How to Create a Chroma-Key (Green-screen) Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

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What is green screen (Chroma Key) and why would I use it?

The Chroma-key or in simple words the “Green Screen” effect is simply an effect or feature that allows you to replace the existing background of your footage with any other content suitable to the context while editing. It is a very efficient way to put things into perspective and be creative and it allows videography to be a lot more flexible by being able to achieve a variety of environments in a single shot through some classy editing using the green screen effect. The most common use of the green screen would have to be its use in weather forecast videos.

How to Create a Green screen Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro video editor allows its users to add the green screen effect in their videos while editing. To do so the following main steps must be followed:

  • Start the program and import the required green screen footage.
  • Add the video to the sequence.
  • For “green screen editing” Premiere Pro uses a separate tool called the “Ultra Key”. Using the Ultra Key you can drop the effect onto the clip.
  • Locate and open the “Effects Control Tab”.
  • From here you can now use the eyedropper tool to select the green color from the added video. (This will have to be repeated a few times until you get your best option)
  • Go to the setting options and adjust how aggressive you want it to be.
  • Next you can use the “Matte Cleanup” option for a more refined finishing.
  • Lastly you can use the “Spill Suppression” option to fix the color edges of the subject.
  • Save changes.

The steps are similar for Windows OS as well as Mac OS. The files are saved in iCloud by default for Mac.

What gear need to create a DIY green screen video effect

Now, the interesting part here is that the green screen video effect can be created by anyone anywhere, it’s a DIY, but for this you will need certain appropriate gear. The gear that is required is simply listed below:

1. A smartphone (or any camera) to record footage.

2. A good enough video editing software.

3. A wall or background that is of any color that is not present anywhere else in the footage (preferably the hideous green color commonly used for green screens).

4. Minimal shadow to be cast on the background

5. The camera should preferably be something that shoots in HD quality.

And that’s about it; you have a DIY green screen set up.

How to Create a Green screen Effect using Adobe Premiere Pro alternative

So, the green screen effect is an interesting feature and the results can be quite fascinating as well. But Premiere Pro is not the most efficient way to go with this effect especially for a beginner. The complexity takes away all the excitement of the interesting process and leaves the user absolutely confused. And there are too many options that one has to be well informed of and familiar with in order to add one simple effect. An alternative software recommended for this job is Wondershare Filmora, is more time efficient and easier to understand, it is simple and allows the user to experiment along the way hence enhancing the overall user experience.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Below are the briefly described steps on how to do so:

  • For PC:
  • 1. Start the program and import files.

    2. Add overlays to the added video files.

    3. Make a green screen. Add both footages, the background one as well as the green screen one to the “media library”.

    4. Drag and drop the background footage to the video track on the timeline and the green screen footage to the PIP track.

    5. Double click the green screen clip to open the settings dialog box, click “advance” and from here make the required adjustments.

    6. You can also enter the “Mask” or the “Effects tab from the “advance” options and refine the results.

    7. You can preview the results.

    8. When satisfied, save changes.

    9. Done

  • For MaC OS:
  • 1. Start the program and import the video files that are required.

    2. Drag and drop the videos to the timeline.

    3. Right click on one of the added videos to open a drop down menu.

    4. Select the “Green Screen” option to continue.

    5. A pop up window will open, simply select Green Screen and adjust the view size of the video on the preview window as required.

    6. Click or touch “OK”.

    7. Finally export to save the Green Screen Video. (It will be saved to iCloud by default)

    8. Done


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