How to make Freeze-Frames and Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro

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What’s freeze-frame?

Freeze framing is basically reproducing a static shot. This is a method of videography that shows a single frame repeatedly on a screen. Technology these days allows camcorders and filming devices to take a still image but if that isn’t possible simply freeze images, using a scene or frame from a video is also possible. Freeze-framing allows individuals to take three photos and turn them into a story.

Freeze framing is also used in theatre to teach students above improvisation of dialogue and bringing images to life. Freeze framing in videos may be used in teasers or trailers to give viewers and idea of what to expect.

What is slow motion?

Slow motion is a method of warping time in a video to slow down the time or movement. The slow motion effect is used as a modern filming device to show the skill and style used in athletic activities during replays or even to add artistic effect to a movie by simply showing a moving drop of water down a window pane.

How to make freeze-frames and slow motion in Adobe Premiere Pro

1. How to make freeze-frames

  • Add the frame hold by positioning the playhead on the frame and select it using the freeze frame edit from video options.
  • Insert a frame-hold by positioning the playhead to insert a 2 second freeze frame.
  • Select the clip in the timeline panel and use frame hold to freeze a frame from a video. Be sure to specify any hold filters.

2. How to do slow motion

  • First add the clip that you’d like to slow down to the camera.
  • Right click on the clip and select Speed/Duration from dialogue box that opens.
  • Enter that speed you’d like to slow it down to or an effect that will reverse the speed, etc.

How to make freeze-frames and slow motion using Adobe Premiere Pro alternative

Most new film editors and cinematographers refrain from using Adobe Premiere Pro because of its complicated setting and difficult to remember keyboard shortcuts. However, there are alternatives like Filmora that allow the professional feeling of Adobe Premiere Pro without the many hassles. It allows you to easily add files to timelines and use one click to freeze, insert, and add frames or use the slow motion effect.

Exporting videos and images are also easy and Filmora offers a number of formats that be used for various platforms. Beyond simply editing film, audio pitch can also be changed to alter and insert various modulated voices.

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