How to Make Slow-Motion/Time lapse Clips in After Effects

By Mar 07,2017 21:20 pm

Slow Motion is the term referred to as the effect of slowing down or reducing the run time of a video as compared to its original time by reducing the speed of the frames being played. A time lapse is created by the similar technique.

Tips for Shooting the Best Slow Motion Video

• Make sure to use plenty of Lights

You will have to be careful to shoot in plenty of light or else you will get a dark and gloomy slow motion.

• Be sure to mind your FPS (Frames Per Second)

Choosing the appropriate fps for your footage is a crucial step that you must be sure of as the frame rate is what the rate of slowing down the footage depends on the most, the minimum fps being 120, which slows it down to a quarter of the real time.

• Step outside of thinking about stabilization

When shooting footage for creating a slow motion video, you do not have to worry about it being stable so you are not bound to using your tripod for such shots because of the nature of the required video. This allows you to try different things while shooting for best results.

• Compensate for Slow-Motion Side Effects

You will have problems while making your slow motion video such as you might have duration problems of having excess timed footage or you might have to face issues regarding the aspect ratio, also there will be no sound. But that’s okay if you are prepared to deal with such problems before hand.

How to make slow motion video in Adobe After Effects

The option to add effect to your video by creating a slow motion or time lapse is provided to the users of After Effects.

The steps are as mentioned below:

  1. Start the program and open a new project.
  2. Import the required video file to the project panel.
  3. Create layers as required.
  4. Right click on your layer and click “Time>Time-Stretch” and enter the “Stretch Factor” as required by adjusting the percentage as you wish according to the speed you desire to achieve.
  5. To achieve a smooth slow motion, apply proper frame blending tools and use time warp effect.
  6. Save changes.

How to make Slow Motion video using After Effects alternative

A much easier and straightforward software which can be used to create the slow motion effect by avoiding the complexities of After Effects is “Wondershare Filmora”.

It can get the job done in the following easy steps:

  1. Start the program and import files.
  2. Drag and drop the required video file to the timeline.
  3. Click the reverse speed icon right above the time line to open a pop up window.
  4. From there you can simply make required adjustments and click “OK” when done.
  5. Export the file and “Save”.

So much more easier and efficient as well as time saving.

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