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Top YouTube Cartoon Videos to Binge Watch While Quarantined

Top YouTube Cartoon Videos to Binge Watch While Quarantined

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“I am in Quarantine”, you might have heard this from every second person in past years. Being quarantined in this Corona times is very common but it also takes a lot of stress along. People are preferred and are advised to watch light-hearted shows to deal with the stress.

We are listing out some YouTube cartoon movies which you can enjoy while you're quarantined. These YouTube cartoon series act as a stress buster. So, let’s get started.

Part 1 The Best 5 YouTube Cartoon Videos From the Past 10 Years

Here, we are listing down the best 5 YouTube Cartoon videos from the past 10 years based on their popularity. These are the children’s cartoons YouTube but these days, adults and youngsters also enjoy watching them.

01Masha and the Bear "The Recipe of Disaster"

The Recipe of Disaster is the 17th episode of Masha and the Bear animation video series. It is a Russian animated series that was aired in the year 2012. The whole series is owned by the "Get Movies" channel. This video has got a total of 3.22 billion views to date.

02Wheels On The Bus

Wheels on the bus is the second most popular YouTube video with over 2.14 billion views. It was aired in the year 2014 by the channel "Little Baby Bum". Little Baby Bum is a UK based animation video YouTube channel for cartoon.

03Baby Shark Dance

The next best video "Baby Shark Dance" has 1.59 billion views to date. The video was aired by the channel "Pinkfong" in the year 2016. This cartoon song on YouTube is popular among children as well as adults due to its fun dance moves and catchy lyrics.

04Frozen "Let It Go" Sing Along

Frozen "Let It Go" Sing Along, YouTube video was aired by "Disney UK" in 2014. The video cartoon on YouTube has crossed over 1.55 billion views. The music and lyrics of this animated YouTube video were composed by the team of husband and wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

05Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johny Johny Yes Papa was aired by "Disney UK '' in 2014. The video (YouTube per cartoon) has crossed over 1.52 billion views. It is a nursery rhyme in English. The song is based on a little kid Johny and his father.

Part 2 Top Upcoming 5 YouTube Cartoon Videos 2022 (Trailers)

Let’s browse the trailer of top cartoons to watch on YouTube which is going to be released soon in the year 2022.

01Sonic: The Hedgehog 2

Sonic: The Hedgehog 2 is the top viewed trailer of YouTube cartoon videos in 2022. It is an action-adventure comedy YouTube cartoon movie which is a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog released in 2020. It is a US-based animated series written by Pat Casey, Josh Miller, and John Whittington and directed by Jeff Flower. Paramount Pictures announced the series of animated films after the success of the first film. The film is going to be released in April 2022.

02Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru is an upcoming computer-animated comedy film based in the US. It is the story of a 12-year old whose dream is to become the greatest villain in the world. The film is the sequel to YouTube cartoon movies, Minions released in 2015. It is produced by Illumination and distributed by Universal Pictures. The release is scheduled for July 2022.


Lightyear is an upcoming animated science action fiction film. Its story is based on the original film Buzz Lightyear. This US-based animated Disney cartoon on YouTube is scheduled to release in June 2022. It is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

04Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is the next chapter of the oscar-winning adventure animation Spider-Verse Saga. It is a US-based computer-animated superhero film. The YouTube spiderman cartoon is produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel, and distributed by Sony Pictures is scheduled to release in October 2022.

05DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets is a 3D animated superhero comedy film and is one of the best cartoons on YouTube based in the USA. It is the story of Krypto the super dog and Superman who are inseparably best friends. They share the same superpowers and use them to fight against crime in Metropolis. The film produced by Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures is scheduled to release in July 2022.

Part 3 Top 5 YouTube Cartoon Videos to Binge Watch While Quarantined

Here, let’s browse the list of top 5 YouTube cartoon videos to binge-watch while quarantined. These are copyright free cartoon videos for YouTube that can be viewed by anyone.

01Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is an animated adult cartoon on YouTube. It is a television sitcom based in the USA. It is the story of Bob Bulcher. To keep the family together, he runs a restaurant along with his wife and 3 children. It is produced by Bento box Entertainment and 20th Television Animation and distributed by Fox Broadcasting Company.

02Craig of the Creek

Craig of the Creek is an American animated cartoon series. Its story revolves around a young boy Craig and his 2 friends Kelsey and JP. They live in Herkleston Maryland and experience a series of misadventures all around there. The fun animation series of entertainment is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and so you can watch it on cartoon network YouTube. It is distributed by Warner Bros Television Distribution.


Haikyu is a Japanese animated manga series. It is the story of a small boy who wishes to become a great volleyball player. The animation series is produced by Production I.G. and Toho and distributed by Japanese Television Network MBS.

04Summer Camp Island

Summer Camp Island is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. You can find this cartoon free on YouTube. The story of animation revolves around 2 best friends Oscar and Hedgehog. They attend an adventurous summer camp. It is a US-based series distributed by Warner Bros, Domestic Television Distribution, and WarnerMedia Direct.

05Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a fantasy animated series and a cartoon YouTube channel whose country of origin is the USA. It is a series of adventures that revolves around a 12-year old boy and his best friend and an adoptive brother. The series is produced by Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros Television Distribution.

Part 4 Top 5 Greatest YouTube Cartoon Videos Finales of All Time

Let’s now run down the list of top 5 YouTube cartoon videos whose finales have been the greatest of all time. They have got a special place in the hearts of the viewers.

01Star Wars The Clone Wars Finale

Star Wars is a series of animation videos that tell about Jedi Knights who lead the Grand Army of the Republic. The US-based cartoon series and YouTube cartoon has 7 seasons and 133 episodes. It was created by George Lucas.

02Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar, the bluey cartoon on YouTube is an American animated cartoon series whose story revolves around a young boy. He reawakens to tackle the war-torn world of elemental magic and bring peace. The series with a total of 3 seasons and 61 episodes were produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and distributed by MTV Networks.

03Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-man is an animated series whose country of origin is the USA. Its story is based on a young man who has spider-like abilities. Along with his normal personal life, he uses his superhero abilities to fight crime in New York City. This whole series is divided into 5 seasons and 65 episodes. To watch this as YouTube cartoon, following is the link provided.

04My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

My little pony: friendship is magic is an animated children’s cartoon series. The barbie cartoon on YouTube is an adventurous journey of a studious unicorn pony and her friends. This American cartoon animation has 9 seasons and 221 episodes. It was produced by Allspark Animation[c], Studio B Productions and distributed by Allspark.

05Steven Universe

Steven Universe is an American animated cartoon series. It is a story of a team of warriors who fight to protect the universe. The series contains 5 seasons and 160 episodes. It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros Television Distribution.

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Ending Thoughts

So, convert your stressful quarantine into happy moments alone with these YouTube videos and watch with the series like YouTube Mr. Bean cartoon full episodes.

We have collected the list of most popular animation YouTube videos that can make your alone time spent well.

These videos are listed based on ratings, reviews, and total views.

Also, learning new skills such as making your animation videos during quarantine is good for your brain health as well.

Filmora Go is the best tool to learn to spend your spare time and convert it into something creative.

It is very easy to learn the tool. Moreover, if you become a pro in it, you can make your career in it as well.

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