comparable features. Currently, Xiaomi Yi 4K and SJ6 Legend action cameras have joined the battle in the market. The more critical deciding factor for buyers is that both of these action camera legends fall in same price range. If you are also planning to buy a new action camera but are confused between 4k Yi and SJ6 legend then the article below can provide you some assistance.


Yi 4K

SJ6 Legend

Price 199 USD 159 USD
Body Metal Plastic
Image Resolution 12MP 16MP
Video Resolutions 4K @ 30/25fps (native) 4K @ 24fps (interpolated)
2.7K @ 60/50/30/25fps 2K @ 30fps
1080P @ 120/100/60/50/30/25fps 1080p@ 60fps
720P @240/200fps 720P 120/60/30fps
Chipset Ambarella A9SE Novatek 96660
Battery 1400mAh 1000mAh
Display 2.19" Retina type touch screen 2 LCD Touchscreen
Storage Max. 64GB Max. 128GB
Dimensions 65x42x30 mm 59×41×21.1 mm
Weight 95 grams 82 grams
Connectivity & Ports Micro USB Port Mini USB Port
SD Card Slot; HDMI Out ; SD Card Slot
Wi-Fi ; Bluetooth Wi-Fi ;
External Mic Support / Yes
Recording Format .mp4 or MOV codec .mp4 or MOV codec
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
Fisheye Correction Yes Yes
Loop Recording 5 min, 20 min, 60 min, 120 min, Max 3min/5min/10min
Waterproof 40 m (with case) 30 m (with case)

Hardware Comparison:


As we have already mentioned that both these cameras possess almost similar kind of specifications so we need to go into deeper details to find design differences. The Yi 4k action cam appears more trendy and sleek with its smooth plastic finish and the attractive rounded corners. Whereas, SJ6 has a rugged appearance with rubberized material that provides textured finish with added grip. You will also find few indicating LEDs on SJ6 body.

Yi Action cam is designed with a 2.19” LCD screen but SJ6 has little smaller up to 2” only. You will find MicroSD and MicroUSB slots on Yi’s body but in case of SJ6, MiniUSB, MicroSD and Micro HDMI make connectivity much easier. Another difference lies in their buttons as Yi 4K has only on button on its body but you will find 3 control buttons on SJ6 Legend.


Second noticeable difference is in accessories of both action cam units. Note that, both of these companies are offering cameras with threaded tripod type hole on bottom side of their body so that users can easily attach them to mounts. But you will find more flexibility with SJ6 as its box includes all necessary mounts that can meet action recording needs with ease. On the other side, Yi 4K box does not even offer a waterproof case to buyers. You have to make all the expenses yourself to fulfill your needs. You will find so many expensive combos for Yi accessories over online stores.

More Accessories You May Need

Battery Life:

In this case, Yi 4K action cam wins the battle with its ability to record 4k videos tirelessly up to 120 minutes with 30fps setting. For SJ6 legend, you will be able to enjoy maximum recording time up to 70 minutes with 4K settings at 25 fps. It is essential to keep Wi-Fi and screen off to gain this much performance from SJ6 otherwise you will find faster decay in battery percentage. Yi 4k battery is designed with fine tuned advanced power management system that leads to higher service capacity.


If you are a underwater adventure lover then Yi 4K cannot provide your more satisfactory service because it can go underwater up to 40 meters and this dive is not possible without protective case. The sad part is that the camera box doesn’t include case so you have to make additional payment to buy it. SJ6 legend is designed to offer impressive underwater performance with its ability to go underwater up to 30 meters with ease and a sturdy, sleek, well designed waterproof case is included in its package.

Features and Performance Comparison:

Video and Image Quality:

When we moved to the video quality test then Yi 4K offered quite appealing results. This camera is designed with native 4k resolution so that crystal clear footage can be recorded with impressive results. But in case of SJ6 you will find interpolated 4K technology; it means that your device actually captures all details in 2K resolution mode but the final footage get produced with 4K result where additional 2K is increased with addition of fake pixels during processing. The image quality with such interpolated system goes really bad. But if you compare performance of both devices at Full HD 1080p resolution level then you will be able to find impressive quality with Yi cam and it also provides support to 120fps frame rate at 1080p.

Audio Quality:

You will be glad to know that Yi 4K action cam support 360 degree omni directional coverage with microphones and it also has powerful built in speakers. Yi 4K action cam is capable enough to record stereo sound at 48 kHz. This unit is commonly used for recording outdoor sports events due to its optimized sound effect. SJ6 also extends support to external mic with 100% guarantee to overall coverage. This camera is commonly used to shoot footage at small concerts, or home get-togethers.

Image Stabilization:

If you are found of recording videos on the go then SJ6 Gyro Stabilizer feature can serve you with better results. Simply turn on Gyro mode during your recordings and it will adjust all ups and downs during motion recordings. No matter whether you are going to attach your camera to handlebar or wish to place it on helmet; this camera with ensure quality results in all cases. In case of Yi 4K you will be able to avail electronic image stabilization for 2.7K resolution level. It is designed using 3 axis type gyroscope and also includes 3-axis accelerometer to ensure smooth recording on the go. The cross border compensation feature makes videos more stable.


By comparing all the features, readers will find more reasons to buy Yi 4K action camera. Tests reveal its impressive video quality with stunning color distributions. It can also serve you better for travelling needs but those who want to shoot under water are advised to think about SJ6 cam. You will find wide range of options for mounts and accessories with SJ6 that make it easier to adjust even for tough location recordings. You will also be able to get Micro HDMI port option with external microphone support with SJCAM SJ6 Legend, all these features make it best for shooting videos at tough locations; it will definitely ensure impressive audio-video quality .

YI 4K Action Camera Review

SJCam SJ6 Legend Action Camera Complete Review

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Max Wales
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