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Why These 10+ Top Text Motion Templates Are Worth Your Attention

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated May 20, 24
Why These 10+ Top Text Motion Templates Are Worth Your Attention

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

If you're looking to add some ‘text in motion' to your video projects, then you've come to the right place! We've listed some of our favorite Text Motion After Effects and Text Motion Graphics Premiere Pro templates that you can use to get a head start in the realm of adding motion into text! (As a bonus, we've also included an overview on text motion and some of the best text motion graphics tutorials that you can refer to when trying out the templates we've recommended.)

Part 1 What's Text Motion?

Alright, first of all, let's answer the big question! Text Motion, what is it and why should you be adding it to your projects ASAP? Well, in regards to the former, the answer is simple: text motion graphics is literally text animation that you can add to your projects to give it an extra bit of life and make it more show-stealing!

In regards to the latter, the answer is in its description! After all, why wouldn't you want your projects to be able to capture more attention?

Text Motion Project with Filmora

Have a look at the screenshot above that we included of an example project on the video editor, Wondershare Filmora. As you can see, we inserted text in motion at the very start. And despite being a still screenshot of said text motion graphics, the preview is eye-catching even when paused!

This is the kind of project that you can do yourself with the right templates and the right video editor. We've got your back on the first in the list coming up. And, as for the second, we recommend that you try out Filmora! It is, as you can see, quite an expansive software. One that will allow you to truly make the most of the text motion graphics you'll be able to create at the end of this article.

Part 2 10 Best Text Motion After Effects

Alright, now let's move on to our promised Text Motion Graphics After Effects and Text Motion Graphics Premiere Pro templates. We've tried our best to pick a variety out for you so that you can have a good selection to choose from! You should also take the time to explore the different platforms where these templates are offered in case you end up needing a different look!

01Clean and Elegant Corporate Identity – Text Reveal (Mogrt)

The first on this list is the ‘Clean and Elegant Corporate Identity — Text Reveal' by Mogrt. The title is quite explanatory in and of itself, but just in case you're confused, it's a template that was designed for professionals and brands to establish their corporate identity. The font is very modern in design, and it comes with several flare variations so that the reveal works out in the way that you want it to.

Other aspects, like the shadow blur, opacity, particle size (for the reveal), and text glossiness are also adjustable and can be changed at will based on your standards.

02Multipurpose Clean 3D Text to Title

The next text motion template is the ‘Multipurpose Clean 3D Text to Title' also created by Mogrt. This one is text motion graphics that you can use for Premiere Pro and, with proper customization, and be used for just about anything that you want! It's a very multi-purpose kind of graphic, one that you can maybe sneak in as an advert or for announcing celebrations or anniversaries!

As a final note, if you want to use this graphic as text motion for after effects, it is available for that as well!

03Simple Motion Text | Premiere Pro

This next template, the ‘Simple Motion Text' graphic, is one that is available for both Premiere Pro and After Effects (though the link we've provided is for the Premiere Pro version!) As the name implies, the animation is quite simple, which may be exactly what you want, in any case. It certainly makes it very versatile (especially as you can change font style and color as you will). Making it the perfect template for a beginner that's just starting out and doesn't want anything too complicated.

0430 Glitch Text Presets For Premiere Pro | Mogrt

This next template, the ‘30 Glitch Text Presets' by Mogrt is a Premiere Pro exclusive! It's also quite fun in its particulars. As a template, it's not as versatile as the one that we introduced previously, since the ‘glitch' effect gives off quite the unique vibes, but that doesn't make it any less potent at catching the eyes of your audience!

The best part, in this case, is that it comes with 30 pre-sets, all with fitting glitch sound effects (included in the pack) that you can use. Of course, there are other customization functions as well, including font style, color, transparency, and so on.

05Comic Bubbles MOGRT

Again, this next templated, called ‘Comic Bubbles', kind of has its own unique vibe, making it inflexible in some ways but also more fun if that's the kind of look that you're looking for. Which, in this case, are literal ‘Comic' text bubbles, like you would see in your old 90s comic (loud, pop-y, and with lots of bright colors!) The only difference from that to this is that these comic text bubbles move, allowing you to create ‘punchy' text in between animated projects.

