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Top Action Anime Movies to Watch Online
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Best 10 Action Anime Movies to Watch Online

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

An action anime movie is a trending genre in the anime world. With the fast-paced storylines and thrilling animations, these movies tend to grip viewers and have thus built an enormous fanbase. In an action anime movie, the basic motive is to display dynamic visuals. But, according to the best action anime movie list, there is more to these movies than just action.

You will discover that the essence of an action anime movie is the perfect combination of epic storylines and exciting characters, with a hint of humor. So, let's read about the top action anime movies and what makes them stand out.

10 Best Action Anime Movies You Can Watch

Here, I have listed all those trend-setting and benchmark action anime movies of all time. Ranging from ancient to latest, all of these movies have one thing in common; they are must-watch anime online movies. Note that these are listed randomly and not in order of significance.

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an action anime movie that is based on a waging war between Titans, the mindless man-eating giants, and the humans. The story is set in a walled city built to protect the near-extinct human population from the wrath of Titans. As mankind is on the brink of losing the war against the Titans, this action movie introduces heroes who vow to avenge mankind. When the human sanctuary is breached, these heroes rise and spring into action. This action anime movie is incredibly thrilling with gripping animations. From massive Titans to visually attractive scenes, the movie presents a full action-packed experience to anime lovers.

2. Cowboy Bebop

An ancient yet very popular action anime movie title is the Cowboy Bepop. Based on the contemporary world in the year 2071, this action anime movie features the chase of a biochemical terrorist by Spike and his team. Spike, along with three other crew members on the spaceship, Bepop, ventures to Mars, where the deadly virus has claimed countless lives. In hopes of winning the huge bounty on the person responsible for the attack, the hunter crew journeys through the solar system, unaware of the looming dangers. The suspense builds as the team struggles to uncover the truth and bring the evil terrorist to justice. Although this action anime movie isn't packed with fighting scenes, the sheer thrill and the highly dynamic quest for the bounty have scooped a huge fanbase.

3. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is an action anime movie following the pursuit of the protagonist boy, Gon, in his search for his father. To find a reason for the fact that his father left him, Gon takes up onto himself to become a renowned hunter. But will he be able to pass the daunting examination that might result in him being dead? This must-watch anime online builds the climax after every scene as the boy progresses through hurdles. But, the real question remains, which glues the viewers. Will Gon find his thought-to-be-dead father and emerge as a victorious hunter just like his father?

4. Ninja Scroll

As opposed to the other movies set in the contemporary world, this particular and award-winning action anime movie is set in feudal Japan. The invincible ninja warrior, Jubei, must fight the nemesis that is threatening to take over Japan. However, despite being an action anime movie, Ninja Scroll has a romantic twist to it as the otherwise deadly warrior falls for another ninja, a girl named Kagero, and saves her from a Devil. This is another must-watch anime online that is sure to impress anime lovers with its gripping narrative with fluid action scenes.

5. Sword of the Stranger

This is another acclaimed action anime movie that follows the exciting life of a young boy Kotaro and his faithful companion, a dog named Tobi Maru. The boy runs into a stranger, Nanashi, who later finds out is a skilled swordsman when he is hunted by mysterious killers. The movie descends into action-packed chaos following an epic storyline. Watch anime online to witness the samurai excellence as Nanashi fights the formidable enemies and discovers the truth as to why they are chasing Kotaro. With spell-bounding animations and thrilling sound effects, this action anime movie is a treat to anime lovers.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

When their mother passes away due to a deadly epidemic, the two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, turn to alchemy to bring her back. However, their attempt goes terribly wrong as they fail to recognize the law that states, 'In order for something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost.' And as a result, the brothers lose their bodies. This movie is justifiably classified as the best action anime movie due to the suspense-filled plot that follows the brothers in their quest to restore their bodies. Fans love to watch anime online like this one as it portrays the perfect fusion of heart-wrenching emotions with humorous quarrels between the brothers.

7. Tokyo Ghoul

An action anime movie based on dark fantasy, Tokyo Ghoul, features a world infested by flesh-eating Ghouls who look exactly like normal human beings. When Ken Kaneki, a student, encounters the deadly ghoul in the face of a date, he barely survives the event. To save him, a ghoul organ is transplanted in him. This is a masterful action anime movie that beautifully and at times violently depicts the life Ken tries to lead as half-human and half-ghoul. It is a popular action anime movie famous for its grotesque yet very gripping action scenes.

8. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star is a widely acclaimed and award-winning action anime movie that features the protagonist Kenshiro, a successor of a type of deadly martial art. You can watch anime online like this one, which is set in the post-apocalyptic world. The Earth is almost destroyed, and evil is prevailing. But, the movie comes with a twist as Kenshiro rises from the ashes and fights for justice. With the power to kill enemies by hitting vital points, this action anime movie follows Kenshiro in bloody combats. A gripping storyline and narrative further add weight to this movie.

9. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a lighthearted action anime movie featuring the extraordinarily powerful hero, Saitama. Having enough power to defeat the enemies and every kind of monster with just a single punch, Saitama eventually gets bored and is looking for a worthy rival who can match his strength. As a humorous aspect to the hero, Saitama is featured as a bald man, which is known to be the result of excessive training, something which Saitama loathes. Fans uphold this action anime movie to a high standard as it displays epic entertainment with a moving storyline that keeps viewers glued.

10. Ghost in the Shell

An epic action anime movie based in the contemporary world full of cyborgs and advanced robots. In a world where there isn't much difference between humans and machines, the cyborg policewoman, Maj. Motoko Kusanagi sets forth to find the truth. In her chase for the Puppet Master, a ghost hacker, Motoko stumbles upon the corruption by Section 6. Ghost in the Shell is a compelling futuristic action anime movie displayed artfully and engagingly, leading to its popularity.

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Also, you can record an action anime movie and record a voiceover to dub the movie in your own style.

Here are the steps to record and dub an action anime movie clip.

1. Install and then launch Wondershare Filmora. Click on Record and tap on Record PC Screen.

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2. A settings box will open. Here, you can customize the parameters and also set a timer to auto-record the action anime movie. Click the red button to start recording.

action anime dialog open

3. The recording will start in three seconds. You can press F9 to stop recording. Upon completion, the recorded action anime movie will be saved locally to your device as well as appear in the Media tab in Filmora.

start record anime movie

4. Now, to dub your favorite action anime movie, drag it to the timeline and tap on the Microphone icon on the right side above the timeline.

preview action anime recording

5. To record your voiceover with focus, you can choose to Mute project, or you can also record while listening to the original audio. Just hit the record button to start dubbing.

mute anime movie project

6. The recorded voiceover will be displayed in the timeline. It will also appear in the Media tab.

7. Finally, click on Export, select the destination folder and resolution to save the dubbed action anime movie locally.

export action anime movie


Sometimes, when you just want to de-stress and enjoy lighthearted movies, an action anime movie may be just what you need. With a simple yet powerfully attractive storyline, an action anime movie can help you unwind.

But, not every action anime movie is worth your time. And, similarly, a handful of action anime movies are a must-watch. Therefore, we have compiled this list that can be your guide on your quest to watch anime online. Give these top-notch movies a try, and be prepared to fall in love with action anime movies.

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