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Top 8 Tools Tell You How to Make Slideshows for Instagram

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Top 8 Tools Tell You How to Make Slideshows for Instagram

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Instagram slideshows land among the latest social media trends of fun and entertainment. Learn how to attract jaw dropping peer attention with creating the same!

Part 1 When Should You Use an Instagram Slideshow?

Revolutions in technology has opened doors to a plenty of new and exciting means of information sharing, entertainment and communication. Playing its part in the game, Instagram slideshow has emerged as an exciting means of quick and impactful content sharing. Diving deeper into the discussion, let us talk about the different areas of working with an Instagram slide show in the following section:

01Explanatory Product Demonstrations and Stepwise Tutorials

Considering the diverse media collaboration entertained by this social media platform, you get the liberty to include 10 media files of videos and images while creating a slideshow on Instagram. This is an affordably sufficient media space to demonstrate your newly launched product in front of the target audience.

The aforesaid characteristic of a slideshow for Instagram can be put to another use of creating detailed, step by step guides and product usage tutorials to create an increased and confident customer reach and brand applicability. A few examples include the presentations of recipes by food blogs and chefs, or a detailed look of the day’s outfit by fashion bloggers.

02Interactive Storytelling or Recreate an Event

Gone are the times when stories and events were restricted to a single image or video with a limited scope of understanding and explanation. You can now work with a combination of multiple images and videos to create more vivid and graphical descriptions of stories, narratives and events.

You can work on creating an engaging slideshow for Instagram to tell an amazing story, voice a narration from the beginning to the end, or share your best moments with your cherished audience, which will surely give them the feel of enjoying the adventure along with you.

03Create a Collection

You can now use a slide show for Instagram to design and present a collection of manifold ideas and products within a single post. You can improvise the collection with displaying a series of related products, showcasing a summary of your different blog posts through the week, or simply present a list of your most reliable inspirations, resources and influencers.

04Exciting Video Teasers

If you have a scheduled video release to entertain your audience, try working with interactive slideshows for Instagram to create some sensational teaser content of the upcoming release to imbibe a natural sense of curiosity within your audience.

You can experiment with releasing a mini photoshoot tour of your filming set, share close up progression details, or include a cliffhanger in the end of your Instagram slideshow to ensure the retrieval of your audience towards watching the release of the actual big content. You can use these short teasers as effective means of creating a campaign buzz, while building a closer connect with your audience.

Part 2 How to Make an Instagram Slideshow with Music?

By now, you must have gathered enough knowledge regarding the credibility of Instagram slideshows in catering to a diversity of commercial, professional and personal content sharing needs. Considering the same, you may conveniently feel motivated to try hands at creating stunning slideshow presentations for Instagram on your own.

Adhering to the concern, let us move ahead with our discussion, while talking about how to make a slideshow for Instagram and supplement the same with adaptable background music to develop amazing content masterpieces and share them with social media peers, while grabbing their obvious attention.

While there are a number of choices in the software market to choose your Instagram slideshow creator tool, the FlexClip tool can be a reliable option. Read though the following section to learn the slideshow creation process in the program with a comprehensive and stepwise tutorial guide:

Step 1: Download the Slideshow Creator Tool

Visit the official website of FlexClip to download and install the slideshow maker software in your preferred device.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator

Step 2: Start from Scratch

After a successful installation, proceed to launch the tool in your system and wait till the software greets you with its welcome interface. Here, you will have to reach to and tap the ‘Start to Create’ button to begin with the slideshow creation process. You can also select a preset template to work on your slideshow if nothing new clicks in your mind.