For your reference, there are 80 different comic bubbles included in the pack. All of which are easy to customize and will allow you to adjust colors, text, and transition effects (have a look at the video that we've linked if you want to see it in action!)

06Smoke To Text Reveal (Mogrt)

This next template, ‘Smoke to Text Reveal' is another one that serves a very particular need. To help with visualization, the text motion graphics are at first obscured by smoke before it bubbles up into a crisp, modern text reveal! It's perfect for those looking for underwater-themed text motion graphics. Or those who want to serve a hint of mystery with the smoke effect.

This is Text Motion Graphics - Premiere Pro. And the best part about it is that you can customize the text and the background at will — allowing you to truly make the template your own and make the most out of the smoke-to-reveal effect.

07Text Messages Toolkit

Want to appeal to the Gen Z audience? Then, the ‘text messages toolkit' might be a fun text motion graphics for you to try. As you can perhaps surmise from the name, it's a template that you can use in order to create ‘text message' interactions. It's customizable too! You can change the text box color, size, transparency, and just have a ball pimping it out of that's what you want.

08Large Text Title Block

With the ‘large text title block' template, you have the flexibility of the naturally more modern and minimalistic design, allowing you to use it for a wide variety of different projects. It works especially well for advertisements, if you're wondering about potential uses, or as transition graphics between text to video!

09Blueprint Titles

Want something that's a little quirkier? Or, perhaps, instructional? Then the ‘Blueprint Titles' template is one that you can consider. As you can perhaps guess from the name, it allows you to create text motion graphics in a style that is similar to the kind of blueprints you usually see when working with design or architecture.

10Dynamic Minimalism

Sometimes, simple really is best! And, this next template, the ‘Dynamic Minimalism' text motion after effects and text motion graphics premiere pro template is one that you might want in your arsenal just for the sake of your simpler projects! The kit comes with 30 different animations, as well as other customization functions that you can play around with to add a little personality to what are otherwise very minimalistic designs.

Part 3 Tutorials for Making Great Text Motion

For the last part of this article, we'll be introducing some tutorials that you can refer to while trying out the templates that we recommended! We've pulled all of this from YouTube so that you can start learning immediately! And, of course, a variety has been chosen so that you can get your info from more than one source.

01Smooth Professional Text Animation in Premiere Pro - TUTORIAL

The first tutorial we have for you was created by Ignace Aleya on YouTube. This tutorial is a ‘Premiere Pro' tutorial that focuses on helping beginners and intermediate users alike in understanding the ways of text motion graphics. He offers some pretty good pointers and tricks on keeping the quality of your work high. And the way that he shares his knowledge is pretty solid too! Allowing you to both watch and enjoy the video.

02Easy Title Motion Graphics

This next tutorial is about text motion graphics while working in Adobe After Effects. Like the previous tutorial, it will teach you the basics of using templates! It was posted by SonduckFilm, and the video covers five different "Easy Title Motion Graphics" as examples! Altogether, it's a great choice if what you're looking for is tips on making the most out of the templates we introduced on our list.

03Basic Logo Animations

Next, we have a tutorial from the YouTube content creator, Broken! This one is on the subject of both simple and complex logo animations that you can create when working on establishing a brand. It's a great video for beginners and is quite informative on the subject of customization.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

What is text motion and why do you need to start using it for your own projects ASAP? Well, text motion graphics are, basically, text animation! They're eye-catching and informative at the same time, making them a great vessel for getting a message across to your audience.

If you want to start creating text motion graphics yourself, we suggest starting with templates first! At least then, you'll be able to make yourself comfortable while learning about the opportunities available to you.

There are many different templates out there that you can try. Some are multi-purpose, some not. We've chosen a variety to introduce to you in of this article! Complete with a list of some tutorials in that you can refer to no matter what kind of project you're working on.

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