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Thieye T5e Vs SJCAM SJ6 Legend: Which one Should I Buy

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The action camera brands are the hot topic for discussion these days. With so many advanced technologies, many popular producers are launching impressive features rich models with slightly varying price tags. Some of the popular names in this competitors list include Xiaoyi, H9, EKEN and GoPro etc. They are often rated as high class camera producers but when we think about budget friendly options then brands like ThiEye and SJCam show their best performance with all good features.

Both of these companies have launched so many advanced cameras into market within last few months so buyers can often feel confused for the right choice. If you are also finding such difficulties in selection then it is good to read the article below; hope it will make things easier for you.

Specification Comparison:


SJ6 Legend

ThiEye T5e

Price 159 USD 179.99 USD
Video Resolutions 4K @ 24fps interpolated; 2K @ 30fps; 1080@ 60fps; 720P@ 120/60/30fps; 4K @ 30fps (native), 2.8K 30fps, 2.5K 60fps, 1440P 60fps, 1080P 120/60/30fps, 720P 240 /120fps
Image Sensor 16MP Panasonic MN34120PA 12MP Sony IMX117
Waterproof 30 m (with case) 60 m (with case)
Chipset Novatek 96660 Ambarella A12S
Loop Recording 3min/5min/10min 1/2/3/5min
External Mic Support Yes /
Battery 1000mAh 1100mAh
Fisheye Correction Yes N/a
Display 2'' LCD Touchscreen 2.0'' built-in TFT LCD
Storage Max. 128GB Max. 64GB
Image Stabilization Gyro Stabilization EIS
Dimensions 59×21.1×41 mm 61 x 42 x 23mm(L x W x D)
Recording Format .mp4 or MOV codec .mp4 codec
Weight 82 grams 78.2 grams
Wireless Remote Control Yes N/a
Connectivity & Ports MiniUSB Port; HDMI ; SD Card Slot; Wi-Fi; Micro USB, HDMI, Micro SD card Slot, Wi-Fi

Hardware Comparison:


If we try to make difference on the basis of design then probably you will find it too difficult to rate one camera good over another because both of these are almost same. You will find 2” LCD screen on back panel of both these cameras but the difference lies in their performance as SJ6 possess touch screen and T5e is simple non touch display. SJ6 model also includes one front display screen with 0.96” dimension; it helps to display information regarding modes, battery and camera status.

Moving towards the ports, you will find many common hardware connectivity options on both these devices with USB port, SDCard Slot and HDMI port but the major difference lies in presence of MicroUSB port in ThiEye T5e whereas SJ6 possess Mini USB. If you want to record footage with hands-free mode then both cameras can offer you easy tripod mounting options.

Chipset and Storage:

As already discussed, SJ6 Legend extends support to external storage space via its SD card slot so you can easily expand storage space up to 128GB. However, this external SDcard slot is also present in ThiEye T5e device but that can be expanded only up to 64GB. As these cameras are designed to capture high resolution photographs and videos so it becomes essential to have more storage space hence SJ6 can be announced winner in this battle.

You will find Novatek 96660 processor inside SJ6 Legend whereas ThiEye T5e is containing Ambarella A12LS75 processor unit. Performance of Ambarella processor is proven to be much better as compared to Novatek but it can show little poor results when camera is operated continuously for longer duration.

Camera Lens:

You will find 2.5mm camera lens in T5e module whereas SJ6 contains 17.5 mm lens that offers impressive sharp contrast. With these advanced lens support, SJ6 is capable enough to provide eye catching results even in low light areas. If we talk about coverage angle then SJ6 is able to cover lesser field with its 166 degree wide angle lens but your footage will get improved in focus with 170 degree wide range of T5e.


Once you receive your T5e action camera following things will come out of its box:

  • Camera.
  • Pack of accessories.
  • Wiper and quick start guide.
  • 2 Batteries of 1100mAh.
  • One waterproof casing.

One the other side, the list for in box accessories in case of SJ6 is large enough:

  • Camera and manual
  • Waterproof case and plastic frame for safety.
  • Rotating curved and flat mounts.
  • Handlebar mount
  • Flat mount and screw mount.
  • Wiper and wire
  • 2 stickers.


You will find a 1000mAh battery inside SJ6 cam unit but this value goes little high in case of T5e that contains 1050mAh. You will find this rating difference quite small but it adds up little value to overall performance. As you can record 4K videos with native details in case of T5e so it will naturally consume more power and it ultimately reduces the overall battery life. But the great news is that you will find two batteries inside T5e box so it can serve you for longer time if you have charged them both.


With IPx8 casing, you can take T5e underwater up to 60 meters with additional protective casing. Most of the underwater shooting lovers prefer to buy this camera unit due to its impressive underwater footage recording. It will find impressive color distribution on screen for every recording. On the other side, SJ6 is designed with special Dive with Me feature so that users can go under water up to 30 meters with ease.

Features and Performance Comparison:

Video and Image Quality:

T5e is capable enough to capture Ultra HD videos with 30 fps frame rate where users can make selections for two formats as 16:9 and 3:4. You can also enjoy time-lapse video recording with Te5 where several photos are developed with interval adjustment between 1 to 60 seconds. Its electronic image stabilization ability results much smoother results for pixel distribution but it can serve you only up to 1080px. Professionals reveal that it is much easier to improve T5e footage via post processing methods. 4k videos in case of T5e can be captured at 25 as well as 30 fps rating. The stills are captured with 12MP rating.

SJCam offers 4K recording abilities but it is not actual 4K, the technology is interpolated 4K that means; the camera itself produces 2k content and then additional 2k pixels are added to footage with internal processes. However, the concept of interpolated 4K recordings is not the major trouble for selection of SJ6 because it offers better content delivery with variable frame rates. Note that, SJ6 cam is designed with Panasonic sensor that leads to stunning sharpness in all details. The 720p content can be captured at three possible frame rate settings; 120, 60 and 30fps whereas 1080p can be recorded only on 60 fps setting. It offers 16MP resolution for stills.

Audio Quality:

Audio quality of SJ6 cam has gained more popularity among users due to its abilities to record rich sound effects. It creates perfect mixing of low and high frequencies to ensure content delivery without any distortion.

On the other side, T5e is capable enough to record audios with Mono mode only. If you want to record live concerts or events around then T5e can serve you better results but it is essential to add some efforts to post processing for ensuring desired improvement in sound quality.

Image Stabilization:

There is no doubt to say that while buying a new action camera unit, most of us try to ask a common question that is whether this camera offers image stabilization or not. This is the biggest need of adventure sports lovers. Note that, T5e possesses Electronic Image Stabilization abilities but in case of SJ6 you will observe stunning stabilized footages with its advanced gyro stabilization feature. If you often want to record your adventure sports videos by hanging camera on handlebar or on helmet then this stabilization feature will be playing important role for delivering stable content.


Now we all know that T5e and SJ6 possess many similar features and both of these cameras are rank in budget friendly ranges so you can pick any of these action cams to fulfil your needs. In case if you are focused to buy a low cost solution then it is advised to think about SJCam SJ6 device but in case if you have little higher budget range around $120 then T5e is also a great option with higher battery life at native 4K recording. By specifying your needs related to action camera, you can easily pick any of these to meet your desired specifications. Go online and order your product now to ensure fast delivery and start recording impressive 4k videos or capture photos with stunning details.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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