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All about Types of Motion Graphics

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 10, 22, updated May 20, 24
All about Types of Motion Graphics

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Motion graphics has bought an ultimate change in the sectors of creative industries. In this guide you will get to know the various types of motion graphics and some examples of the same.

Part 1 What are Motion Graphics?

01Definition of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics simples means that graphics which are in motion or movement. In other words, you can say that such graphics create an illusion of movement on the screen and most commonly they are combined with various audios for different purposes of multimedia. Although motion graphics are not like animations as here are some limitations of producing the content.

definition of motion graphics

02Motion Graphics vs. Video: is there a Difference?

You can say that every graphic motion is a video. To understand this you will need to know the applications of motion graphics and videos. Here mentioned are some of them:

If you are creating something in the format of animation then it can done via motion graphics and videos too.

When you are making a live action video then that could not be created in motion graphics but in the video format.

Although if you are creating live action videos with animation overlay then you can use motion graphics as well as video formats too.

Next is the slideshow video format, here the images and videos can be created in slideshow using both motion graphics and videos.

which one is better: videos or motion graphics

03When to Use Motion Graphics and Video?

Well, the question is how you can get to know that motion graphics is the best choice for creating your visual content. The answer depends on several factors including the users’ experience, the reach that you want to make and a lot more. Here are few factors to consider:

Enhance the users’ experience - using the motion graphics to enhance the users’ experience can be an excellent idea. In motion graphics the user can make benefits of the features like rewind and fast forwarding it. Here they can also get the skip sections which are not their way of interacting with the videos. Thus, you can curate as well as boost your audience experience by suing such content.

Attention at expo booth - At different platforms the users prefer to watch the videos in different sound effects. This means on Facebook the videos are watched on mute mostly. This is the way how people interact on different platforms. So, as a creator if you want to seek attention then you will need to prepare the content as per the audience demands. This is what motion graphics can do for you at the expo booths and various platforms.

Conversions and engagement - Users’ engagement and conversions are the two important needs of any content creator. Video marketing is an excellent idea to boost both of them. All you have to do is invest in high quality motion graphicssound effects videos and you can see that the users will take interest in your landing pages and will ultimately boost your conversion rates.

Part 2 Types of Motion Graphics You Should Know

There are several types of best motion graphicsvideos that can effectively suit your needs. You only need to choose the perfect amongst them and mentioned here are some different types of motion graphics videos:

01Explainer videos

This is the commonest type of motion graphic videos. These videos tell about the working of your product. If you are marketing or selling your product then you will definitely going to need these videos. Needing these videos do not mean that you are having issues in your product, this simply boosts the value of your product and can also be used as marketing of that brand and product.

explainer videos

02Promotional videos

In these videos, your main aim will be grabbing the attentions and conversions of the audience. This is really important as a business and you can easily achieve it through the motion graphics as it will focus on each and every important and crucial aspect of your product and business.

promotional videos

03Emotive videos

If you want your audience to feel something about your brand and product as well as take immediate action then these emotive videos are the perfect ones. This can connect your audience emotionally.

Emotive videos

04Logos and icons

There is nothing better than a logo to make your brand keep remembered for a long period of time. This becomes more interesting if the logo will be in motion and this is what the logo motion graphics known for. Icons are equally important for any brand and if you manipulate them into motions then it could be really beneficial for you.

logos and icons


No matter if you are showing interesting stats of Infographics, the audience can skim over it. The reason is it could be boring sometimes. However, using the movements in those Infographics stats can keep the eye of your audience still on it.



If you are active on social media platforms, then you would know how GIFs work on various platforms. These are a pretty popular type of motion graphics that is greatly loved by the audience. Some of the live action videos are turned into GIFs and sometimes they are created especially for that purpose only.


07Animated typography

In simple words this can be said as the moving text. Sometimes it is also termed as the kinetic typography and you can use it to create the explainer videos too. These videos are great in order to add a brand wordmark to your products and brands.

animated videos

08UI and UX animations

These can also be said as a part of explainer videos only but they offer you with a different feature. This means that you can expect the same interface in which it is explained. Moreover, you will be getting some extra elements too.

