How to fix rendering problems in After Effects

By Jan 03,2017 14:18 pm

Video Render

Video render is the process in which the computer gathers information from a “coded data source” and converts that information into a meaningful display of an image.

The computer code may include a set of instructions regarding the creation of the images and playback of a movie.

There are two basic kinds of video rendering techniques

• Real time Rendering

• Advance rendering

Adobe After Effects provides the option of video rendering to its users but certain problems may be generally encountered by the user from the software while doing so.

Tips for faster Rendering in AE:

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct graphics card. “GeForce”, “Quadro” and “Tesla” cards are mainly recommended by Adobe.
  2. Upgrade your RAM to minimum of 4GB.
  3. To quickly increase rendering speed in AE use a solid state drive.
  4. Use two hard drives to improve performance.
  5. AE has the option of multi-processing which allows you two render multiple frame simultaneously. Use this option to save time.
  6. Delete extra or un-used layers.
  7. Close all other unnecessary programs running in the background on your PC.

Render Queue:

Render Queue in AE provides the users a couple of options that can be helpful for rendering techniques.

  1. Post Render Action
  2. This allows you to edit the video after it has been rendered to add more effects and keying if required.

  3. Adobe Media Encoder
  4. It allows you to drag required compositions to adobe media encoder for further encoding.

  5. Render Specific Region as Desired
  6. It allows the user to render a specific region from the footage which is of interest.

  7. Image Sequence Rendering
  8. This enables the user to import an image sequence and simply render it.

Rendering Problems in AE:

  1. Low quality renders
  2. Auto size adjustment of video files limits options and creates discomfort.
  3. It becomes difficult to understand and set proper pixel aspect ratio for the files to be rendered.

Rendering Problems in AE cc:

  1. Slow speed of the camera tool makes it hard to adjust various views.
  2. Cannot import ARRIRAW (.ari) files on Mac OS.
  3. Trouble rendering audio files.

So, to conclude, Adobe After Effects is a handy software for adding effects to videos that have been edited but it limits its users to just that. It is not a versatile editing software and is yet quite complex and does not provide a user friendly interface.

For the above mentioned reasons it would be best to seek an alternative video editing and effect adding software that will suffice and is easier to use. Wondershare Filmora is highly recommended alternative software that suits the purpose and provides high quality results, versatile options and a user friendly interface along with being easy and efficient to use.

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