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20 Excellent Motion Graphics Examples to Inspire You

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Motion graphic is an animated video presentation where text content plays a significant role to express the subject line to the watchers. Graphics that in constant motion mode carry an objective to describe with meaningful content is called motion graphic.

Motion graphics, a powerful medium, can express the subject line with better presentation and better effectiveness. Companies target their audience with motion graphic ads to draw their attention.

The use of motion graphics in real terms!

Few points are there to measure how Motion Graphic is helpful in business, study, creating awareness programs, and entertainment.

  • Through motion graphs, content creators better express the view of the subject line.
  • Viewers can relate the emotional attachment with the motion graphic content. That’s why graphic creators focused on the pain points of the watchers.
  • Motion graphic helps in branding and promotional ads for business.
  • Several ad agencies preferred motion graphs in storytelling ways to present their clients' requirements. It is more effective and carries the perspective of the product or the service you are promoting.
  • It’s an effective way of communication that can share information and build an attachment between the products and the users.
  • It can play as a bridge between the sellers and the buyers regarding products or services.

After digitalization and the increased use of social media and various online activities, motion graphics usage is nowadays. In the next few minutes of reading, we will discuss 20 powerful motion graphics examples that give you a jerk. Be ready.

20 best motion graphics examples that inspire the viewers

1.Apple Branding ad

Apple, the name carries the class, quality, and standard of living renowned for the products they launched so far. In the motion graphic ad, Apple presents all their products, their usefulness with a beautiful motion video. Though the ad was in 2019, it is still relevant to understand the varieties of products Apple launched. If you observe, you will come to know the segments of their products and their impact on our lives.

2.Stuxnet: Anatomy of a computer

Before watching the motion graphics presentation, we might think about how viruses work in the computer. But Stuxnet represents the complicated topic so that viewers get the concept and idea. A kind of editorial video, motion graphics simplifies the text, visual data representation, and statistics.


The e-commerce giant represents its customer feedback through the motion graphic ad. The creative piece expresses how customer satisfaction is their objective to achieve their goal. Created by Toondra animation studios, Luibelle successfully presents its products and feedback in a single motion video.

4.Instagram Business promotion ads

In the motion graphic video Instagram, another largest social media platform has designed the black Friday sale; Monday offers discounts to grab your attention so that you can use the platform and start selling your products or services. Instagram has introduced templates, highlighted stories like features, and asked users to utilize them for their business purpose. As Instagram is dominated by the age group between 25 to 35, the massive users can use their creative marketing approach after going through the ad.

5.Red Bull ad on Mark Webber laptop lost story

It is the perfect motion graphic example of how a brand can use an interview, visualize the entire incident, and create a graphical motion presentation. Mark Webber, the Formula 1 racer, once lost his laptop due to the negligence of his dad. The full expression is like storytelling in a funny way to tell his fans that few everyday things also happened with the stars. Red Bull did great branding through the motion graphic expression.

6.Google For Education

The Google For Education motion graphic ad provides educators, students, and people with the necessary information regarding IT and digital services without any voiceover. With the relevant text content and motion graphic, Google again nailed the urgency of the connectivity and continuation of the study despite the adverse situation outside. The motion graphics do promote and share the information both at a time.

7.A Fable by Charles Schwab

A master in motion graphic technology, Charles Schwab narrates a beautiful story through motion graphic video. The narration expressed his views that man should not stop asking questions; good questions lead him to a better place. The story has an emotional angle yet, educational benefits he has done simultaneously.

8.Reddit Mobile App

Colorful illustrations and the animated motion graphic Reddit brand has introduced the mobile app for android and iOS users. One of the largest communities, Reddit, provides information regarding the app's benefits through the motion graphic video with voiceover content. Watchers would be excited to know the information about the newly launched app of Reddit.

9.Social Media and You by British Council

It'sIt's all about the emotional connections among the users, the word primarily associated with the motion graphic presentation on social media platforms. British Council, one of the largest educational brands, takes help from motion graphical components on how British Council utilizes social media and how you can get the opportunity of being a user there. The relevant content, the motion animation, and the concept to express perfectly blend in this ad and grab the audiences of the British Council.

