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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About the 10 Best Batman Cartoons

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About the 10 Best Batman Cartoons

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Who does not admire the caped crusader? Over the years, Batman has been a part of our childhood through cartoons, movies, and comics, and it is still quite prevalent today, as seen by how well The Batman (2022), starring Robert Pattinson, did in theatres.

The Batman movies are probably how most of us know him, but another great way to enjoy our favorite superhero is through the animated series. These animations feature beautiful visuals and great storylines, which is why the batman cartoon series is still so popular. Here is the top 10 best batman cartoon you need to watch right now!

01The Adventures of Batman

Name of the movie - The Adventures of Batman (1968-1969)

Rating - 7.3/10

Duration - 1hr

Directors - Anatole Kirsanoff (3 Episodes, 1968)), Hal Sutherland (3 Episodes, 1968)

Votes - 1,387

Synopsis -

"The Adventures of Batman," starred by Adam West, gained huge popularity in 1968. This series consisted of short segments of videos from the popular show "The Batman/Superman Hour." This show helped launch the later gained popularity show "Super Friends." This show was renamed a few years later as "Batman With Robin The Boy Wonder"; however that was just the beginning of the success it gained.

02The New Adventures of Batman

Name of the movie - The New Adventures of Batman (1977–1978)

Rating - 6.9/10

Duration - 30min

Directors - Don Towsley (16 Episodes, 1977)

Votes - 1,157

Synopsis -

"The New Adventures of Batman" is a continuation of the series "The Adventures of Batman." This is one of the most famous series on Batman. This is the show that comes to the mind of the "Dark Knight"s fans is "The New Adventures of Batman." This show concentrated on much nuanced objects of the character, which attracted the kids especially. At the same time, it was equally entertaining and thoughtful for its adult entertainers. This show is considered one of the most extraordinary shows made within the Batman Series collection.

03Batman Beyond

Name of the movie - Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

Rating - 8.1/10

Duration - 23min

Directors - Butch Lukic (16 Episodes, 1999-2000), Dan Riba (14 Episodes, 1999-2001), Curt Geda (11 Episodes, 1999-2000), James Tucker (5 Episodes, 2000-2001), Kyung Won Lim (7 Episodes, 1999-2001), Yukio Suzuki (2 Episodes, 1999)

Votes - 26,997

Synopsis -

"Batman Beyond" was debuted in 1999. Due to severe health conditions, Wayne Bruce took a break from his work in Cyberpunks’s Gotham City. This movie was a game-changer for him as he helped in the last few seasons of this show. This show took a cult turn among its fans and became a huge success. Later, this show got canceled.

04The Brave And The Bold

Name of the movie - Batman - The Brave And The Bold (2008-2011)

Rating - 7.3/10

Duration - 30 min

Directors - Ben Jones (25 Episodes, 2008-2011), Brandon Vietti (9 Episodes, 2008-2009), Lauren Montgomery (1 Episode, 2011), Michael Chang (17 Episodes, 2008-2011), Michael Goguen (15 Episodes, 2009-2011)

Votes - 8,801

Synopsis -

In the "Batman, The Brave And The Bold" series, "Superhero Team-Ups" was featured. Many viewers have commented on this movie as fresh and exciting. Several DC heroes or characters were featured in this movie. This was one of the shows through which the Gen Z's were introduced to shows like Blue Beetle. This show had very interesting scripting and animation. "Batman: The Brave And The Bold" was very popular and aired for a long time on the Cartoon Network channel.

05Beware the Batman

Name of the movie - Beware the Batman (2013-2014)

Rating - 7.3/10

Duration - 22 min

Directors - Butch Lukic (26 Episodes, 2013-2014), Curt Geda (8 Episodes, 2013-2014), Sam Liu (9 Episodes, 2013-2014), Rick Morales (9 Episodes, 2013-2014)

Votes - 4,228

Synopsis -

"Beware the Batman" was starred Anthony Ruivivar. If you are an action fan, this series can be a delicious item on your plate for you. This series also has a detective thriller side to it. The most fantastic thing about this movie is that this movie is extraordinary about other Batman series. The famous series "Katana" was also introduced in this popular series. It was at the top of success and gained huge fandom in 2013, one of the reasons being its outstanding animation and scripting.

