Audio Problems in After Effects

By Mar 07,2017 21:09 pm

Audio is basically any sound or noise usually played in the background of a video. It is a set of sound waveforms either in analog or digital form. It can also be edited using different video editing software. Adobe After Effects also provides the option of audio editing, though it is not very efficient in doing so.

How to Edit Audio in After Effects

  1. Tightly synchronize your animations to the audio.
  2. You can also read an audio waveform in adobe after effects.
  3. Create a “click track” and place markers to help edit the length and duration of an audio.
  4. Make sure to time visual events to music.
  5. You can more conveniently edit an audio by first converting it into key frames.

Audio Problems in After Effects

Certain problems are faced when working with audio in After Effects. Following are some brief methods to fix some common audio problems when working in After Effects:

  1. No audio with imported file

  2. Originally, there is no audio when a clip is imported into After Effects.


    •  Check if audio is working.
    •  Check the computers audio output and input.
    •  Set the audio mapping in After Effects.
  3. Audio Rendering issue

  4. Audio is not rendered correctly by Adobe Media Encoder.


    This problem can be avoided by using a later version of after effects cc and exporting the composition with audio to that version via render queue.

  5. Audio preview issues

  6. There are issues faced while previewing the audio that has been edited in the software.


    When you preview your work quickly do a RAM review (hotkey “0”) instead of simply playing the clip by pressing “Spacebar”.

So, Adobe After Effects does face quite some complications while audio editing. The software has many limitations for editing videos as well as audio files as it is a compositor mainly. Also, the user interface is not easy to get familiar with and it a complex and time consuming software to use, so for main video and audio editing purposes “Wondershare Filmora” is a highly recommended alternative that allows the user to play around with so many more editing and video manipulating options and is easier and more efficient to use especially for beginners giving high quality output all at the same time.

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