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Before You Learn Facebook Slideshow: 5 Things You Should Know [How-TOS]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Before You Learn Facebook Slideshow Things You Should Know [How-TOS]

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

If you are looking for interesting solutions to create the most amazing slideshow on Facebook, rest assured, you are at the right place to get every help!

Part 1 Where Did the Facebook Slideshow Tool Go?

While almost everyone around you must be fascinated about the stunning and appealing slideshows that the Facebook community used to offer its users with, it is evidently sad to realize that the utility has become a story of the past. The creators of the tool have by now, took multiple rounds on removing, retrieving and again removing the utility from the official Facebook website as well as the smartphone application.

It is however relaxing to know that the Facebook developer team has worked efficiently to produce alternatives to the application’s slideshow tool after the latter’s permanent disappearance from the user account pages and app profiles. You can now work with the Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Creator Studio to sort out the concern of creating slideshow on Facebook.

Part 2 How to Create a Slideshow on Facebook?

Facebook slideshows are incredibly awesome trends of making a concise, expressive and to the point delivery of diverse content varieties. Piping up your information through and extensive assortment of sound, text and motion, these short snippets are no less than a seamless video streaming of the same information.

If you are about to launch a new product for your business enterprise, consider working with the utility to create an elusive Facebook slideshow ad for a quick demonstration of your brand among different social media communities, turning the fun of slideshow creation into a smart and responsive product promotion strategy, without having to bother your wallet for the same.

If you are concerned about the quality of the final output, it is not a cause of worry, since the Facebook slideshow creator tool promises you of an appreciable slideshow result, that takes a quick loading time, is comparable to a high resolution video and works well with all your favourite devices.

Having talked enough on the usage credibility, let us now proceed to adhere to the concern of creating a slideshow on Facebook with a diversity of media files in the following section:

01Facebook Slideshows from Videos

Step 1: Launch the Tool

Start with opening the Facebook app in your device to launch the ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ utility and tap ‘Create’ in the latter’s welcome interface.

Facebook Ads Manager- Slideshow Creation Interface

Step 2: Select Your Video

Browse through your device’s gallery to choose a desired video for slideshow creation. When you have made your choice, set a 16:9 aspect ratio for the same to avoid square cropping.

Facebook Ads Manager- Video Selection Interface

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Proceed with uploading your video to the Facebook tool by clicking on the ‘Add Video’ button and watch it getting split into still images frames, from where you can view a seamless slideshow display of the same.

Facebook Ads Manager- Video Upload Interface

Step 4: Select Multiple Frames

you can now select a series of image frames and arrange them in the correct sequence of appearance by clicking on each one of them to be included within the creator timeline.

Step 5: Add Captions Your Stills

Tap on the small ‘Pencil’ icon within the images to customize them with suitable captions. You can further add style to these image names by making appropriate selections of font, position color of every frame caption. Once you have finished naming all the frames, click on ‘Save’ to apply your changes.

Step 6: Preview Your Creation

When you are satisfied with your work, consider watching a preview of the same to be assured of the perfect placement of everything. To do this, navigate to the ‘Preview Pane’ at the top right corner of the program interface, and tapping the ‘Preview’ button.

02Facebook Slideshows from Images

Step 1: Launch the Tool

To begin with, open the Facebook app in any of your preferred devices and proceed to launch the ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ tool, followed by clicking on the ‘Create Slideshow’ button at the bottom of the tool’s welcome screen.

Facebook Ads Manager- Create Slideshow Interface

Step 2: Upload Your Images

As you complete Step 1, a ‘Video Creation Kit’ will appear, where you will need to click within the ‘Create Slideshow’ checkbox, followed by tapping on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom right corner of the window.

Facebook Ads Manager- Image Selection Interface

Step 3: Upload Your Images

Clicking on the ‘Continue’ button will take you to the ‘Settings Box’ where you need to tap on the ‘Add Photos’ option. An image selection box will now pop up, allowing you to select and upload a maximum of 10 images from your Facebook account, stock and page galleries or your device collections. Prefer keeping all the photos within the same aspect ratio to escape the extra task of cropping the images.

When you have finished making your selections, navigate to the bottom right corner of the window and hit the ‘Confirm’ button. This will make your selections shows up all together in the ‘Settings Box’, in the sequential order of their appearance in the slideshow. If you want to introduce some changes, delete and re-upload the images.

Facebook Ads Manager- Image Upload Interface

Step 4: Customize Your Images with Captions

To add suitable captions to the slideshow images, tap the ‘Pencil’ icon within them. You are also allowed to customize the stills with transitions, effects, etc., and make adjustments to the screen time of each image frame.

Facebook Ads Manager- Image Customization Interface

Part 3 Top 5 Facebook Slideshow Alternatives

Having heard about the disappointment from the exit of the Facebook slideshow creator tool, it becomes naturally important to seek through the affordable alternatives of the same to set straight the issue of how to do a slideshow on Facebook. Working towards the solutions, let us learn about the top 5 most preferred Facebook slideshow alternatives in the following section:


One of the most suitable candidates of Facebook slideshow alternatives, PowerDirector easily lands among the highly preferred tools for creating stunning slideshows. Compatible with the MacOs and Windows operating systems, the software lets you create high end, top quality slideshow presentations with a classic and professional outlook.

Talking of the creator program’s most appealing features, this one is an upgraded slideshow creator suite that is capable enough to address your most diverse design requirements, like those of high resolution video effects, Hollywood inspired movies and personal content sharing. The software package is loaded with tons of elusive video effects, themed templates and transition effects to facilitate a compelling creation.

