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6 Unexpected Ways Gif Animation Maker Can Affect Your Marketing

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated May 20, 24
6 Unexpected Ways Gif Animation Maker Can Affect Your Marketing

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Well, if what you're looking for is a GIF animation maker or software for GIF Animation, we've got your back This article starts off with a list of some GIF animation maker tools that you can use to turn your videos into a GIF file (just to give you an idea of how those can help you move forward in your GIF marketing attempts more easily.)

Before ending in a quick rundown, a couple of reasons why GIFs are worth the investment in the first place.

Part 1 In What Ways Can You turn videos into a GIF?

As promised, we'll be starting off with the tools that you'll need in order to create GIFs easily (or GIF Animation Maker tools, if you'd prefer). We've made sure to pick out a variety for you so that you won't have to go looking elsewhere for other options We also included what people tend to like and dislike about each option so that you can make a choice as to what you think is the best GIF animation maker more easily.

01Wondershare Filmora

If what you're looking for is software for GIF animation, then Filmora is your best bet This software is available for both Mac and Windows users (with options for both a perpetual license and subscription packages for you to choose from.) This is a video editing tool that is capable of making incredibly professional results. And, perhaps more importantly (considering the subject of this article), it will allow you easily turn a video into a 2D Animation GIF that you can use for your marketing


What People Like About The Maker

Comes with advanced video editing functions

Easily turns videos into 2D Animation GIFs

Produces High-Quality Results each time

What People Don't Like About The Maker

It is a software, which requires download and installation

The FREE version is limited

Must pay either a subscription fee or one-time fee for full access

Wondershare Filmora UI


If you've created marketing projects before, then you've no doubt already heard of Canva. This is what a lot of content creators use in order to easily create content for marketing online In this case, of course, we're looking at it as an online GIF animation maker, one that, unlike Filmora, requires no download (but will require sign-up) for you to use. Canva has its own GIF Animation Maker that you can use (different from the regular Canva you might be more familiar with, as is shown in the UI screenshot below).


What People Like About The Maker

It is an online tool, no download or installation is required

Built-in media library for convenient project creation

Intuitive 2D Animation GIF interface

What People Don't Like About The Maker

Not as advanced when it comes to video editing functions

Limited FREE trial version

Must unlock Premium version (subscription-based) for full access

Canva Gif Maker UI


The next tool on this is another online GIF Animation maker, this time by the name of PicMonkey This tool is very similar to Canva in that many people know it primarily as a photo-editor tool that is great to use for creating content (as it comes with a built-in media library that you can use to quickly finish projects). But it still earned a spot on this list of ours because it allows users to create 2D animation GIFs as well


What People Like About The Maker

Built-in media library with animated shapes and images

GIF Animation editor and creator all-at-once

FREE trial is available to test out its GIF animation maker functions

What People Don't Like About The Maker

In order to have full access, one must pay for the premium solution

Custom animation is limited in scope

No advanced video editing functions

PicMonkey Gif Maker UI


Kapwing is a free GIF animation creator that will allow you to create GIFs from videos easily The best part about is that it has a FREE version available for use (one that allows you to download finished video projects without watermarks so long as they are under 5 minutes). This should allow you to test out its GIF maker functions before you commit to their premium version (which is subscription-based).


What People Like About The Maker

FREE to use with some limitations

Quick and easy video-to-GIF conversion

No watermark on images or video projects under 5 minutes

What People Don't Like About The Maker

Full access can only be unlocked by paying for the premium version

Premium version is subscription-based and expensive

There is an upload limit

Kapwing GIF Maker


MakeAGif is the last GIF animation maker on this list, and it just so happens that it's one of the easiest to use as well This one is more of a converter tool in that it transforms already-finished videos into a GIF that you can share. A lot of people use it to convert their favorite videos from social media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) into a GIF that they can share on other platforms.


What People Like About The Maker

Free to use with some limitations

Quick and easy-to-use Video to GIF converter

Converts pictures, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, etc. to GIF

What People Don't Like About The Maker

The tool is more limited in scope than the rest of the tools on this list

The FREE version is limited

Premium version requires paying a subscription fee

Part 2 How Gif Animation Maker Affect Your Marketing

Alright, now that you've been introduced to what we consider the best GIF Animation maker tools available right now (be they software or online tools), we can move on to actually discussing how you can use GIFs for your marketing efforts We've compiled six different ways here, but there are plenty of others, of course. It's a very open subject.

01GIFs Are Easy to Share Ads

The best part of GIFs is that they are easily consumable media that you can share just about everywhere. For example, you can include them in your email marketing to bring a little life to what could have otherwise been a very dry message You can also have it play out on social media without prompting (different from videos, which the user usually has to play before it starts going.)


Easy-to-Shared Ads

02GIFs Can Be Used for Promoting Events

GIFs are also great for promoting events or holiday sales It's basically just a moving 2D advertisement (like the one that is shown below). Eye-catching in a way that keeps you looking to catch the movement — in compared to if you were just looking at a still image (which might catch your attention for a moment, but usually bores you the next)


Animated Advertisements

03GIFs Can Be Used for Call-to-Action Pop-Ups

Perhaps you've seen this already in some YouTube videos (see the GIF attached for an example), but a lot of content creators now include GIFs on their content to prompt their audience to complete an action — be it subscribing, sharing, downloading a link, buying a product, etc. It's a great way of getting a message across in a way that is both fun and straightforward


Subscribe GIF

04GIFs Can Be Used to Set the Scene and Express Emotion

GIFs are also a great way to just generally set the scene or express emotion. Text is…very very difficult to make sound like anything but dry reading. Pictures are a little better, but GIFs??? Well, GIFs are great ‘moving' pictures that offer you more leeway to set the scene by expressing emotion, intent, etc.


Express Emotion or Set the Scene

05GIFs Can Be Used to Tell a Story

You know the saying, "A picture can speak a thousand words?" Well, it's true, but in comparison to GIFs??? Pictures definitely lose out in telling a story. See the attached GIF for example. With just one look, you can probably create an entire story in your head about the woman that is featured This can be very useful for future marketing prospects.


Tell a Story

06GIFs Can Be Used to Explain or Share Instructions

In the same way that you can create long infographics to offer instructions or teach a lesson on a particular subject, GIFs can be used to educate your audience. Only, it's a lot easier to use for this reason No complicated infographics formatting is required You can just put together several stills showing the step-by-step process or record a silent video like the one shown in the GIF below


Offer Instructions

Key Takeaways from This Episode

GIFs have been used for years in order to share fun moments and memes, but it has much more potential than that

With a carefully designed GIF, not only can you catch the attention of your audience, but you can also keep that attention for much longer than you would have been able to if you were just sharing text or a still image Making it a perfect vessel for future marketing efforts

Now, in order to make sure that you get a good story on your marketing efforts via GIF, we've listed some of the best GIF animation maker tools for you in the first part of this article

A second part has also been added where we discussed all the different ways that you can use 2D Animation GIFs in your future marketing endeavors.

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