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Whiteboard Animation Services: Top 15 Animation Companies to Pick

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Whiteboard Animation Services: Top 15 Animation Companies to Pick In 2022

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When looking for a whiteboard animation company, Google will search you hundreds of them, but the question is which of them is the best when it comes to work, behavior with the client, or ranking?

animation companies

Also, the most critical question is will this company deliver the desired results in the given time, or will they be like every other company that consistently fail to fulfill their promises? Find out in this article.

Part 1 Why Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos Work

The whiteboard animation video is an explainer video used to sell a product or describe a system. These animation videos are incredibly effective in communicating complex ideas and boosting attention and retention for your audience. A custom whiteboard animation video is a do-it-yourself video that does not require a template, but you need to start from scratch. Here are top reasons why you need a custom whiteboard animation video to work:

custom whiteboard animation

When you want to describe a complex, highly technical, or intricate idea, product, or system, a custom whiteboard animated video will help you out. The more detailed an explanation is, the harder it is to focus, and people often get bored during the description. Therefore, sharing a new business process with a custom whiteboard animation with your team is more manageable. Getting your point across will maintain our interest as long as the video is playing.

A custom whiteboard animation saves you the stress of hiring actors to play in your video and turn, saves costs and serious embarrassment by actors. 

Custom whiteboard animation videos are helpful when you want to use social media ads or YouTube for marketing as people like them, so, therefore, it is a good chance for you to get clicks, views, and more sales.

A custom whiteboard animation helps you to tell the story of your brand.

It helps to reuse old audio content lying around, for example, podcast episodes. You can create pre-existing audio with a custom whiteboard animation that will help you capitalize on content that has already been created and breathe in new life.

Part 2 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Whiteboard Animation Video Company

A whiteboard animated video is ideal for sharing your brand on social media pages, hosting your website, and featuring on the internal company intranet. These whiteboard animated videos are tactically created to help you sell your services and products, improve internal communication, educate your customers, provide better user engagement, and convey complex or essential ideas. Choosing a whiteboard animation service you trust is crucial for creating a whiteboard animation video. The key elements to note when choosing a whiteboard animation video company is as follows:

whiteboard animation video company

When you work with a professional and reputable team, the process is smooth, and the final product created is more valuable.

There is a solid understanding of what you should expect in terms of cost length and the process of creating the animated videos.

Companies that do not use imagery and stop animation from creating the whiteboard animated video can manage a production schedule or experience in the field.

Works on the combination of creativity, understanding, and accessibility.

Well-versed with the digital platform and its functionality.

Part 3 Top Whiteboard Animation Studios Out There

Whiteboard animation is a video production method that uses illustrations and static images to explain to viewers the contents of the video. More so, whiteboard animation video's production cost depends on various factors, including the animation time, the overall value, and the style of the characters. In this section, we have created a list of the best whiteboard animation studio for you to review:

whiteboard animation studios

"Their fantastic flexibility as well as ability to prepare great visual synthesis." - Former Operational Community Manager, General Merchandise Retailer

This is a visual thinking agency based in Warsaw, Poland, and founded in 201providing a graphic design and video production service with a team of more than 1This animation studio serves smaller companies and enterprises in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT, Healthcare and Medical, Utility Industry, and Energy Natural Resources.

Price: $1,000+

02Max curious productions

"They're incredibly communicative and proactive, as well as deadline and budget-driven, which is great. They're the kind of vendor that does what they need to do to make sure they deliver on time, working late nights or weekends if necessary." - Creative Director, Television Network.

This is a video production company located in New York City and founded in 20has about two decades of experience in video production and has a production team of 6 employees.

Price: $5,000+

03Next Day Animations

"Direct feedback was very effective and helpful, making this collaboration go smoothly." Development Director, Youth Non-Profit

This is an animation production company based in Baltimore and has additional offices in brace bridge, Canada; Madison, Wis, Minneapolis; Bend, Ore; and was founded in 201It provides marketing strategy, social media marketing, and video production with employees.

Price: $5,000+


"They made me feel like I had the attention I needed whenever I needed it." – CIO, Clothing Company

This is a production agency based in New York, founded in 201They provide services on video production to all sizes of clients and have a team of about ten employees.