Step 3: Select an Aspect Ratio

In the tool’s creator window, navigate to the 'Options Panel’ at the left and click on ‘More’ to select a suitable aspect ratio. Picking the 9:16 ratio would be a good choice.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator- Aspect Ratio Selection

Step 4: Upload Your Media

In the same ‘Options Panel’, click on ‘Media’ for dragging and dropping the desired video and image files from your device to the program’s media timeline, followed by applying them to the tool’s storyboard. You can alternatively, choose to directly work with media pages of any preset slideshow template.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator- Media Upload Interface

Step 5: Customize Your Media

You can now proceed to improvise your media files with amazing texts, filters, stickers, emojis, widgets, etc., by clicking on specific object categories from the ‘Options Panel’.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator- Media Customization Tools

Step 6: Include Seamless Transitions

Proceed to uplift your creation to the next level with the application of stunning image and video transitions. Navigate to the ‘Options Panel’ and tap ‘Elements’. A variety of transition effects will be displayed to choose from. Select the one you like to add it to your slideshow.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator- Adding Transition Elements

Step 7: Add a Background Music

An in line background audio is the best way to set the mood of your slideshow. Choose to add the same to your creation for making a more engaging impact on the audience. Visit the ‘Options Panel’ again and click on ‘Music’ to open the program’s audio library and select a perfect background music from the huge variety of choices, to include in your slideshow.

FlexClip Instagram Slideshow Creator- Adding a Background Music

Step 8: Preview Your Creation

When you have finished customizing your slideshow, navigate to the top right corner of the editor’s storyboard and hit the ‘Preview’ button to visualize and ensure that your slideshow has everything at the right place. You can continue editing if there is a need to make some changes.

Step 9: Time to Save and Share!

When you are happy with your work, consider saving it either to your device or Google Dropbox, from where you can easily upload the same to your Instagram handle.

Part 3 Best Instagram Slideshow Apps for Creating Outstanding Slideshow

Social media is the talk of the trend in today’s times, which has extended its boundaries to visibly everything around us. Speaking in the light of the fact, slideshow presentations are no exception. Social media platforms today have come up with amazing tools and applications to create and share a stunning slideshow Instagram story with utmost ease and within an affordable time span.

Now that you have developed a comprehensive understanding of the credibility of working with Instagram slideshows and their creation process with the inclusion of complementary background music, let us dive into learning about some of the best and most popular Instagram apps for creating awesome slideshow presentations in the following section:

01Filme Lite

This tool lands among the leading user preferences to work on creating slideshow presentations. The application software is packed with a heap of latest features that form the Instagram trends in current times.

Apart from complementing your slideshow creations with tons of features, this slideshow maker for Instagram grants you the liberty to include your most loved videos and images within your presentation and customize them with a diverse range of effects, along with adjusting their play duration within the slideshow. Additional to image and video customization, you are also allowed to choose the image transition style that perfectly suits your content arrangement within the slides.

Working with the tool, you can be sure of getting an unparalleled slideshow creation experience with a very interactive and user oriented design interface, that is simple enough to be easily understood and worked upon by a newbie to the creative world.


If you are working on a detailed presentation and wish to spark up your creation with stunning varieties of jaw dropping special effects, consider creating your PowerPoint slideshows in this application. The tool’s effect library is a storehouse of the most amazing special effects that promise of transforming your slideshow into a visual masterpiece.

You can separately apply these effects to each of the slideshow images or choose to work on a combination of selected effects to include within a single video. Apart from this, you are free to choose an apt background music for your presentation slides from the extensive audio library of the software. The bottom line is; you are assured to a complete fun experience while creating slideshows with this tool.


If you are familiar enough with the fundamental concepts and the trivial anecdotes of working with slideshow presentations and want to take your graphic creativity to the next level, you can try hands at using the Movavi slideshow creator software to design high end PowerPoint presentations of professional quality. The best thing about the tool is, it works online and does not require a software download for usage concerns.

Along with creating online slideshow presentations with ease, the tool permits you to create online videos within minutes and instantly download the same for specific usage. You can further, pop up your presentation slides with wonderful transition and animation effects and also make adjustments in the play duration of each slide. The tool lets you choose and add a perfect background music to your presentation from its conveniently vast audio library.

04Slideshow Lab

If you have just landed into the world of creating slideshow presentations and are looking for easy solutions on how to make a slideshow on Instagram, consider working with this software to polish your design creativity. The simple and user cohesive interface of the tool is best for beginners to understand and get customary with the creation process, that takes the minimum possible time to render an appreciable PowerPoint presentation.

Talking about the slideshow design process, you will need to start with selecting a set of desired images, followed by uploading the same into the tool’s slideshow creator timeline. The next step is to arrange the images in the sequential order of appearance, select an appealing background music and apply smooth image transitions. When you are done with everything, proceed to save the presentation to your device.


