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Amazing Cartoon Music Examples You Need to Bookmark

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated May 20, 24
10 Amazing Cartoon Music Examples You Need to Bookmark in 2022

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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If cartoon music turns you on, this is preferably the right place for you! Stay tuned to learn about the top 10 exciting alternatives of cartoon audios!

Part 1 Top 10 Cartoon Music

Talking of the fascinating and exciting world of cartoons, the subject is an evergreen source of entertainment for almost all age groups; after all, the essence of enjoying something cannot be limited within age boundaries. Diving into some specific details, the fundamental reason behind the extreme popularity of cartoon films and television series is, without any doubt, the stunning graphics and catchy background music.

Speaking of the sound credibility in particular, the following section presents a discussion on some of the choicest audio alternatives from cartoon media creations. If you have enjoyed the bliss of streaming those century old classic opera songs, you can easily relate to the entries in the upcoming list:

01Tales from the Vienna Woods

This was a masterpiece in the world of cartoon music, originally heard in the caricature series, A Corny Concerto in 1943, directed by Bob Clampett under the globally known Disney production house. The composition is essentially a repetition of Fantasia, which was released in 1940.

Talking about the exact music placement within the storyline, the inaugural audio segment, with a special emphasis on the ‘’wythm of woodwinds’’, when Porky Pig, the hero of the storyline, along with his obedient dog, traverses in search of Bugs.

Concerning on the popularity of the music, the latter has received positive music reviews from almost all the leading media critic platforms.

02The Blue Danube

Again an inclusion of the 1943 release, A corny Concerto, this was predominantly a comic version of the original track. It was used to complement the second stage of the storyline, where, a mother swan is seen humming the music to her little ones, giving the classic melody, the feel of a birdsong cover. As the audio swings in, the toddler Daffy Duck is seen paddling over an unwanted honking, while his mother is worried until everything ends up to be fine.

On the take of preference credibility, the music was quite well appreciated by the globally known media critics.

03Dance of the Comedians

This music piece originally belongs to the music album, The Bartered Bride, and was first used in Zoom and Bored in 1957, to uplift the combating theme of the cartoon series. While aptly supplementing the quest of Wile E. Coyote, the protagonist of the story, against Road Runner, his nasty opponent, the climax of the music turns out to be the most loved operas of Czech origin.

About the fan base of the audio snippet, the composition claimed welcoming responses from a worldwide audience.

04Minute Waltz in D-Flat

This one was an explicitly stunning piece of background audio, which was added to the Hyde and Hare cartoon series of 1955, to complement the latter’s storyline with the best suited sound effects.

Entering into the storyline, you will find Bugs, the cutest of rabbits, tends to locate a piano in Dr. Jekyll’s yard, and the latter being the most sophisticated lagomorph ever; begins to explore his musical skills on the instrument. Things however, take an unwanted turn when Mr. Hyde, the antagonist barges in with an attempt of destroying everything.

While the music piece came to be known as the favorite pick of Waltz lovers, the latter received considerable applaud from other media critics as well.

05Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna

This audio background was an exclusive media add-on to Baton Bunny, the 1959 released musical cartoon movies series, which was a further episode of Bugs’ journey that features this adorable, broad toothed rabbit, taking on a conducting task in the land of Vienna.

It is interesting to note that von Suppe, the developer of this music piece, also happened to work on a conducting profile, although on a comic note, the latter did not receive any appreciation for running behind odd smelling flies amid his performance!

Talking of the audience credibility, this one was a musical masterpiece, which received a large scale appreciation from listeners across the globe for featuring the most funny cartoon music ever!

06The Barber of Seville Overture

Like its aforesaid counterparts, this one was also an appreciated piece of audio, first heard in The Rabbit of Seville cartoon series, released in 1950. The musical luxury aims to compliment the combat Bugs, the adorable rabbit, against Elmer Fudd, the antagonist of the storyline, after the latter chases Bugs to a local stage. The music piece is a classic opera composition by Rossini that fails to miss out on a single beat or encounter a tempo breakdown.

The composition was fortunate enough to gain a positive critical acclaim from global audience as well as renowned critics of the artwork.

07Beethoven’s 7th

This music piece is an addition to the list of classic opera melodies by Beethoven. Talking of the inaugural release, the operatic audio was first heard in A Ham in a Role, the 1949 cartoon series. The storyline of the show talks of a speech fluent dog, longing for recognition in theatres commemorating the Shakespearean era, who is forced to lay back with his plans, thanks to the nasty pranks of the Goofy Gophers.

One of the antagonists attiring up like our poor dog, takes the credit of the efforts made by the latter and manages to get cast for a thrilling ghost scene in the Shakespearean tragedy of Hamlet.

Talking of the appreciation catered by the melody, the snippet was a somewhat strange composition, which made the critics, think of Beethoven being in a drunk state while creating the same.

