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Boost Your YouTube Channel's Growth with These AI Video Maker Tools

Are you looking to grow your channel with YouTube videos using AI? In this article, you will find the 5 AI YouTube video makers to get started.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In this digital age, digital content is absolutely loved by the audience. Similarly, the need for content creation is also on the rise. Meanwhile, YouTube content is by far the most popular one. A majority of content creators are involved in making YouTube videos. To make things easier, this article discusses AI for YouTube with the 5 best AI tools.

In this article
    1. Lumen5
    2. Nova A.I.
    4. Pictory
    5. Synthesia
  1. Part 2: The Best Video and Script Creator for YouTube Videos
  2. Part 3: Other Workable Tips to Grow the YouTube Channel in 2024

Part 1: 5 Best AI YouTube Video Maker Tools

When you search for AI YouTube video maker tools on the internet, you'll find many options. That's where you can get confused. To make your decision right, discover 5 popular tools here:

1. Lumen5

Known as the best cloud-based AI for YouTube, Lumen5 is an excellent assistance for content creators. Using this AI tool, you can create your YouTube videos with minimal effort and less confusion. This video maker is an ideal solution, even if you don't have the experience or knowledge to create YouTube videos.

lumen5 ai youtube video maker

Simply provide your video-related blog posts, and your video will be formed. After all, this AI tool converts your written text to videos. Thus, you don't need to take weeks to upload your video on YouTube. With Lumen5, you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

  • The platform is straightforward to use, with the availability of a simple and organized interface.
  • The built-in templates allow you to customize the design and layout of the video as needed.
  • Not only text, but you can also use a website link to generate YouTube videos for yourself.

Pricing Plans

Plan Basic Starter Professional
Monthly $29 $79 $199
Yearly $19/month $59/month $149/month

2. Nova A.I.

To make YouTube video production easier and smarter, Nova A.I. is a perfect toolkit to get started. After all, this AI YouTube video maker can efficiently make and add subtitles to your videos. This means you don't have to waste time by writing subtitles first. Nova A.I. will automatically produce transcription, translation, and subtitles.

nova a.i. ai youtube video maker

Furthermore, you can modify them according to your video content. The presence of an AI speech generator ensures this YouTube editor turns text into voiceovers. The voiceovers are available in both male and female voices in over 35 languages.

Key Features

  • After you've generated subtitles, download them in SRT, VTT, or TXT files. Use the subtitles as needed in production.
  • Perform further editing with the likes of video merging, resizing, and translation. This way, you can transform your video as per the requirements.
  • You don't need to install this tool on the device, as it's totally online. This saves the storage on your device.

Pricing Plans

Plan Basic Pro Business
Monthly $10 $18 $55
Yearly $8/month $14.41/month $44/month
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3. is everything you need to transform your YouTube video using AI. This tool is a one-stop solution for video production creativity. So, you will get a videomaker facility that converts your articles and blogs into videos. With its logomaker, you can effortlessly create stunning logos for your channel. The speechmaker tool allows for converting written scripts into voiceovers with 15+ languages. ai youtube video maker

Using the designmaker, select ready-made templates to visualize your video. Meanwhile, the copywriting facility allows you to create online marketing content for your videos. With easy and simplified solutions, this tool is a great utility.

Key Features

  • This tool utilizes machine learning technology, making it smart enough to automate things.
  • With a bunch of customization tools, you can personalize your templates accordingly.
  • If you don't know how to use this platform, there are tutorials to help you get started.

Pricing Plans

Plan Basic Pro
Monthly $29 $69
Yearly $19/month $49/month

4. Pictory

While using Pictory, you will never miss your content production deadlines again. With this AI YouTube video maker, streamline your workflows with maximum efficiency. Moreover, Pictory enables you to make short, branded videos from long-form content. It also allows you to convert your scripts into functional YouTube videos with a voiceover facility.

pictory ai youtube video maker

If you have marketing blogs published, add a YouTube video link for traffic. Meanwhile, don't waste time writing video subtitles; Pictory provides automated captions in real time. With overall great user ratings and international partnerships, Pictory is undoubtedly a trusted solution.

Key Features

  • Pictory is essential for content creation as it saves time by making videos in 3 minutes. Due to its speed, the efficiency of video production improves as well.
  • The platform is super-fast and responsive, so you will not face disruptions. This means you'll have a smooth experience using this software.
  • Pictory is based on a cloud network, so it's accessible on any computer. Anyone from any part of the world can access Pictory.

Pricing Plans

Plan Standard Premium
Monthly $23 $47
Monthly $19/month $39/month

5. Synthesia

Make professional videos with minimal hassles, all possible with Synthesia AI for YouTube. Simply type the text as an input script, and Synthesia will make a video out of it. Interestingly, you can also add avatars of different characters to your video. You can use popular languages for audio transcription, as Synthesia supports more than 60 languages.

synthesia ai youtube video maker

With the 5 pre-designed templates, you can customize your video style as needed. You can also add transitions, images, shapes, animation, and music to your videos. Meanwhile, choose your favorite voiceover from 200+ options.

Key Features

  • Sexual, discriminatory, or political content is not allowed on Synthesia software. After all, it strictly prohibits such content.
  • Create a prototype of the video and share it with the team to get instant feedback. This will speed up the production process.
  • You can also create custom AI avatars according to your content requirements. Choose the gender and shape the avatar as needed.

Pricing Plans

Plan Personal
Monthly $30

Part 2: The Best Video and Script Creator for YouTube Videos

You have already found AI tools that can assist you in the YouTube video creation process. Although all of them are good choices, they cannot help you in creating the video script for your YouTube video. For this purpose, use the Wondershare Filmora AI Copywriting service that is integrated with ChatGPT API. Hence, using this AI YouTube video maker, you can streamline your A-to-Z video-making process.

Free Download
Free Download

After all, you can instantly create YouTube descriptions and titles for your video content. Meanwhile, also automate your creativity by generating ready-made AI scripts for your videos. This AI tool can also help generate an optimized file name.

filmora ai copywriting tool

To know more about the exact steps, you can watch the video tutorial below:

Video Tutorial - Using ChatGPT to Make AI Videos in Minutes! | Filmora Creator Tips

Part 3: Other Workable Tips to Grow the YouTube Channel in 2024

Although there are online tools that can make your video creation hassle-free. This will ultimately save time so you can focus on your channel's growth. Meanwhile, there are many other factors by which you can grow your YouTube channel:

  • Collaboration: For growing your channel, it's better to collaborate with highly followed social media personalities. This way, their audience will ultimately divert to your channel and help it grow.
  • Promote Interaction: Maintain interaction with your audience by replying and reauctioning to their comments. Your audience will feel motivated when being replied to, and the viewership will increase.
  • Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first thing your audience Interacts with when coming to your video. Make sure to create a call-to-action thumbnail with good color and style combinations.
  • Social Media Marketing: Promote your videos on social media channels by sharing video links through blogs and unique captions. Your target audience will ultimately find you because social media is filled with them.


With the increased YouTube content creation, the overall competition has also enhanced. This means it's becoming difficult to grow your channel. Subsequently, with AI for YouTube tools, you can grow your channel through AI technology. Meanwhile, this article has provided the list of the 5 best AI tools, alongside Filmora AI Copywriting tool.

Free Download
Free Download
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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