Working with PowerDirector’s exclusive slideshow program, you get the liberty to escape the notch of storyboard and timeline editing and start the creation process in the launch window of the program itself. The extremely user cohesive interface of the software guides you through each creation step via streamlined plug-ins, making the design process quick and super easy even for newbies.

PowerDirector Slideshow Creator Software

04SmartSHOW 3D

When thinking of how to make a slideshow on facebook, this one is another top rated Facebook slideshow alternatives, that comes with an extensive toolkit to create amazing presentations from video clips and images, while complementing them with a plethora of effects and transitions. Some of the key features of the program include multiple slide layering, animating selected layers and fine tune the transitions with keyframe adjustments.

You can additionally uplift the slides with image masks, shapes, 3D animated texts and other forms of graphic arts. An additively appealing feature of the slideshow creator program is the ability to mix descriptive images with your favorite music to develop stunning masterpieces of entertaining slideshows, which you can conveniently share and enjoy with family and friends on a diversity of social media platforms.

Using the tool, you can work with applying motion graphic effects to still photos without having to be an over the top tech savvy user. The editor library of the tool is loaded with some of the most awesome transition effects, like, wipes, 3D motions, gradients and fade-ins, along with the facility of adding titles, voice comments and captions to the slides of your presentation. The tool is however, exclusively a Windows compatible utility.

SmartSHOW 3D Slideshow Creator Software

05PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Next in the list of alternatives to the Facebook slideshow maker tool is the aforesaid software program, that allows you to create professional quality slideshows with as many videos and images as you can possibly think of and supplement them with a variety of texts, music, voiceovers and effects. You can further work on customizing the slideshow images with making suitable adjustments in color, brightness and saturation parameters.

The software comes with a Quick Create utility, which you can use to instantly create high resolution slideshows and spark them up with zooms, pans and fades, while getting a preview of the same in real-time. You can even proceed to burn your creation into a disk, make an online upload, or simply save it to your device.

Talking of the cost constraints of this amazing slideshow creator tool, you get to work with the software for a commercial use, free of cost for a definite time period and with a restricted number of features. However, you can always consider on buying the paid version of the program to avail an access to the latter’s entire range of features and utilities. The tool works well with all Windows and Mac supported devices.

PhotoStage Slideshow Creator Software


Moving ahead in the list you have the Kizoa slideshow maker for Facebook, which is a dependable alternative to the conventional Facebook slideshow creator. Choosing this tool to design your slideshow presentation, you are entitled to the amazing feature of displaying your presentation on almost any screen, including smartphones, television, computers and tablets with getting to choose from 7 types of aspect ratios. The tool is designed to have a Windows and MacOs compatibility.

The application further lets you add the most specific parts of your images within the presentation slides with its smart cropping tool, while keeping an account of the file formats and screen space requirements of the images with utmost convenience. You are also allowed to choose from a storehouse of preset templates to add your desired photos and video clips in the slideshow and entice them with GIFs, effects and texts.

When you are done with the creation process, just attempt to download and save the slideshow in any preferred file format, such as, AVI, GIF, MP4, MOV, MPEG2, etc., or even burn it to a DVD. You are now free to share your slideshow on various online media sharing platforms. Using the free version of Kizoa, you are permitted to create slideshows with a duration of 60 seconds, which can be upgraded to a limitless length with a paid subscription.

Kizoa Slideshow Creator Software


If you are a newbie to the field of creating slideshows, and wondering about how to create a slideshow on Facebook 2021, this one is affordably the most perfect tool you can rely on. Packed with an extensive range of effects, music, transitions and filters, SlideLab is the smartest software choice to create slideshow presentations for family entertainment and personal use.

The tool consists of an in built sharing utility that allows you to design and share slideshows on social media platforms, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with a single click. Working on your slideshow within the program, you can escape the cringe of cropping the images, as they are automatically adjusted to the square fit alignment of the app’s working window. You can quickly rearrange the placement of the images in the slideshow as per your preferences.

As far as the sharing credibility of the presentation is concerned, the software grants you the liberty to export your creation in PPTX and PDF file formats, and view them later in Keynote and PowerPoint.

The app shows a convenient workflow with Windows and MacOs devices and limits the image play duration to 3 seconds, along with a permitting a restricted number of transitions and effects in its free version, which you can access by availing a paid subscription of the program.

SlideLab Slideshow Creator Software

08Creating Facebook Slideshows With Wondershare Filmora

When browsing through feasible alternatives on how to make a facebook slideshow, the IT market is indeed flooded with a hoard of creation utilities. If you have just begun trying hands at slideshow creation, consider using the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor slideshow maker application for addressing your slideshow design concerns. The extensive, feature rich library of the app lets you create attractive presentation masterpieces with a wide range of special effects, transitions, texts, titles and music tracks.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Working with the Filmora slideshow creator, you can trim, crop or cut the video clips and images of your presentation to give them the best look. The tool comes with a unique Filmora Template Mode to create business oriented Facebook slideshows, is compatible to any windows and Mac supported device and lets you easily make a slideshow on Facebook.

Ending Thoughts

Creating Facebook slideshows can be useful in addressing a variety of personal and professional data sharing needs.

Browsing through design alternatives, you will land across a pool of software choices to create stunning slideshows for Facebook.

When deciding on the best Facebook slideshow creator tool, Wondershare Filmora can be your smartest pick.

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