While you can choose to create stunning slideshow presentations with almost any class of images, the aforesaid app works best to render Instagram images into a top rated Instagram photo slideshow without compromising with the high resolution image quality of Instagram photos. The application integrates motion pictures and lighting effects to transform the otherwise regular images into lively still captures.

Considering the credibility of the tool in overall user experience, its indeed a thumbs up from graphic creators across the globe, thanks to its smart and interactive interface, in time performance and outstanding creation outputs.

06InVideo Editor

Put an end to your search of effective solutions on how to do a slideshow on Instagram with the InVideo Editor, a smart video and graphic editor that can also be employed to adhere to the requirement of creating amazing slideshow presentations from Instagram media. While the creation process hardly takes a few minutes, you can work with the application to explore your editing creativity to the finest levels. The tool works well with any of your MacOs and Windows compatible devices.

The editor’s effects library is loaded with tons of graphic transitions and filters that are dedicated to enhance the contents of your presentation with utmost ease. You can add creative modifications to the slideshow media, such as, cut, crop and trim videos and images and add the most convincing music, overlays, fonts, etc., and enjoy an additional free access to hundreds of stock videos and slideshow templates.


This one is an online slideshow creator utility that works well with almost any operating system including Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. Essentially a cloud centered editor program, this tool caters to your high quality slideshow creation needs in the most effective way. The design process is quite simple, where you only need to add the images and videos, design your presentation and wait till everything comes to place.

What’s more appealing factor about the tool is that you will never need to download the program in your device or purchase a subscription plan to use the application. All you need to do is land into the tool’s website in your favorite browser and tap on the ‘Slideshow’ option to begin with the creation process. You can select from a heap of preset stunning slideshow templates to create the most enhanced PowerPoint presentation.


The Fliptastic slideshow creator app is exclusively developed to adhere to the graphic design concerns of iOS users. This one is a no cost graphic utility with a plethora of versatile features and considerable user backup. The app’s effect library is packed with a unique set of slideshow design templates, transitions, background music choices and filters that work to compliment your presentation with the subtlest look ever.

Paying a bit extra attention to the audio inclusion within the slides, the app offers you a range of free music files to work with, while additionally allowing you to upload and use one from your device or the internet.

09Creating Instagram Slideshows With Filmora

Talking exclusively within the domain of video creation and editing, the credibility of the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor software needs no introduction. Moving ahead with our discussion, let us learn about the process of creating awesome Instagram slideshows with Filmora in the following section:

Step 1: Download and Install the Program

To begin with addressing the concern of how to make a slideshow on Instagram story, navigate to the official Wondershare website and download the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor to your preferred system and proceed to install the same.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

Step 2: Import Your Media

Launch the editor program and wait for the latter’s welcome screen to appear. Here, you need to import the images, videos and other media files to the editor timeline for including them in your slideshow. It is recommended to collect all the image and video files into one single folder before opening a new slideshow design project.

In the editor’s welcome screen, navigate to the ‘Media’ tab at the top left corner and click on the same to open the ‘Import’ menu. From here, you need to choose the ‘Import a Media Folder’ option, followed by navigating to the folder that contains the to be imported media files. When you have reached to the required folder, select it and tap ‘OK’ to import the same into the project timeline. When all the files have been imported, you can see them in the ‘Project Media’ panel.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Media Import Interface

Step 3: Timeline Positioning of Media Files

Reach to the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Preferences’ from the latter’s dropdown menu. In the ‘Preferences’ window, hit the ‘Editing’ tab and tap on ‘Photo Preferences’. From the drop down menu that follows, choose the ‘Crop to Fit’ option to adjust the aspect ratio of your imported images in line with the slideshow project. In case your images have the 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, select the ‘Fit’ option to make a proper screen fit.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Using the ‘Crop to Fit’ Tool

You can proceed to include the image zoom and camera pan features within your project by clicking on the ‘Pan & Zoom’ option. You can further, modify the preset durations of transitions, effects and photos in the ‘Editing’ tab itself before adding them to the editor timeline. Another way of doing the same is to drag the ends of the media files inward or outward, post the timeline adding process.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Effect Play Duration Adjustments

When you have finished making the required adjustments, navigate back the ‘Media Panel’ to include the imported media files within the project timeline. You can either click on the files to add them, or choose to ‘Drag and Drop’ the same at a preferred place within the timeline.

