How to Manage Libraries in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Until the boom of computer and the internet, a library was a place where you would find a collection of book, well organized and managed. Well, today libraries are collections of reusable components of a software application. In this article, we will see how to manage Libraries in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is Creative Cloud Libraries?

Creative Cloud Libraries allows you to retain your design assets in the cloud environment from where you can access and share them with ease. You can create both personal and shared libraries. These items are automatically synchronized to your Creative Cloud account and enable you to work using them anywhere, even when offline. What more, your digital assets can be captured from various creative cloud mobile and desktop apps. So you kind of got the answer on how to manage libraries in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What can you do with libraries?

Using the libraries you can use or reuse digital assets from a variety of apps. You also have the option to download assets from the Creative cloud market or Adobe Cloud. Besides these, you can organize the digital assets into multiple individual libraries that you can both access or share.

Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries

Adobe Stock can be defined as a collection of images, videos, and templates that can be edited according to your need. These files are accessed through libraries panel in the software. To edit the images that are available in the Adobe stock follow the steps below:

  • In the library panel search for the image. If the Library panel is not enabled, please do so by going to Windows -> Libraries -> CC Libraries. S
  • To get the images from Adobe Stock, select “Adobe Stock” in the menu before searching for the image.
  • Select the right image from the search results. If you want more information about the stock image right click on the image and click on “View Details”.
  • If you want to find a similar image you can just right-click on the image and select the option “Find Similar”.
  • Before using the image you have to save the image to your Library. Select the Library to which you want to save from the Libraries panel and click on “Save Preview”. If you move the cursor over the image you can see the option for “Save Preview”.
  • You can buy the license of the image by clicking on the “License Image” from the menu by clicking on the hamburger symbol in Libraries panel. Just follow the prompts to complete the purchase and then the watermarked image becomes licensed.

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