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The Easiest Software for Mixing MP3 Tapes on Mac

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Mixing MP3 tapes is a process in which individual tracks are merged and blended with each other to create a new version of the song that sounds great. Apart from requiring musical sense and skill to mix MP3, you also need software that can get you through the complex and challenging process of editing, encoding, and managing a variety of MP3 files at once so you are in a position to create the best results.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of MP3 mixing software available today that make it much easier for beginners as well as professionals to mixtapes and develop their creative music.

Section 1. How to Edit MP3 Recording without Re-encoding It?

Recording your audio files in MP3 has its pros and cons that you need to be aware of.

edit mp3 mac


  1. Reduced audio file size compared to uncompressed audio
  2. Small storage devices can store hundreds and even thousands of files
  3. A universal and ubiquitous audio format that's supported by every application, website, and software
  4. Ability to control the quality of compression through bit rate


  1. Reduced size results in lossy compression
  2. Further editing results in more compression and loss of quality
  3. Artifacts and noise may occur not present in the original recording
  4. AAC or Advanced Audio Coding format provides better sound quality

That being said, if you are looking to edit an MP3 recording but don't want to re-encode it, you can use Filmora X MP3 mixer for Mac to do so without compromising the quality of your MP3 audio file any further.

Here is How to Mixing MP3 Tapes Step-by-Step.

Step1.Importing MP3 Files to Editor

Use the 'Add Audio' button to fetch MP3 audio files from your Mac and add them to the album. If you are looking to merge MP3 files, you can do so by dragging them together into the Timeline. Ensure that you are not putting one file to the other as that would split the audio file.

Step2.Click the Audio Mixer iCon in the toolbar

Step3.Drag the small ball along the circle (the Pan/Balance knob) for each track to switch the sound between the left and right channels.

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Section 2. What Software Should I Use for Mixing MP3 Tracks?

MP3 Mixer 1: Filmora X - Top Pick

Filmora X is a fully functional audio and video editor that enables MP3 mixers to edit their audio and video files in a convenient manner. The MP3 cutter has been created for audio editors who are just starting out their careers with a straightforward, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. Using Filmora, you can record, import, and edit multiple MP3 tracks at once without having to deal with any hassles.

Moreover, you can also make adjustments to audio aspects of your MP3 files including volume, pitch, and speed ensuring that your final product delivers the quality your audience expects.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

MP3 Mixer 2: WavePad

It is a dedicated MP3 cutting and mixing software that has been created for both beginners and professionals.

It supports multiple formats including MP3 files that you want to mix. The software brings a diverse variety of MP3 editing effects, batch processing, and access to MP3 audio editing features such as cutting, amplification, noise reduction, echo, and more so you can create better results.

MP3 Mixer 3: Macsome Audio Splitter

This is software that has been specially designed for macOS users. If you are simply looking for very basic features and want the software to be very user-friendly, you will not find any easier to use free MP3 mixers on the market.

You can use Macsome Audio Splitter to edit, mix, and cut MP3 audio files while making sure the final processing remains lossless. The software enables you to import multiple MP3 files so you can mix them and you can split them one by one subject to the output you are looking for.

Although it is free and quite easy to use, you have to keep in mind that Macsome is a very basic MP3 mixing software so you will not have any access to advanced editing features that you might want to use in the future. Moreover, it only supports two file formats i.e. MP3 and AAC. So, if you want to export your audio files in any other format for any reason, you will be out of luck.

macsome audio splitter

Final Word

MP3 mixing is a complex and challenging process in terms of skill and talent. It doesn't only require musical sense and experience but a high-quality reliable MP3 mixing software to get the job done. That's where Filmora X shines as a premium MP3 mixer for Mac with its wide support for different formats, editing features, and variety of functions that you will not find on any other MP3 mixers specially designed for beginner MP3 editors and mixers.

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