When all the images and videos have been added, proceed to arrange them in the desired order of appearance in the slideshow, followed by adjusting their screen time and play durations through any of the methods explained above.

Step 4: Add Transitions to Eliminate Hard Cuts

The smooth play of a slideshow is often distorted by hard cuts, which can be escaped by applying smooth transition effects to the slides. Consider exploring the ‘Transitions’ tab of Filmora to choose from a diversity of easily customizable transition effects and place them at the intersection point of the respective slides in the project timeline.

Instead of applying the same transition to every slide, prefer choosing the one that exclusively suits the content arrangement and flow within particular slides. This would save your slideshow from getting a repetitive look.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Adding Slide Transitions

Post the timeline adding of a transition, you can double click on the same to reach the ‘Transition Setting Window’, where you are allowed to customize the play duration and select its ‘Transition Mode’. Play durations can alternatively be customised in the project timeline by dragging the slider in a left or right direction.

Step 5: Add Overlays and Filters for an Improvised Colour Scheme

To enhance the thematic appeal of your slideshow, consider desaturating the colours of the included images with the extensive range of visual effects and overlays available in the ‘Effects’ tab of the software’s editing timeline. Opening the tab, you are exposed to a series of ‘Filter and Overlay’ categories, that have further subdivisions of Light Leaks, Sepia Tone and Lomography.

To add a particular effect, place it in the timeline track above the desired clip or image. Observe the changes in the ‘Preview Panel’ and proceed to adjust the effect settings if required, by double clicking on the particular effect.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Adding Filters and Overlays

Step 6: Include Motion Graphic Elements

To supplement your slideshow with elegant motion graphics, navigate to the ‘Elements’ tab in the editor timeline. From here, you can access and choose any suitable motion graphic template from a diversity of available choices, to include within the project timeline. The step is completely optional and you should pay attention to the style of content presentation and the cause of creation of your slideshow when choosing to add these elements to the same.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Including Motion Graphic Elements

Step 7: Record Voiceovers and Create Soundtracks

To record a voiceover for your slideshow, navigate to the ‘Media’ tab and tap the ‘Record’ dropdown menu. Click on ‘Record Voiceover’ in the list of options that appears. The ‘Record Audio’ icon pops up and you now need to select a microphone to be used in the recording process. When you are ready, tap the ‘Record’ button to let the recording begin.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Voiceover Recording

You can now see your voice recording appear in the ‘Media’ tab with the previously imported media files, ready to be placed within the audio track of the project timeline. Filmora’s audio library is a storehouse of free access music and audio effects. To add one to your slideshow, navigate and click on the ‘Audio’ tab to select from the extensive Rock, Young & Bright, Electronic, etc., music subcategories till you get the perfect match for your presentation.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Adding Soundtracks

Once you have selected all the music tracks, place them one by one on the project timeline and move ahead with adjusting their play durations.

Step 8: Export Your Creation

When you are satisfied with your work, you can export the slideshow directly from Filmora to a number of media sharing platforms. All you need to do is, navigate to and tap the ‘Export’ button in the top right corner of the editor screen and proceed to set the resolution and frame rate, and select the output file format of your created slideshow in the ‘Export Window’ that appears.

Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator- Slideshow Export Interface

When you are ready with everything, click on the ‘Export’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen to share your slideshow across different platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.

The time required by Filmora to render your slideshow on the chosen platform will depend on the output file size. Considering the fact that larger files require a much longer time to be rendered, it would be a smart decision to limit the file size of your slideshow within 500 MB.

Ending Thoughts

Instagram slideshows are exciting means of diving into fun-filled entertainment with your social media peers.

When looking for solutions on how to create a slideshow on Instagram, there are loads of choices in the software market.

Talking of best creator alternatives, you can pick the Wondershare Filmora slideshow developer program to make an amazing Insta story slideshow.

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