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The Easiest Way to Smartly Crop Videos on Mac

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Sep 26, 2021• Proven solutions

Editors crop videos to cut unwanted parts to either fit the video on different platforms or focus the audience’s attention. Video cropping is done based on fixed aspect ratios. For those Mac users who want to do video cropping, they can use one of the best and highly recommended video editing tools – Wondershare Filmora.

In this blog series, we have discussed how to efficiently crop videos using the mentioned video editing tool on Mac devices. Also, you will find a few tips at the end that can help you make videos more stunning and appealing after cropping.

How to Smartly Crop Videos on Mac with Wondershare Filmora?

Be it a widescreen, square, or portrait, Wondershare Filmora’s latest software for Mac V10.2 is a robust video editing to try to smartly and quickly crop videos with the required aspect ratio. Among the several editing features, it has one of the outstanding features namely Auto Reframe that enables editors to manually resize and crop their videos. This option permits users to quickly and efficiently crop the video with an extensive range of split-screen templates.

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The daunting procedure of cropping videos can now be time-saving. With this advanced feature of Auto Reframe, you can detect any moving object and automatically crop and resize the video based on various aspect ratios.

There are two methods to apply Auto Reframe which we have discussed below.

Method 1:

After launching Filmora on the Mac device, select the “Auto Reframe” option under the More Tools option.

auto reframe

Import the clip that you want to crop or simply hit the Import button after selecting the Auto Reframe option.

auto reframe

Method 2:

Click on “Create Project” and hit the Import button in the media area. Upon right-clicking on it, select the Auto Reframe option from the pop-up menu. The clip will automatically appear on the Auto Reframe tool.

auto reframe

Once you are done importing the clip, follow the below steps to automatically crop the clip based on different aspect ratios.

Step 1: Select from the Required Aspect Ratio

As per the standard, there are 5 different video aspect ratios which are listed below. Choose from the required aspect ratio and reframing will be done accordingly.

  • Cinema (21:9)
  • Widescreen (16:9)
  • Vertical (9:16)
  • Standard (4:3)
  • Square (1:1)

auto reframe

You will find a preview option once the reframing is done. At this point, the editor will not be able to see the outside frame. If you want to view the full screen, click on the eye icon in the upper right corner.

auto reframe

Step 2: Adjust the Frame

To adjust the frame, click the “Adjust frame” option on the right and drag the crop box to fix it. Based on the requirements, the user can adjust the frame and hit the “OK” button to apply all the changes.

auto reframe

Step 3: Adjust the Tracking Subject and Speed

Under the “Adjust frame” editor can click on the “Advanced” tab and adjust the tracking subject and speed accordingly. Select accordingly to track the secondary subject and track the speed.

auto reframe

Step 4: Export the Video Clip

Click on the “Export” button to save your complete work once you are done with the reframing and video size adjustment.

auto reframe

Step 5: Save the File

Enter the file name, choose the location of the folder and hit the “Save” button to save the file.

auto reframe

Step 6: Upload the Video

To upload, select the “Upload to Filmora” option after the video creation. After clicking on it, the completed video will automatically be imported to the media window in the Filmora software tool.

auto reframe

Step 7: Further Video Editing

Drag the video clip for further editing and add your choice of music, titles, themes, templates, effects, and transitions to make the video appealing and attractive.

Step 8: Export the Video

Select the “Export” button to save the clip and share it further after the editing is completed.

auto reframe

Note: The Auto Reframe option is temporarily available for Mac users and will soon be launched for Filmora Windows too. Find more information about this latest and amazing feature here.

How to Make Your Videos More Stunning After Cropping?

Video editors often get bored with the mainstream video editing effects and themes for their clips. With Wondershare Filmora, you can add cool and exciting effects to create exciting and appealing videos. Here are a few video effects that you can use in the Filmora video editor.

  • A creative way to tell you stories is to include a split-screen effect by displaying multiple perspectives.
  • Make your video appeared slow by adding a slow-motion effect, enhancing dramatic and emotional moments such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and flashback scenes.
  • Miniature faking or tilt-shift effect is a photographic genre that is becoming famous these days. It gives a birds-eye-view perspective.
  • Another creative way that can display the progression of a project is to include a fast motion effect.
  • Focus on certain points of the video such as face and scenery by adding pan and zoom effects, evoking emotional storytelling experiences to your clips.

With the latest and advanced version of this editor, you can implement hundreds of effects such as overlays, transitions, texts, filters, and titles in the Filmora software tool with ease. Crop, resize and add effects of your choice in a limited time period using this most recommended software tool. Download it today for your Mac device and amaze your audience and viewers!

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