How to Key Green Screen Footage in After Effects

By Mar 07,2017 21:16 pm

Keying is mainly the process of defining transparency for all pixels of a certain specified value. It allows isolate the foreground from its background and remove or replace the background under certain conditions.

Tips for using chroma key in After Effects

To get best keying effect in After Effects, here're some brief tips:

• Use a garbage matte.

• Use a hold-out matte.

• You can change the background color of the composition temporarily in order to view the transparency.

• Make adjustments to the keying controls on a single frame only.

• Add Advance Spill Suppressor Effect.

• Use key cleaner.

• Use matte effects to create clean edges.

How to Key Green Screen Effect Using Adobe After Effects:

  1. Start the program and open a new composition.
  2. Import the required video file to the project panel.
  3. Go to “Effects and Presets” and click “keylight”, then to apply it double click the video clip.
  4. Click on “Screen Color” to select the eye dropper tool and then select the green screen area on the footage.
  5. Switch the view to “Screen Matte”.
  6. Adjust “Clip Black” and “Clip White” settings until the background is black and the foreground is white.
  7. Switch the view back to “Final Result”.
  8. Adjust the “Shrink/Grow” setting for better results.
  9. Save changes

Adobe After Effects Alternative

The green screen effect can be added and edited much more easily using a time saving convenient and efficient alternative such as Wondershare Filmora. The simple steps for doing so are as below:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  1. For PC:
  2. • Start the program and import files.

    • Add overlays to the added video files.

    • Make a green screen. Add both footages, the background one as well as the green screen one to the “media library”.

    • Drag and drop the background footage to the video track on the timeline and the green screen footage to the PIP track.

    • Double click the green screen clip to open the settings dialog box, click “advance” and from here make the required adjustments.

    • You can also enter the “Mask” or the “Effects tab from the “advance” options and refine the results.

    • You can preview the results.

    • When satisfied, save changes.

    • Done

  3. For MaC OS:
  4. • Start the program and import the video files that are required.

    • Drag and drop the videos to the timeline.

    • Right click on one of the added videos to open a drop down menu.

    • Select the “Green Screen” option to continue.

    • A pop up window will open, simply select Green Screen and adjust the view size of the video on the preview window as required.

    • Click or touch “OK”.

    • Finally export to save the Green Screen Video. (It will be saved to iCloud by default)

    • Done

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