How to Edit Videos in Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is mainly a software that is used to add effects to a video, post-production. It is not commonly referred to as a “video editor” but it does provide some very basic video editing options.

If a short film is required to be made then Adobe After Effects will allow you to cut and combine a specified number of clips but if the number exceeds a limited amount then the job becomes quite cumbersome and problematic, hence it is recommended to use a proper video editing software to combine footage and edit it in order to produce a short film for which After Effects is not a good choice.

How to Use Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effects is a complex professional level software mainly used for, color correcting, complex tracking, encoding etc.

The main steps of how to use the software are listed below:

  1. Start the program.
  2. Create a “new composition” either using the traditional method or by simply using the short cut keys “Ctrl+N”.
  3. Save the new composition as a new project by clicking File>Save.
  4. Now import the required files into the workspace in your newly created composition.
  5. File>Import>File

  6. You can also build a composition through layers and edit these layers from the edit tab.
  7. Now you can simply drag and drop files from the “project tab” to the “timeline tab”, “composition tab” or “layer tab”.
  8. You can also transform your 2D layers by bringing the cursor over the composition tab and zooming in or else wise by by “scrolling out”.
  9. To move a 3D layer press ”cmd+W” for mac or “cntrl+W” for Windows.
  10. Lastly, you may add animations, effects and presets by visiting the “Transform” or “Contents” Tab.
  11. Click Windows>Effects and Presets for further options.
  12. Save all your work before exiting the software.

Free Tutorials for Adobe After Effects:

The gift of the modern world is such that for almost any complex software there are multiple free tutorials that can be found online and are quite helpful in learning them. Similarly many tutorials can be found on the internet which can help in understanding After Effects.

10 of the best ones are listed below that should be visited by interested users:

  1. “Beginner’s guide to after effects” by “Digital Studios”
  2. This is quite a handy tutorial of the software that includes a basic introduction to compositing in general and to the software in specific.

  3. “Introduction to After Effects” by ”Greyscalegorilla team”
  4. This is a step by step guide to how to use the software providing newbies all basic information to get familiar with the software.

  5. “Learn some basic effects in After Effects” by “Video Copilot”
  6. In this video some special techniques of using the software to achieve amazing results are shown to you by Andrew Kramer.

  7. “Advanced masking” by “Surfaced Studio”
  8. In this tutorial Tobias Gleissenberger shows his viewers some useful techniques of how to mask an animation using After Effects.

  9. “Put together a useful composite” by “Yousaf Sarhan”
  10. This video teaches you some handy composition techniques.

  11. “How to add a light wrap to keyed footage” by “Tom Skelton”
  12. Tom shows us a useful technique of adding a light wrap with After Effects.

  13. “Start animating with Adobe After Effects” by “Andrew Kramer”
  14. He shows you useful animating techniques by After Effects.

  15. “How to animate characters into real-world scenes”
  16. This is a technique that is often used in cool commercials that we see and the above mentioned tutorial will show you step by step how to do so.

  17. “Create easy 3D reflections”
  18. This cool technique can be learnt easily by the tutorial provided allowing you to be able to try to achieve exciting 3D reflections in your videos.

  19. “Create a virtual 3D set with After Effects” by “Rob Mize”
  20. He shows you the important steps of how you can create a whole new world in a 3Dspace using the software.

However, with all the above mentioned techniques and features, Adobe After Effects still remains a less versatile software with very limited options for video editing that more often than not do not suffice, so for main video editing purposes “Wondershare Filmora” is a highly recommended alternative that allows the user to play around with so many more editing and video manipulating options and is easier and more efficient to use especially for beginners giving high quality output all at the same time.

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