Price: $10,000+


"The promotional video was well received." — Owner, Tech Company

This is an explainer video company with headquarters in Indore, India, founded in 2015, specializing in video production and some basics of graphic design and logo design with employees. Their clients range from enterprises mid-market and small businesses in various industries, including business services, consumer products and services, and advertising and marketing.

Price: $5,000+

06Rip media group

"Throughout the entire project, they were extremely responsive and always reachable." — Co-Founder & CEO, Food Services Company.

This video production company located in Los Angeles was founded in 200They specialize in video production with a team of about employees to create motion graphics, motion, and live-action videos. Their claims are basically in the medical, IT, and business service industries.

Price: $1,000+


They provided me with quality video for my marketing agency, and I think they are the best I've seen so far - the HR marketing department.

With its headquarter in Montreal and founded in 201this content marketing agency works with mid-market and enterprise companies in the entertainment, music, arts, education, and business service industry. It specializes in web development services and video production for clients.

Price: $5,000+


"The video was great, and it came at a really good price." – Marketing Manager, Software Development Company.

This is a video production agency headquartered in Seattle and additional offices in London and Mohali, India, founded in 201It specializes in video production service to mid-market, small, and Enterprise businesses with a team of about specialists.

Price: $5,000+

09Switch video

"They've been very good at reaching out with questions, coming up with scripts and visual concepts, and letting my team focus on our responsibilities." – Senior Solution Support Manager, IT Solutions Provider.

This is a video marketing company based in Collingwood, Canada, and founded in 200specializing in video production and other digital marketing services to meet market-level businesses with a team of members.

Price: $10,000+


"Alconost delivered the work on time, and the budget was what we agreed on. Whenever I requested a change, it was done quickly." —Head of Marketing, Education App.

This information technology agency based in Alexandria, VA, with other Bolero offices, started in 200They specialize in advertisement translation video production for small businesses.

Price: $1,000+

11Cartoon Media

"[Cartoon Media's] workflow was exceptional on their behalf. Their communication skills set them apart. " - Employee, Electrical Company.

This is a digital production company located in Canterbury, UK, launched in 201They specialize in video production advertising, and broadcast production to their Enterprise mid-market and small businesses.

Price: $1,000+


"All videos are in the process of being released, but everybody who has seen them so far has been impressed with the production quality. The concepts that are illustrated in the videos are clear to the viewer, which is what we struggled with." - CEO, BTravel Software.

This animation and marketing firm in Saint George, Utah, founded in 201is Ydraw. They specialize in video production and works with clients of all sizes from business service, consumer products, and the advertising industry with employees.

Price: $5,000+

13Dream engine

"Everything surprised me in a lovely way." – Communications Manager, Dementia Organization,

Dream engine is a video producing and marketing strategy firm based in St Kilda Melbourne, Australia, founded in 200They specialize in corporate video, motion graphics, and filming and serve clients in the education and advertising sector with a team of five.

Price: $5,000+

14Video Explainers

"The final product was exceptional. There was an increase in traffic from our social media to our website." – CEO, Veterinary Staffing Company.

This is an external video and whiteboard animation company founded in 20and located in New York. He specializes in scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, voice-over, animation, infographic, editing, and motion graphics with employees.

Price: $5,000+

15Wienot Films

"The excellence at Wienot sure makes us want to find ways to partner with them in the future as we grow, as we know we can trust any project to their capable hands and creative minds. We can't thank them enough for such a professional and amazing final product. It was well worth the investment, and they have our highest recommendation." – Co-owner, Healthcare Consulting Firm.

This is an explainer video and whiteboard animation company based in Austin and started in 201He specializes in creating a video that turns complex ideas into coin-sized memorable, easy-to-understand stories with teams.

Price: $5,000+

TipBest Whiteboard Animation Software

While we are busy discussing some of the best Whiteboard Animation companies, we cannot ignore the area that might benefit you the most while starting your venture with Whiteboard Animation. Here, the name comes under best whiteboard animation software lies with Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. That gives you an excellent interface to edit, modify and create whiteboard animation with the best support system.

whiteboard animation software
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Key Takeaways from This Episode

This article has given a breakdown of the best white bond animation company. 

It also gives you top reasons you need a whiteboard animation company for your business growth. 

Additionally, to create a custom whiteboard animated video, Filmora has proven the best software with its keyframing feature and effects to create a smooth and perfect whiteboard animation video for your business growth. 

Therefore, if you need a whiteboard animation service, this article is for you.

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