How to make a timelapse video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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What is timelapse photography?

Time-lapse photography has gained a lot of popularity recently and is an innovative technique that is used to show change or develop a scene with an artistic flare. In time-lapse photography, the rate at which each frame is captured is much slower than the sequence it is displayed in. Thus, even when the images are played at a normal speed, they seem to be going fast or lapsing. This technique is often confused with stop motion photography and speed up videos.

Speed up videos means that the shutter speed of the camera is increased which tends to create a fair amount of motion blur. Whereas in time-lapse photography, each frame is focused on thereby creating sharp images.

5 Tips for making timelapse video

1. Understanding the fundamentals of a time-lapse video is crucial. This includes choosing the number of frames per second and how many frames will be required for the duration of the intended video.

2. Usually time-lapse photography is used to document changing scenery, star and cloud movement, blossoming flowers. It is important to understand and know your subject and what you hope to achieve.

3. Determine the interval between each photo and frame. This will help in figuring out whether you want a blocky or smooth transition.

4. Short intervals will provide a smoother finish while long intervals will provide a blocky finish.

5. Use a DSLR camera with a tripod. This will ensure that the camera is steady and good quality photos are captured.

How to make a timelapse video in Adobe Premiere Pro

  • First choose a sequence at which you would like to create the video. Generally, a 1080p sequence is what is opted for.
  • Then consider how long the video needs to be and speed it up accordingly by opening the speed/duration dialogue box.
  • To open this dialogue box simply right click on the timeline.

How to make a timelapse video using Adobe Premiere Pro alternative

Many beginners complain about the quality of the video or using when making a time-lapse video using Adobe Premiere Pro. However, there are a number of alternatives to this application. One of the most popular and easier to use software includes Filmora.

Wondershare-Filmora is a simple editing tool that makes creating time-lapse videos quick and effortless. Adobe Premiere Pro tends to be complicated to use because of the multiple steps to create one video, but Filmora is very easy to get used to.

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