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How to Auto Crop Videos to Square for Social Media on Mac?

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

“How do I auto crop a video to square on Mac?”

The aspect of automatic cropping is quite unusual because we usually do the manual cropping in most of the video editing tools available for Mac. And, this is why the subject is so worthy of discussion. Cropping your videos in square aspect ratio so that they can easily fit various social media handles can give you enormous benefits of standing out better in the competition. And, it is more of a necessity to implement effective brand marketing strategies on social media. One of the remarkable benefits of square video is related to their space usage on the screen. The square videos are comparatively space-consuming than horizontal videos to let your audience see only your content over the screen.

However, the main problem arises when you’ve to crop a single video content for different social media platforms. Here, you need auto crop features to save lots of time in hectic editing.

So, let’s check out our tool that quickly implements auto-cropping concerning different aspect ratios of videos.

Part 1: Use Wondershare Filmora to Auto Crop Videos to Square on Mac

There’s no need to introduce with all-time favorite Wondershare Filmora as modern-day video editors are pretty familiar with this software. However, for Mac users, there’s exciting news about the recent update of Wondershare Filmora for macOS version 10.2.

Here’s what is new!

  • Direct Access to the Photos library
  • Supports HEVC video format in Instant Cutter
  • New stunning Split Screen templates
  • Auto Reframe for different aspect ratios

So, go check out your Wondershare Filmora for Mac version now and make sure to install their latest updates.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

You’re required to use its auto reframe feature to auto-crop videos to square for social media on Mac. This function will instantly detect any moving object into the video to immediately crop as per different aspect ratios. Thus, you can now consider fast, automatic cropping for various social media handles such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., with a click of a button.

Given below is an easy step-by-step guide on how auto-crop looks like in Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Steps for Automatic Cropping on Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Common Step: Install the software

As said earlier, you need to visit the Wondershare Filmora website and download the latest version V10.2, to access its incredible features.

You have to select among two different methods of applying automatic cropping on Wondershare Filmora for Mac as follows.

Step 1: Search among Tools

Hit the More Tools tab after launching the latest version of Wondershare Filmora for Mac. Then, select the Auto Reframe feature as shown below.

auto reframe

Step 2: Import the media file

Now, you can import media by hitting the Import tab to start reframing instantly.

auto reframe

Step 3: Choose your desired aspect ratio

Select among five different aspect ratios provided into the reframing window. Here, you’ve to go for the Square (1:1) aspect ratio.

You can see the reframing results in the respective preview window. You can also present the whole video screen by clicking the eye icon in the upper-right corner.

auto reframe

Step 4: Make adjustments

Furthermore, you have two options to Adjust Frame and go for Advanced Settings. By adjusting the Frame, it means to fit the crop box dragging here and there. Confirm with Ok to apply modifications.

Then, there are Advanced settings to set the Tracking Subject and Tracking Speed. The Tracking Subject could be set at either Primary or Secondary as shown below.

auto reframe

Step 5: Export the auto-cropped video

Click the Export button on Filmora for Mac after you complete the above-mentioned auto-crop settings and save the file to your computer.

auto reframe

You can import this cropped video clip into the Filmora again to do further editing.

Part 2: Different Social Media Video Aspect Ratios

Here’s your quick reference to aspect ratios for different social media videos starting with Facebook.

1. Facebook

  • Shared Post Video Landscape (16:9); Portrait (9:16)
  • 360-degree Video Monoscopic (2:1); Stereoscopic (1:1)
  • In-Feed Video Square (1:1); Horizontal (16:9); Full Portrait (9:16); Vertical (4:5)
  • Carousel Video 1:1
  • Slideshow Video Square (1:1); Vertical (4:5); Landscape (16:9)
  • Facebook Stories Ads Video Full Portrait (9:16)

2. Instagram

  • In-Feed Video Square (1:1); Landscape (16:9); Vertical (4:5)
  • Video Ad Square (1:1); Landscape (16:9); Vertical (4:5)
  • Carousel Video Ad Square (1:1)
  • Stories Ads Full Portrait (9:16)
  • IGTV Full Portrait (9:16); Landscape (16:9); Vertical (4:5)

3. Twitter

  • Portrait & Landscape Videos Square (1:1); Landscape (16:9)
  • Video Ads Square (1:1); Landscape (16:9)

4. Snapchat

  • Single Video Ad Full Portrait (9:16)
  • Long-Form Video Ad Full Portrait (9:16); Landscape (16:9)

5. YouTube

  • Standard Video Landscape (16:9)
  • Video Ad Landscape (16:9)
  • Display Ad Landscape (16:9)

6. LinkedIn

  • Shared Video 1:2.4; 2.4:1
  • Video Ad Square (1:1); Landscape (16:9); Full Portrait (9:16)

7. Pinterest

  • Shared Video Square (1:1); 2:3; Vertical (4:5); Full Portrait (9:16)
  • Promoted Video Square (1:1); 2:3; Vertical (4:5); Full Portrait (9:16)

So, this was a complete guide on aspect ratios of respective video specs on different social handles. Luckily, 97% of these aspect ratios apply to the new feature of Wondershare Filmora for Mac.


Thus, we discussed our full tutorial on auto crop videos to Square for different social media channels, and now it's time to look into its quick overview. Automatic cropping is quite an unusual feature that should be appreciated if made available by any video editing programs. The feature is super beneficial in itself as it helps you save lots of time editing videos for different social media channels. You can consider using the newly launched feature auto-reframe within Wondershare Filmora for Mac if you're looking for instant automatic cropping. We've already mentioned an easy guide for the same above.

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