How to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos (basic video editing tips)

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10 Basic video editing skills for Adobe Premiere Pro you should know

To use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your videos you need to first get familiar with the user interface of the software and the options provided by it. Here are 10 basic editing skills to help you get started:

1. Understand and navigate about the interface

Now, Premiere Pro provides a user friendly interface which is easy to navigate. Simple create a new project, name it, drag and drop required files/videos and get started for a fun.

2. Adding footage

To add footage to be edited you simply drag and drop your videos or capture them then and there, making sure that it’s in analog format.

3. Timeline Editing

You can then start with your timeline editing for your project. This can be done by simply placing videos on the timeline and deciding their lengths and transitions etc.

4. Visualization

You can now start visualizing what your workflow will look like on premiere pro through three and four point editing. This will make things a lot easier.

5. “KeyCuts”

This refers to keyboard shortcuts which enable you to perform a command much more faster by through some key combinations instead of the longer procedure e.g. ctrl + d would instantly call for a default transition.

6. Effects

Premiere Pro allows you to add unique effects to the video you want to edit, making it a lot more interesting. Each effect has customizable settings

7. Play Around with the Colors

A good way to give your videos a more professional look is by color correcting and grading them.

8. Audio

The software also allows you to edit the audio; you can eliminate unwanted sounds or enhance the focal voices as well as add or remove audio in the video as well.

9. Credits

You can even create credits and add them to the ending or beginning of your video and edit them as you wish.

10. Export

Once you’re done editing your video as required you can simply export it to whatever format you like.

10 tips for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Now as for the latest version, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 some basic tips to help you get familiar with the new features are as below:

1. New Default Workspace

This version has a new default workspace which provides you larger source and program files but it enables the user to go back to the standard editing workspace if required.

2. Customizable Bar

The button bar can be customized providing you quick access to your most frequently used editing options.

3. Project Panel

The project panel has many new features that enhance the video editing experience and provide better resolution.

4. Masking and Tracking

These options are important to professionally edit videos and have a better outcome.

5. Creative Cloud Libraries

You should definitely sync Premiere Pro with Creative Cloud and use its libraries to enhance your work experience and have best results.

6. Timecode Panel

This is another new feature. It displays oversized timecode and feet frames which are very helpful in guiding the user throughout the editing experience.

7. Trackpad Support

Trackpad gesture support for Mac OS is also a new feature which allows the user to navigate the timeline and other panels in MacBook Pro by using its trackpad.

8. Multicam

Multicam improvements have been made in the latest version so now you can use more than just 4 views.

9. Trimming

The trim tool has also been mproved making it more powerful and fast. It is more efficient than before and displays the outgoing and incoming frames inside the program monitor.

10. Continuous Timeline Playback

Now, unless and until the user specifically issues a stop command the timeline will playback continuously.

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