06The Long Halloween

Name of the movie - Batman - The Long Halloween (2021)

Rating - 7.3/10

Duration - 1hr 25min

Directors - Chris Palmer

Votes - 14,099

Synopsis -

This movie is a two-part movie that is it has two parts which were released in the year 2021. In this movie, Batman, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent work together on solving a murder mystery. The excellent character development of the character "Batman" makes this movie an exceptional piece of art. Many Batman followers and the author commented that this is one of the best adaptations done in the history of animated movies. This movie takes its viewers on a roller coaster ride through outstanding animation, action, and scripting. It is a must-watch movie for Batman followers.

07Batman - Year One

Name of the movie - Batman - Year One (2011)

Rating - 7.4/10

Duration - 1hr 4min

Directors - Sam Liu and Lauren Montgomery

Votes - 34,586

Synopsis -

Batman: Year One starring Bryan Canston, Ben McKenzie, and Eliza Dushku. The most fantastic thing about this movie is the casting and their outstanding acting. There has been a common reaction from its viewers that it is a pretty straightforward Batman movie. Nonetheless, some people have the feeling that it is very similar to Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins," and having that kind of reaction is understandable because the authors of the movies are the same. This movie is considered one of the most popular adaptations made in the batman cartoon.

08The Dark Knight Returns

Name of the movie - Batman - The Dark Knight Returns(2012-2013)

Rating - 8.1/10

Duration - 1hr 16min

Directors - Jay Oliva

Votes - 57,776

Synopsis -

This movie is also two-part with two parts. This movie is considered one of the most definitive works on Batman and his greatest work. The first movie is set so that he has not been seen in ten years, and in this movie, he makes his entry. This movie sets off the final mission of fifty-five-year-old Batman, who has to confront his old enemies. The graphics on blood and violence have not been compromised in this movie, yet it remains one of the best-reviewed batman movies. The vivid graphics, story-telling, and scripting made this movie a masterpiece in the action and adventure genre.

09Mask Of The Phantasm

Name of the movie - Batman - Mask Of The Phantasm (1993)

Rating - 7.8/10

Duration - 1hr 16min

Directors - Kevin Altieri, Boyd Kirkland, Frank Paur

Votes - 49,147

Synopsis -

In "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" remains one of the most outstanding animated movies made by Batman. The storyline of this movie concentrates on both the past and future of Bruce. The most exciting fact about this movie is its climaxes. This movie features Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and Joker, respectively. This movie remains one of the masterpieces because of its outstanding scripting and acting. The extraordinary climaxes remain to be one of the attractions for Batman followers.

10Under the Red Hood

Name of the movie - Batman - Under the Red Hood (2013)

Rating - 8.0/10

Duration - 1hr 15min

Directors - Brandon Vietti

Votes - 60,539

Synopsis -

This movie is slightly different from other Batman animated movies because this is the only movie that has made considerable changes in its script. They did not depend solely on the original text instead inserted their ideas. Another exciting thing about this movie is the impeccable performance by Bruce Greenwood in the role of Batman. This movie has received a great deal of appreciation from the viewers. The viewers have commented that this movie can be considered one of the best-animated Batman featuring movies. This is another Batman movie that tops the must-watch list.

Ending Thoughts

Animation is often an underrated genre. It is often dismissed as children's cartoons and is not taken seriously. However, it has proved that powerful stories and complex characters can be portrayed through animation.

These batman shows are both critically sound as well as provide good entertainment. You can enjoy these series and movies in your leisure time. The batman cartoon is still viral. Along with the batman cartoon, one more thing that is equally watched to date is the Batman and superman cartoon.

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