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How to Do Perfect Match Paint 100% the Easy Way

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
How to Do Perfect Match Paint 100% the Easy Way

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You always have to be highly precise and appropriate when choosing the color for your wall. If you are not accurate enough, you might not choose the right shade, which would never look good on your walls. But, to help you match the paint colors perfectly, we have discussed three methods.

And lastly, we have also introduced a video editing tool Perfect Match Paint that will help you match the color in your videos as well. So, you can have the perfect desired color on your walls and also in your videos!

Part 1 How to Match Paint Color Without a Sample

We will be discussing three methods in which you will get the perfect answer to the question of how can I match my paint color perfectly. So, let us jump right into the first method without further delay. 

01Method 1 Perfect Match Paint without a sample 

The following steps will help you attain Perfect Match Paint without the necessity of a sample. 

Step Clean the print area 

The first and the most essential step is to make the area where you will be painting clean and tidy. As time passes, fingerprints, marks, dust, and many other things accumulate and make the area dirty. And if you do not clean the same, then the paint you do on it becomes much darker, dull, and gives a shabby outlook. 

Use a damp sponge, and if possible, it is better to use soap on the sponge. And most importantly, you will have to let the area dry out completely before you put it on to test the paint. Moreover, the new paint adheres much better than before when you clean the area.

clean area

Step Scraping off

The next step requires you to use a utility knife. And with that utility knife, you will have to scrap an inch or 2.5 cm of your wall paint. It is because, when you have a sample, you can easily bring that to the store for paint matching near me. Use a plastic bag to secure the sample price. It will prevent the paint of the sample to smudge or getting any marks or destruction. 

And after you find paint colors that match the ones you need, try to dab a little of that paint on the sample. As a result, you will precisely know how perfectly the new shade of paint matches with the new one. It ensures optimum precision and can be the best way to match paint.  

scrapping off

Step Bring the object if possible

The best way to maintain absolute precision in the match is by bringing an object to the store. You can also opt for a car paint match near me. If you bring the object with the color for matching, it ensures perfect matching and 10precision. Nowadays, the technology is highly advanced and will help you obtain the best paint match.

02Method 2 Using a sample 

Since we have discussed the steps for matching paint without the sample, you must know how to match color with the help of samples. So, here are the steps for doing so. 

Step 1: Click a Picture of the original hue

This step is necessary for better precision and matching the color as perfectly as possible. Clock a picture of the original color sample. The color in the photo might not be absolutely precise. But it can help to a large extent to match the color as perfectly as possible. You can easily take the sample to any renowned color matching store, like, dupli color paint match and have the perfect color matching done. 

And it is better to not one picture or from just one angel. It will be best to take numerous snaps and that too, from different angles, sides and lighting conditions. It will help you get the original color shades in different angles, shades and lights, and it increases the possibility of matching the color as impeccably as possible. 

Step 2: Bring home more than one sample

You will see numerous samples of paints that you feel will match the color you brought from your home as a sample of the original color. You might not be sure which sample perfectly matches the original sample color at that exact moment. However, if you find a sample that seems t match perfectly, you must not make your decision right at that moment. Because in the store, the lighting, angles, and many other factors play a hugely influential role in enhancing the shades of the sample colors. 

So, the color you see in the store often does not remain the same in natural light settings; it might get a bit darker or lighter. So, it is always better to bring home those samples that you feel match the original shade of the sample you brought. This increases the possibility of being the most precise and impeccable in matching the colors.

samples color match

Step 3: stick the sample and compare. 

This is the final step for matching the colors of paint with the help of a sample. After bringing home the samples that you found similar to the original sample, tape them to the wall. Take a sample at a time and use a tap to place them on the wall. You can also tape all the samples side by side, leaving enough gap between them. 

It helps better compare and matches the sample's colors and the wall. A common thing that occurs is that in the daytime, you find one color matching perfectly, whereas, in the nighttime, some other sample color is matching perfectly. In such an instance, it is best to ask the store if they can give you the shade by mixing both the colors: the color that perfectly matched with the sample in the daytime and the color that perfectly matched with the sample in the time. 

taping samples

Step 4: Paint the samples on the wall 

It is an optional step, and you can opt for this step if you are not getting a hundred per cent confidence in choosing the correct color. Try to paint the colors of the samples that you are finding similar to the wall. Since the wall already has the original color, when you paint the sample colors on it, the sample colors clearly distinguish which samples match more impeccably with the actual color. 

matching color

03Method 3 with the help of apps 

Since the technology has advanced in the most progressive way possible, you can easily match the paint colors through an application. So now, we will be listing down the steps that will help you match the paints with the help of mobile applications. The steps are given as follows. 

Step 1 Install the application 

You will find numerous mobile applications meant for matching paint colors. Opt for the ones you find the best and most efficient. Download it and install it on your phone. If you have used a renowned brand for painting, you can use their application. For example, you can use Asian paints color matching if you have used their brand of paints before. 

color matching app

Step 2 Scan the shade 

Now, even the original paint shade. There are factors such as lighting, angel and shadow that you must remover to consider while you scan the color of the original sample. 

scanning shade in app

Step 3 Paint the sample 

To be most precise and sure, paint the sample of the paint you have chosen. It will be a way of double-checking your division and ensuring a perfect paint match. 

paint sample

Step 4 Use a color scanner 

It is another optional step, but there will be absolutely no doubt in the precision of paint matching if you use it. You can either borrow or buy a paint scanner. If you are not planning to paint again soon, it is best to borrow the paint scanner. 

color scanner

Part 2 Need to Color Match in Video? There's an App for That...

Right now, we talked about mobile apps that can help you match paint colors for your walls. Well, you can ever match colors in the videos that you capture! Yes, that is possible in the highest quality and most effortlessly. And color match paint from photos can be likely through the best video editing tool- Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. More precisely, it has numerous features; one among them is the "Color Match: a feature which makes this possible. 

The "Color Match" feature of Filmora allows you to extract a clip from the video where you want to match the colors and then carries out the process most effortlessly. You can apply any color you wish to within a few minutes. 

Try It Free

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You can use this incredible tool on any device, and it will work equally proficiently and help you create fantastic videos!

Key Takeaways from This Episode

How to match paint colors without samples 

Two more methods of matching paint colors 

We introduced Filmora and its feature of "Color Match" that can help you match the colors of your videos most profoundly.

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