08Traumerei Dreaming

This one is a short 38 seconds snippet on a tender theme, which runs to supplement the assumption of Bugs, the protagonist bunny as dead by Oalfish Canine, the latter’s newest opponent. The cult line of the music piece was gloomy enough to get a removal from the censor board, leading to a considerable edit of the audio before its theatrical showcase. The final audio was, however, still too heavy on the modernized audience to undertake.

As is evident, critics of the audio regard it to be a bit hefty, though the sound is somewhat appealing to opera lovers.

09Largo al Factotum

This high end opera was a rehearsal favorite of Giovanni Jones, the famous opera singer in The Long-Haired Hare, a well-known cartoon classic released in 1949. The star is supported in his streak by our adorable Bugs, who strums out loud on his banjo at a little distance.

All seemed well until Jones, in an annoyed state barges into break the poor rabbit’s instruments, while stretching him upwards through his long and pointed ears. The incident eventually transforms into war by the adorable bunny, who had been enraged by the time.

The music piece is catchy and captivating, considering the fact that it is a popular opera classic sung by a music star in the series.

10Johannes Brahms’ Hungarian Dances

This musical masterpiece was a part of the set of 21 Hungarian Dance compositions to supplement the country’s folk music. First heard in the cartoon series released under the name of Pigs in a Polka in 1943, the melody is essentially a miscellany of the aforesaid 21 music pieces, highlighting the catchiest elements from each.

Considering the fact that the musical delight is an assortment of some of the already best compositions, this excellent audio snippet was bound to receive a welcoming critical acclaim, and was greatly enjoyed by different sets of audiences across the world.

Part 2 How to Add Cartoon Music in Video Editing Clips

Having a significant insight of the stunning varieties of cartoon music, you can try hands at creating a masterpiece of your own by adding appealing caricature music to your video footage and clips. If you are concerned about the take away of the process, rest assured and see through the following section to understand the stepwise method to complement your video with appropriate cartoon music.

Before entering into the music adding process, let us have a formal acquaintance with Filmora, that is, the video editing software being used to cater to the aforesaid concern.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

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To begin with, this one is the most reliable audio visual editing program, which you can use to add that extra spunk and a classic professional touch to your normal video footage. The software grants you complete liberty to explore your graphic editing skills and create visual masterpieces by choosing the perfect effects and filters from the latter’s extensive media library.

The program interface is the sweetest of all, making you cling to the editing fun in videos on a roll. Apart from this, the software is quick and smart, allowing you to create beautiful and stunning audio visual artworks within a few seconds.

User’s Guide to Add Cartoon Music to Video Clips in Filmora

Step 1: Download and Install Filmora

From the program’s official website, undertake a free download of Filmora into your MacOs or Windows supported PC or desktop.

Step 2: Import Your Video

After a successful installation of the Filmora Video Editor program in your system, proceed to launch the same in your device, followed by click on ‘Import’ in the app’s opening interface. This will allow you to select and upload any desired videos from your device to the program’s media album.

As an alternative, you can always prefer the ‘Drag and Drop’ method to upload selected video files. Your uploaded footage will be shown in the media panel at the left of the main editor window. Additional to video clips, you can also add still captures to complement them with appropriate audio.

Filmora Video Editor- Video Upload Interface

Step 3: Adding a Suitable Cartoon Music

Start with dragging the uploaded video files, one at a time, from Filmora’s media album to its timeline tracks. Take caution of the serial and non-redundant arrangement of the footage files in cohesion with the desired play sequence.

Next, proceed with adding the desired cartoon background music track above the already created video track, by using the conventional ‘Drag and Drop’ method. Check for any trimming requirements for adjusting the audio track length and position to be in concord with the video play time. While making position adjustments, you can simultaneously examine your changes in the editor’s ‘Preview Window’ and fine tune the same in real time.

Filmora Video Editor- Audio Upload Interface

Step 4: Editing the Cartoon Music

To edit your music, open the audio editing panel by double clicking the music file in the editor’s audio track. The feature allows you to enhance your cartoon music track by adding a variety of sound effects, like, fade in, fade out, volume adjustment, pitch tuning and setting up the Audio Equalizer.

You can also try hands on making a slow motion or fast forward version of the footage by varying the audio speed, while applying the ‘Reverse Speed’ effect for a reverse playback of the audio.

Filmora Video Editor- Audio Editing Interface

Step 5: Export Your Creation

When you are happy with your work, navigate to and click on the ‘Export’ tab at the bottom right corner of the program’s editor timeline. Save the edited cartoon music video to your device in any preferred file format in the pop-up window that appears next.

You can additionally create videos for iOS devices as well as upload your creations to various media sharing platforms, while also conveniently burning the same to a DVD for a television watch. For looping the cartoon music, just drag the audio clip to the exact length of the video footage.

Filmora Video Editor- Media File Export Interface

Ending Thoughts

The extreme craze of cartoon music has achieved an evergreen essence over decades of release.

Among the plethora of music varieties, some specific tracks have maintained a separate fan base.

When experimenting on creating your own video edits with cartoon music, the Filmora Video Editor is the best tool you can pick.

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