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What's Music Video GIF & How to Add Music to Your GIF Files

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 20, 22, updated May 20, 24
What's Music Video GIF & How to Add Music to Your GIF Files

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Want to make your GIFs more catchy and interesting? Try adding music videos to multiply the fun!

Part 1 What's Music Video GIF?

GIFs are essentially animated image files that already form an effective and interesting means of communication and media sharing. Your messages get additional spunk and appeal when you add relatable audios to your GIFs. A music video GIF is one that you create by adding sound to the originally mute GIF files. Additionally, creating music enabled GIFs is a fun activity on its own. You get to explore your editing creativity on different levels as you play with the exciting features that come with the latest editing tools available in the software market.

Whether create them casually or use them as a marketing tool, sound effects tend to considerably upgrade the utility of an animated or unmoving snap. If you are a social media freak and want to get your Instagram and Facebook stories be the talk among your friends on the internet, do consider trying these editing tricks to add that extra notch to your otherwise simple and soundless GIFs. After all, your creativity should never go unnoticed and get the attention it deserves!

If this gets you motivated and you have decided to level up your editing skills, do spare your valuable time to see through further sections of this article for quick and easy tools and methods to introduce audio and sound effects to those mute GIFs and never let your social media posts and stories miss a catch!

Adding Sound to GIF

Part 2 How to Easily Add Music to Your GIF?

Musical GIF videos are quite interesting, no doubt on that, but what is noticeable here is that GIFs do not have inbuilt audio features. You need to add sound additionally to these files to create musical GIF videos. When trying to make your own music GIF video, you can take help of the following tools:

01Kapwing Editor

This one is a free online tool that helps you add audio to your GIFs. This application is free from issues of spam and watermark requirements. It assures you of a quality editing experience without supporting unnecessary and annoying advertisements.

Using this tool, you can create musical GIF videos in two different ways. Take the following steps to create musical GIF videos with this application:

Using The Kapwing Studio:

Open the Studio and select the GIF and music files you want to merge. Upload the selected files in the tool.

Customize your audio in the Studio timeline to trim the sound file to the specific segment you wish to add to your GIF. You can also introduce volume adjustments and waveform effects to enhance your music video for GIF for an extra catch.

You can further add text and make size adjustments to your GIF using the sidebar controls.

Once you have finalized everything, click ‘Export' to download the GIF music video in MP4 format. Note that if you download the GIF format, your video will lose the sound effect.

Copy-Paste Method

You can also merge GIFs and music videos using the direct copy-paste method in the Kapwing Editor. To create one for yourself, here's what you need to follow:

Step 1: GIF Upload

Select a GIF from your smartphone or PC gallery and upload it to the Kapwing Editor. You can even copy a GIF link from other apps like, YouTube, GIFHY, etc, and paste it in the editor timeline.

Step 2: Audio Upload

Next, you need to upload the audio file you want to get stitched with your GIF. Choose a file either from your system or copy-paste the YouTube URL of the selected video in the Kapwing timeline.

Step 3: Export Your Creation

That it! You are done with your creation. Click ‘Export' to share your musical GIF video on different social platforms.

Adding Sound to GIF with Kapwing Editor

02VEED'S GIF Maker

Like the Kapwing Editor, this one is also a free online tool that you can use to add sound to your originally mute GIF files. What's more interesting is, apart from adding music, you have the flexibility to draw over, add text and images to your GIFs before you proceed with adding sound to your selected GIF.

Follow the steps given below to start creating GIF music videos with this application:

Step 1: Upload GIF File

To begin, upload your selected GIF file to the application's pop-up window using ‘Drag and Drop' method. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Choose GIF File' tab on the app's welcome window. Select a file from your system's gallery and click ‘Open' to upload it.

VEED'S File Selection Tab

Step 2: Add Music

To add audio files, select ‘Upload' or tap the (+) sign at the bottom right to choose the desired music files. Drag them to VEED's timeline to set them in the order of your preference.

VEED'S Sound Selection Pop-up Window

Step 3: Download Your Creation

Your video gets created in MP4 format. Tap ‘Export' to directly share it with your peers on Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

Part 3 How to Make a GIF With Music to Post on Instagram?

Exploring your creative skills is one thing, while attracting attention to your work is the other. You would definitely want your social media communities to notice and compliment your work. Instagram is one among the best media sharing apps you can use to share your creations.

To adhere to the concern of creating audio enabled GIFs compatible for sharing to your Instagram stories and feeds, you can any of the following editing tools:


Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the best and most preferred editing software you can use to add sound to your GIFs and videos. You can play with your editing creativity to make exciting musical GIF videos with this software in just a few minutes.


Using this tool for your editing work promises you the following advantages:

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Huge Audio Library

Filmora audio library exposes you with a diverse range of audio and music files and a variety of exciting and relatable sound effects to choose from. You can browse through this storehouse for that perfect music for your GIF absolutely free of cost. The library has an additional Filmstock Effect Store that further increases your audio choice bandwidth.

Optimal Sync

Filmora allows you to establish the perfect sync between your GIF and audio. Its beat detection feature identifies audio hits to produce markers that you can use to obtain the ideal audio-GIF synchronization in your creations.

Voiceover Applicable

Filmora gives you the flexibility to record and add you own voiceover using your microphone to make your creations more impactful.

Steps to Create Audio Enabled GIFs Using Filmora

Take the following steps to enhance your GIFs with music and sound effects:

Select and import your GIF file to the Filmora timeline

In the software's audio library, select your desired music and sound effects to add them to the imported GIF file. You can even choose to add your own voiceover to the GIF.

That's it! You are now ready to share your work on your Instagram handle and other media sharing platforms. Just click ‘Export' and your creation gets uploaded on social media in MP4 format. Make sure to adjust the resolution and bit settings for best results.

Adding Sound to GIF with Filmora


Like Filmora, Artwork is another application you can use to add sound to GIF files. This one is a browser tool that allows you to create sound enabled videos with static and animated images. Take up the following process to make your own musical GIF with Artwork:

To begin, signup to Artwork's free trial feature. Choose your desired sound file in MP3 format and trim it to a play duration of 1 minute. This is essential because Instagram doesn't allow you to post longer GIFs.

Add your selected GIF and trimmed MP3 files in Artwork's pop-up window. Click ‘Save' and wait till the process to finish.

Your creation is ready. Download and share it on Instagram.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Adding music and sound to your GIF is both a fun and exciting activity and also has the potential to enhance the quality and reach of the message you desire to deliver through your GIF. Besides this, it enhances your editing creativity and skill, which is a complement in itself.

A number of software and online tools available on the internet are ready to help you get through the task. You can rely on these tools to add audio to your GIFs within minutes absolutely free of cost and share them directly on social media.

Filmora is one among the best GIF editing tools for sharing your creations on Instagram. You can access its huge audio library for selected sound effects, set a perfect sync between your GIF and its audio and even add your own voiceover to boost your creativity using this software.

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