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10 Must Watch Netflix Cartoon Series

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated May 20, 24
10 Must Watch Netflix Cartoon Series

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There is no doubt that almost all of us have spent our days of summer vacation in school watching cartoons. Cartoons are often considered to be shows which are just for children. Many certain cartoons are specially for adults with deep underlying meanings to them.

Every month new cartoon series is introduced. Cartoon characters play a role in a child's behavior or how the child talks. Here is a 10 must-watch Netflix cartoons list for you, and I can undoubtedly say that these Netflix Cartoon Series are bound to affect you and leave you thinking about the show.

01Big Mouth

Name of the cartoon - Big Mouth (2017-)

Rating - 8.3/10

Stars - 8

Summary of the stories

"Big Mouth" is one of the Netflix original cartoons. This cartoon concentrates on two characters, Andrew and Nick. This cartoon shows how their life at the adolescent age when they are just hitting puberty. This show can be watched by viewers of the same age as Andrew and Nick. The adults, especially the parents, can watch to understand the adolescents' life from the child's perspective; simultaneously, this show can be hilariously relatable for the parents.

This is one of the positive lgbt cartoons on Netflix. The show's main attraction is the "Hormone Monster," who acts as a guardian for Andrew and Nick when they are newly dealing with changing bodies, desires, crushes, girlfriends, etc.; the quirky voice acting in this show adds to the hilarious flavor of the show. This show can be a sex-ed teacher.

Votes - 73K

02Love, Death, and Robots

Name of the cartoon - Love, Death, and Robots (2019-)

Rating - 8.5/10

Stars - 8.5

Summary of the stories

This show is an experimental adult animation. It is an anthology series between love-death-robots. One of the most essential features of this show is its animation style, varying from 3D animation to stop animation. The show is mainly based on three robots wandering about in an abandoned city after an apocalyptic situation simultaneously; there is a small group of creatures slowly growing up in a fridge.

There are also farmers fighting for their land who do not want to give their land to a giant insect-like creature. Different series stories hit other groups of viewers, but every episode is equally engaging and can leave you thinking about this series. This is another original Netflix Cartoon Series. This show has gained massive popularity throughout the globe.

Votes - 133K


Name of the cartoon - Pokémon (1997-)

Rating - 7.5/10

Stars - 7.5

Summary of the stories

You might be very familiar with the theme song. Pokémon remains to be one of the most engaging shows globally. It has been more than twenty years, yet the show comes up with new adventures for the main character Ash Ketchum. The cute Pokémon and ash's friend Pikachu is a heartthrob for all the viewers. Here is an opportunity to revisit your childhood and once again join the adventure of collecting Pokémon with ash and fighting against their famous enemies, Jessie and James.

Votes - 42K

04Death Note

Name of the cartoon - Death Note (2006-2007)

Rating - 9.0/10

Stars - 9

Summary of the stories

"Death Note" is a show that is based on the Japanese manga created by Tsugumi Abha. The story revolves around a high school student who has the power to control anyone's death, and detectives are searching for him to stop him from what he is doing. Every episode is equally well written and engaging, with appropriate climaxes and anti-climaxes.

Netflix has featured this outstanding show which is worth watching multiple times. This show opens a new sight for the viewer every time it is watched. This is one of the best cartoons on Netflix.

Votes - 297k


Name of the cartoon - Naruto (2002-2007)

Rating - 8.4/10

Stars - 8

Summary of the stories

"Naruto" is considered to be one of the seminal series with superb scripting, animation, and engaging storyline. Naruto is one of the most popular shows, with ten seasons aired over 20 years. This show became a worldwide sensation after the original manga series was published.

The protagonist of the series, Naruto, and how this character develops throughout twenty years make this show worth watching. You can revisit your childhood, watch this series, and avail yourself of all the complete seasons on Netflix.

Votes - 92K

06Inside Job

Name of the cartoon - Inside Job (2021-)

Rating - 7.7/10

Stars - 7.7

Summary of the stories

"Inside Job" is mainly a workplace comedy. The energy of the how keeps on escalating with each passing episode. The workplace is a Cognito workplace in the depths of the state, working on all kinds of conspiracy theories and biological experiments. When these conspiracy theories come out, they seem fake, but they are far more accurate than you can imagine.

The engaging voice acting, escalating storyline, and fantastic animation make this show worth watching. This show is available on Netflix, and I must say you will not regret watching this show. This show is hilarious and scary at the same time.

Votes - 14K

07BoJack Horseman

Name of the cartoon - BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Rating - 8.8/10

Stars - 8

Summary of the stories

"BoJack Horseman" is a hilarious show revolving around a famous sitcom's career. This show has been nominated for Emmys. The show deals with personal trauma, personal responsibility in a way as nuanced as possible.

This show talks about dark topics like trauma, sexism hilariously has deep insights underlying the characters, dialogues. This show has hilarious punchlines or jokes about the Hollywood culture. This show deals with different nuances of life and can change your view on life. This show has hilarious throwbacks and instances, but at the same time, it has a saddening tone underneath caused by bruises in life.

Votes - 141K

08F is For Family

Name of the cartoon - F is For Family (2015-2021)

Rating - 8.0/10

Stars - 8.0

Summary of the stories

Bill Burr, in his show "F is For Family," looks at childhood in an unfiltered way growing up in suburbia during the 1970s. The show has electric with quirky characters. This show revolves around the life of the Murphy family.

This show is hilariously scripted (sometimes exaggerated), but this show can be very relatable to anyone who watches. The daily life scenes in a sub-urban family are well portrayed in this series. There is outstanding animation and storytelling in this show that stands for the show in the crowd of several similar cartoons and yet makes it relatable for the viewers.

Votes - 36K


Name of the cartoon - Hilda (2018-)

Rating - 8.6/10

Stars - 8.6

Summary of the stories

"Hilda" is one of the cartoons in Netflix. The cartoon seems to be made only for kids, but the show has enough deep sights that can be equally engaging and entertaining for adults. The story revolves around a small girl who travels from her home in the wilderness to the city where it is so busy.

Throughout this Hilda, the little girl goes through several dangerous adventures. All her adventures and beautiful animation style make this show worth watching. This is one of the most popular Netflix cartoon shows.

Votes - 10K

10Dragon Prince

Name of the cartoon - The Dragon Prince (2018-)

Rating - 8.4/10

Stars - 8.4

Summary of the stories

"The Dragon Prince" is an outstanding original series. This show is one of the best Netflix cartoons. The story is set in a fantasy world where human beings and elves live in the same world. The show deals with black magic and the conflict between humans and the elves and dragons on the other side.

It has definitive action scenes. Another interesting aspect of the show is its overwhelming animations which also deal with a great part of physics and how everything is so well executed in this show makes it worth watching. This is also one of the Netflix original cartoons. This might seem a little childish, but this show has very thoughtful insights that keep the viewers engaging throughout the show.

Votes - 21K

Ending Thoughts

Not one intelligent has ever said that children’s cartoons can only be enjoyed by children. The people who make these are highly skilled. The storyline and the characters provide life lessons that even adults can do well to remember.

Even if not that it is still fun and games that only children do not have to enjoy. Happy Binging!

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