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Why 2D Cartoon Is Popular and What Software Is Best for 2D Animation

Why 2D Cartoon Is Popular and What Software Is Best for 2D Animation

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2D cartoon animation is one of the most common types of animation frequently used in animated films, commercial cartoon videos, advertising, business presentations, educational materials, video games, and other applications.

How 2d animation works

More firms are considering using animated films to sell their products due to the introduction of video content, as they increase conversion rates by 20%. Some businesses hire animation studios, while others employ online video creation tools. Animated videos have a strong visual, auditory, and tactile impact on the audience. They can also be adorably cute.

Part 1 What Is 2D Animation and Is It Easy

So, how can you make flat things and characters move? The artist would next transition from the page or screen to animation software to sequence the various images.

In a traditional 24 frames per second (24fps) video, one drawing is usually every two frames, suggesting one in every two. In short, there are a total of 12 unique drawings displayed in one second of the film. This, however, varies depending on the animation style. Anime, for example, typically uses "threes" rather than "twos" in its storytelling. When considering how to make your cartoon animation, think about the frame rate you'd like to use for the type of work you're producing.

Classic Disney films are great examples of animation on the big screen, but this type of work isn't just for the theater.

Animation can be as basic or sophisticated as you want it to be, just like any other creative art form. A pencil and some simple software are all you need to start a 2D cartoon. Working on your static sketching skills is a great way to get started on making cute animated cartoons.

If you're pursuing a profession in animation, you shouldn't overlook the ability to sketch quickly and precisely. Because it's costly for a studio to redo 2D drawings if the creative direction changes, drawing and redrawing the exact figure or item in thousands of different ways is critical to success.

The process of generating animation has become significantly faster and more accessible to novices and amateur artists due to the advent of free animation software. There are lots of classes available to walk you through the process of creating your characters, even if you've never worked with animation software before.

Part 2 Top 5 2D-Animation (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

Here are the top 5 cartoon animation that has gained popularity over time. In terms of popularity in ascending order, let's look over the mentioned below.

The Legend of VoxMachina


The Cuphead Show


South Park


The Proud Family


Rick and Morty


Part 3 Which Software Is Best for 2D Animation?

Here is a list of 8 best software to create 2D animation, with a matching cartoon background

01Toon Boom Harmony


Toon Boom Harmony is a must-have animation tool to make narrated animations for films, the web, or television. Toon Boom is a professional software program that has been used on shows such as The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, and Klaus, to mention a few. Because of the high learning curve, learning animation using this tool may take longer. However, if you want to work in animation professionally, Toon Boom is a great place to start.


"It takes some practice to master the software, but once you do, you can use advanced features to create some really cool animations. We teach it in our 2D animation course because it is the tool of choice for many studios".

Rating: 4.4


Tools for bitmap drawing, vector drawing, and painting.

Scanning and cleaning tools for traditional paper drawings. 

To animate puppets, use advanced rigging and deformer techniques.

Compositing tools allow you to add visual effects to your work without exporting it somewhere else.

You can place multi-plane environments on a 3D stage.


Not suitable for beginners

Glitches can happen.

The cost can range from $180 to $876 each year.

Operating System: Windows, Mac

02Synfig Studio


Synfig Studio is a cross-platform software available for free. Because it is a back-end and front-end application, you may construct your animation in the front-end and then render it in the back-end.

Synfig Studio is available in two versions. The development version is the first, whereas the second is stable. The stable version has fine-tuned features that make it safe for inexperienced animators to use. Advanced users can try the development version to see the new features.


"Synfig Studio is the best choice for a single artist or a small group of artists. It uses digital tweening and sprites instead of traditional tweening to speed up animation generation".

Ratings: 4.1


It has a lot of features for being a 100% free application. 

It's backed up with an extensive and precious collection of tutorials and materials. 

It's easy to set up.


Despite the excellent tutorials, understanding the ins and outs of animation is still a difficult task.

Some features of more expensive.

Industry-standard systems aren't available.

Operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

03Pencil 2D

pencil 2D

Pencil 2D animation program is cross-platform open-source shareware that allows you to make animations with sketch ink and paint.

The first version of Pencil 2D was published about a decade ago, and the software has progressed tremendously since then. The user interface updated more elements, such as color selections, added to assist you in creating unique creations.


"It is based on traditional animation, so tweening is not possible" (that is the process of creating frames or more specifically intermediatory frames between the keyframes to have to create smoother, and seamless movement). It is, however, quite versatile, and once you've mastered the keyboard shortcuts, you'll be able to create cartoons in no time."

Ratings: 4.3


Free to access and use

It supports all Systems.

There is no need for a more detailed graphic specification.


Their service is a touch sluggish.

The user interface has become obsolete.

No 3D animation or drawing is possible.

Operating System: Mac, Windows, Linux

04Open Toonz


OpenToonz is another open-source software option. It's the free version of Toonz used in notable films like Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke.