10.Be Work Happy by Krow

The dilemma of a job seeker is designed in this graphic motion ad by Krow, a brand for job seekers. Through the motion graphical expression, the company shows the pain points of a job seeker and how they help every individual who is crossing over the phase to find a suitable job to meet the end. The motion graphic is blended with the voiceover content that impacts a lot on watchers' minds, and this is the success of the creation. WeAreFormation created the ad.

11.A Guide to American Football

A funny narrative with the motion graphic will bring laughter when you watch A Guide to American Football. The motion graphic is adored by sports lovers of America and has a lot to explore about the sports in the motion graphic animated video. Watch and enjoy the sports funnily and sarcastically.

12.The ABC Of Architect

It'sIt's an excellent piece of motion graphic animated video that slides the decks of buildings and construction. The background score may remind you of a popular cartoon show. Still, focus on the visual effects. You will find it interesting to explore the concept and create architecture—a complete blend of motion graphics with relevant music to grab the viewers' attention.

13.Long Live New York

An emotional message is conveyed through the short motion graphic film Long Live New York. It'sIt's an awareness campaign about organ donation to save millions of lives in New York. The characters, background music, and strong message make the motion graphics win millions of hearts until the release day. The designer passes on how vital organ donation is to run a healthy society through the creative piece.

14.18 Things you should know about the Genetics

''You are who your genetic system is'', the statement in the motion graphic video clears the message about the subject line. The motion graphic expresses the fundamental knowledge about our genetic system, how it works on the human body, what's the impact of gene structure on our nature, habits, responding, etc. It'sIt's an educational motion graphic creation helpful for students, educators, and interested people of bio-science.

15.108 Years of Herman Miller

In 1905, the furniture brand started its journey to sit comfortably at the home, office, public places, etc., and became a famous name over the period. The motion graphic of 108 seconds to celebrate the 108 years in the furniture industry Herman Miller celebrates the caliber, the class, and the commitment of their dedicated service for the society. Without voiceover, only text content, and motion graphic slabs, the video impacts the users' minds a lot.

16.The Rise of Bitcoin

Duncan Elms, the master behind the motion graphic creation, has signified the urgency of Bitcoin in our economy. In a simple tone and text content, the motion graphic video educates its viewers about Bitcoin and how the Bitcoin currency holders manage the funds, keep a record of every transaction, etc., to maintain transparency. It is also a great example of how motion graphics simplify complicated topics, break them into visual effects, and a more straightforward tone to understand the subject line better for all. A perfect digital era with outstanding digital platforms to spread, share, and accommodate the necessary information people should know.

17.Einstein general relativity by Science and Technology council

To mark the 100 years of the invention of relativity by Einstein, the motion graphic short film made on Einstein and his discoveries got high responses from the viewers. Though the video is educational and the tone of the presentation is funny yet knowledgeable, the motion graphic represents the famous scientist, and his lifestyle and inventions are applaudable. Viewers find it very interesting to see the detailed information expressed more straightforwardly and in a tone so that students can get the topic quickly.

18.Success in the New Economy

The motion graphic with the voiceover expresses the severe concern over the labor market realities. The motion graphic video carries important notes on preparing our students technically skilled to fill the gap between the demand of trained professionals and the degree holders without skills. The problem is worldwide to get the employee with skill and academic degree. Through the graphs, the figures, the characters, the motion graphic creator designs the story to create awareness regarding the educational system, the present economy, and the labor market's dark side.

19.Nike Genealogy of Innovation

A shoe brand of decades-old and how it transformed from several designs is the subject line of the motion graphic video. The background score will give you beats and rhythmic feeling, and you can watch the experiment and innovation Nike has made to satisfy its customers since its launch. Motion graphic is a powerful tool for branding, and Nike again proves it.

20.How Your Money Works

The motion graphic expresses a strong message through the animated video without voiceover. How the money works for your benefits and how it works against you is the narrative of the motion graphic presentation—problem and then the solution, a personal branding attributed through the motion graphic video creation. Branding and awareness both express themselves at a time.

Final thoughts

If we observe every motion graphic animated video, we can notice that every piece of creation bears some message. The creators use a powerful tool to communicate with their audiences and spread the word. Online activities, digitalization, and the availability of internet service pave the pathway to reach millions with motion graphic creation. It can be better expressed than any other mode of tool to convey the notes to our society. Hence, the motion graphic is also an outstanding example of the blend of technology with creativity.

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