UI and UX animations

09Template editing

The existing templates that you might be using to create the motion graphics can be edited and transformed into more advanced ones. You can even add your customized templates to the purpose or you can also use the tools for making your videos better.

UI and UX animations

10Animated ads

The animated ads are designed to highlight the key features of your business, product or brand in a short span of time. If this is done in a more engaging manner then this will ultimately boost your conversions as well as the customers’ engagement too. These work as the explainer videos but are little bit different from them.


11Graphic loops

These are short animated videos that tend to loop continuously. You have to use the vector, photo elements, text, etc. These video loops are eye-catching and grabs the attention faster.

graphics loops

12Animated titles

The animated titles can greatly work for expressing the message in a simpler way to the audience. These titles are somewhere in the category of animated typography but the use can be different. You can use them to enhance a particular message, pointing a specific feature or object in that particular video.

animated titles

13Animated assets

These are also very much similar to the animated titles only but they work pretty similar like the PNG images. These are completely transparent so that they can be placed in your video footage easily. These animated assets can be perfect for the intros, transitions or outros. The animated titles and assets can add a spice to your videos.

animated assets


You can be an excellent speaker sometimes, but if you are not able to present the ideas on screen in an effective way then it could be a barrier in the success of your presentations. Using the motion graphics in presentations, you can boost the interest of your audience as well as keep them engaged.


15Instructional videos

This video works similar to that of explainer videos. The instructional videos are great to teach and make your audience learn about the implementation of your product and brand. You can go for using the live-action videos for this purpose but motion graphics is best if you want to go with the trend.

instructional videos

Part 3 8 Stunning Motion Graphic Examples

01Haikus in motion

In these videos there is a use of expressive imagery and those imagery effects are perfect to convey the message. Here the motion graphics bring the poetry into life. The poetry sounds to be so true in the videos of Haikus.


In this beautiful animation series you can see the charm of classic cinema in a completely fresh manner. These videos bring the classic cinema and its stories as well as characters in to life in a fresh and new way. The sound and other effects make the videos nostalgic.


By these videos, you can understand the market crash of the US in an effective way. The motion graphics that are used in these videos can also be used in other videos of same kind with the realistic as well as highly advanced effects.

04Digital Ocean

In order to make the short videos impactful, you can take the examples of videos from Digital Ocean. The videos are short yet very compiling and perfect to deliver the message in short span of time.

05Better light, better life

These videos are created to spread the message that how important light is in people’s life. Perfectly sound in delivering the message you can use these videos to create awareness amongst your audience.


If you want to see how motion graphics work in light hearted style then this is the perfect example of it. These videos also have a pinch of humor in them and are so vibrant too. For promoting any particular website or any mobile application then these videos created through the motion graphics can be an excellent referral.


The videos of Quadro which are created with the help of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor tool are perfect in passing their message. The creation is so dynamic and vibrant that you need not think about the quality. Filmora tool is perfect for adding such vibrancy and dynamics to the motion graphic videos. Many features like text to speech, adding speech and text, conversion of script into videos makes it a good choice to be used for video creations.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


08Scribble live

This is an excellent example of motion graphics video in which you can understand the illustrations in a simpler way and that also without any chaos. The narrative of the video is so clear that it gives you a perfect illustration of how the software works. It also suites in his appearance as well as provide you with an effective guide.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Motion graphics can be said as the subset of graphic designing. Here you can add motion to your ideas when you are making them real. This can be beneficial in so many ways as well as it is loved by the audience too.

There are different types of motion graphics that are used for different purposes. Moreover, you can choose amongst them which are most suitable for your needs.

If you are willing to create the motion graphics videos then you can take the help of mentioned examples for understanding the way of creating such graphics. Also it is worth considering that many tools like Wondershare Filmora, are available for creating such motion graphics

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