The free edition of OpenToonz is just as entertaining to use as the paid ones. It has several features and combines traditional drawing with 2D animation (dynamic palette, tweening coloring, bitmap tools, etc.).


"OpenToonz is a good animation software for beginners." To animate a drawing, all you have to do is scan it. Artificial intelligence can also be used to add SDK effects and change photo styles."

Ratings: 4.3


• It's simple and free to use

• There are numerous functions and tools accessible.

• The Audio/Soundtrack implementer


• Your ability to draw is relatively limited.

• The setup is time-consuming.

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Moho Pro


The bitmap capabilities of Moho Pro, a 2D animation software based on vectors, are well-known. It also has features that assist you in drawing freehand. It is, however, not very beginner-friendly, and mastering it can take some time.


"Both Windows and Mac OS X are supported by Moho Pro. Although it is a paid program, it has the advantage of being an all-in-one animation studio that can handle both 2D and 3D projects. To learn Moho Pro, you'll need a lot of practice."

Ratings: 4.1


• Soundtracks that you can incorporate into your animation.

• Bitmap brush built-in for freehand drawing.

• In no time, you'll have a professional-looking animation.


• For new users, Moho Pro takes a little longer to get used to.

• Its drawing abilities are restricted.

• It isn't very adaptable.

Operating system: Mac, Windows



TupiTube by Maefloresta is a free animation program that works on Android and iPhone. To begin making entertainment Install the software on your Android or iOS device and 2D videos to share with your friends. It's basic, but it's simple to get started with.

Ratings: 4.7


• An easy-to-use interface for beginners.

• An Android and iOS app that you may download for free.

• Several free tutorials on how to use the software are available.


Tupitube does have advanced functions.

It is not focused on hand-drawn/traditional animation 

06Adobe Animate


Adobe Animate is a premium Adobe Creative Suite product. Raster graphics, rich text, and ActionScript scripting are all supported and audio and video embedding.

Adobe Animate continues the legacy of Adobe Flash. It's easy to use, and you won't need much assistance to learn the basics and create your funny 2D videos, though watching a few tutorials first won't hurt.

The ability of Animate to create interactive animations is commendable. When it comes to animating website elements, Animate is the tool of choice. It can create HTML5 Canvas, SVG animation, WebGL, and other platforms animations.


If you're just getting started, start with the free tools to see if you like animating. However, if you want to be a professional animator, Consider mastering the 2D software used by the animation firms where you want to work.

Ratings: 4.7


• It comes with a free Adobe CC subscription.

• Advanced Character rigging and a vast asset panel with sounds and effects.

• A large number of export formats are available and excellent training.


• You'll need to know how to code in Javascript or HTML5.

• The animations produced are pretty creative.

• Photoshop and Illustrator should be in conjunction with it.

Operating System: Windows, macOS

07TV Paint


TVPaint, a French animation program, is the only 2D animation program you'll ever need. It mimics traditional animation with pencil and paper. Many animated and non-animated films use it.

It utilizes bitmap technology. There's no need to be confused by vector art, tweening, or keyframes vs. ordinary frames. Use TvPaint if you wish to animate the old-fashioned way, redrawing each frame.

TVPaint imposes neither a graphical style nor a process. You can mix paper and digital animation, rotoscopy, use different applications or build your project with TVPaint.

Ratings: 4.0


Excellent software. Intuitive.

Very responsive, minimal lag and Stable program,

Almost no crashes. Bitmap based.


Price restrictive.

It requires USB dongle.

Not too many English tutorials are available.

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, 9, 10, Mac 10.7 or higher

Part 4 Three 2D Animation Tips and Tricks

Whether it's a 2D animation or another type of animation, the makers' goal is to make it as realistic and impressive as possible. Here are three (3) tips and tricks to utilize when creating your cartoon.

Staging – through every pose or action, express the clear intent of your characters.

Direct action and pose to pose – choose one of the following animation techniques: draw the key poses first, then add the transitional ones, or create each scene one at a time.

Follow through and overlapping action – pay attention to the characters' movements, as some parts move faster than others, and somebody parts continue to move even when the character stops.

With the growth in the use of 2D animation, we want to introduce to you an excellent app that helps you create cartoon animation In no time following its unique features. Wondershare Filmora Animation is a new software of Wondershare that features a bunch of built-in animated characters that are downloadable and elements.

Try It Free

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Most importantly, this software has impressive features like an easy-to-use interface, intelligent editing workflow, lightweight, fast video rendering speed, and more.

Ending Thoughts

You can find 2D animation on our televisions, the Internet, movie theaters, and even billboards on the streets. We are constantly interacting with it by viewing or making them somehow. We've covered what a cartoon animation is and the tips and tricks to create an excellent cartoon animation background.

If you're trying to make your animations, stick to the eight software recommendations to help you establish your style. Choose a 2D animation program and get started.

However, you can try out the fantastic software Filmora. Filmoraprovides ready-made animated templates, now you can prepare your script, select the appropriate template, and make your animation in only a few minutes.

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