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Top 8 Places to Find Royalty-Free Music for Your Podcasts

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Apr 07, 2021• Proven solutions

Else, it would be awesome if you can use any music or audio as an intro or outro in your podcasts. But that's not the case due to so-called copyright laws! Despite all this, using free podcast music is more than necessary to make it an eye-catchy and ear-catchy podcast. So, what purpose does music serve in a podcast? Using background music in a podcast will help you define the entire podcast's tone and style. Generally, a podcaster has three ways to add music: The Intro/Outro, Segment Divider, and Background Music. We will help you find various ways to find royalty-free music for podcasts in this post as follows.

royal free music for podcasts

Without further ado, let’s get started with the legal aspects of using podcast music from anywhere!

Is it legal to play music on a podcast?

Do you need a license to play music on a podcast?

The real concern is to use copyright-free music on your podcasts. But the thing is that you can use copyright-protected music in your podcast provided you are paying for it. It is essential to pay for the copyright as a legal aspect to avoid risking any lawsuit. Using the copyrighted music even for 30 seconds can put you up to severe legal issues as a creator. These big companies have their team of lawyers to find out the copyrighted content anyway.

Given below are three ways of using free podcast music without getting into any legal trouble.

1.Creative Commons Music

The Creative Commons or CC license allows the free use of copyrighted music without any permission. These licenses are further available in different forms with the underlying idea of giving credit to the original artist. So, a person using copyright content must CC license.

2.Royalty-Free Music

Using royalty-free music for podcasts doesn't require you to pay royalties every time you use the theme. You can take its one-time subscription or go for its free version. It generally includes the lifetime license as long as you have paid for the subscription.

3.Public Domain Music

The track or music will enter the public domain after the copyright expires. The music, such as old children's songs and classics, will fall within the public domain. So, this is copyright-free music that you can use without getting into legal trouble.

Other than that, you can freely use Government Publications and any slogan, opinion, or fact that doesn’t come under copyright rules.

Where to Find Free Music for Podcasts – Try the 8 Sites

Let’s look at free podcast music from the sites mentioned below!

1.Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive Podcast

Free Music Archive is determined to collect music from millions of artists around the world. So, you will be available with various soundtracks for your podcast intro music. Here, you can also go through the Creative Commons music community to integrate tracks from thousands of options into your audio or video podcast.


Pixabay Royal Free Music Podcast

Pixabay also provides royalty-free music for podcasts. There are thousands of genres and music tracks available on the official website. So, you can select these tracks according to your requirement and make your podcast look more professional. The best part about using Pixabay is the simple user interface and availability of music tracks in different styles, themes, and genres.


Audionautix Royal Free Music Podcast

The free music library of Audionautix will present you with different options, including Bluegrass, Acid Jazz, Acoustic, Country, Dance, Easy Listening, Electronic, and Folk, etc. Here, you also have the option to find music by Mood, Genre, Title, Keyword, and Tempo.


Soundbible Royal Free Music Podcast

The Soundbible is another effective way to find free podcast music or royalty-free music for podcasts. Their official website is quite simple with the availability of different sound clips, namely the Service Bell Help, Old Car Starting, Heavy Rain Wind, etc. However, you must click All Sound Effects to have more options. It also offers you some informative blog posts to catch up in your free time.


Freesound Royal Free Music Podcast

The official site of Freesound is quite an old school yet filled with a massive list of free podcast music or background music that you can use in different ways. The site readily gets updated with new additions to music tracks. Also, the user interface is pretty intuitive, with all the options available over the main window.

6.YouTube Audio Library

Youtube Royal Free Music Podcast

Search the YouTube Audio Library over Google, where you will get the first official link. You are also required to sign up with the Google Account here. So, the library is full of free music with corresponding Title Track, Genre, Artist, Mood, Duration, and License Type, etc.

Musopen Royal Free Music Podcast is a site available with royalty-free music recordings, free sheet music, and other music education material and apps. This non-profit company based in San Francisco, CA., has an app available to offer you free streaming classical radio.

Incompetech Royal Free Music Podcast

Incompetech is our last suggestion site that deals in Royalty-free music, Music Licenses, Graph Paper, and Other Stuff online. Here, you can also purchase a music license to incorporate different kinds of music in your podcast.

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The Wondershare Filmora X comes with an inbuilt music library as free podcast music and adds an effect of comedy, tension, love, and fear to different scenes within a video or audio podcast. So, you must use its inbuilt music library to add background music for the podcast. Furthermore, you can add attractive transitions for smooth flow, specifically within the video podcasts.


So, this was all about using copyrighted or royalty-free music for podcasts. Even if you want to use copyrighted music, make sure to purchase its right to avoid any legal disputes. Thus, we mentioned three types of music you can use within your podcasts. Then, it is also essential to look at your podcast's professional editing aspects. You must use a reliable video editor, namely the Wondershare Filmora X, that better fulfills the need for audio and video editing tasks in the most professional manner.

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