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Top 10 Video Game Podcasts That Energise You All Day

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

From self-help to poetry recitation, there are podcasts for almost everything these days. If you are a video game enthusiast, then why not start your day with some interesting podcasts regarding your favorite games. In case you look up on Spotify or Apple Music, you can find tons of video game podcasts already. Thankfully, we are here with our shortlisted top 10 picks to help you get hooked to the best video game podcasts out there!

10 Best Video Game Podcasts worth Listening to

After carefully considering their domain, range, frequency, research, and other parameters, I would recommend the following 10 best video game podcasts to you.

1.What’s Good Games

This video game podcast is a breath of fresh air that is run by Andrea Rene, Kristine Steimer, and Brittney Brombacher. While most of the other gaming podcasts are focused on men, What’s Good Games is run by three talented women gamers.

One of the best video game podcasts, it is broadcasted every week in which the presenters talk about new games, tactics, and other things in a witty way.

Video Game Podcast 1


2.The Giant Bombcast

For all those who are looking for a fun and interesting video game podcast to listen to, The Giant Bombcast would be a perfect option. It is hosted by a diverse group of hosts and guests, discussing various video game news, events, releases, and more.

The podcast is mostly 3-hour long and deals with discussions around almost everything related to video games in a funny and informative manner.

Video Game Podcast 2


3.Arcade Attack: Retro Gaming Podcast

If you are a fan of arcade games, then this would be one of the best video game podcasts to listen to. The video game podcast is hosted by a group of four men from the United Kingdom.

As the name suggests, it deals with different arcade-style games of the 80s and the 90s that you can still play. The podcast is almost 90 minutes long and is broadcasted every Thursday night.

Video Game Podcast 3


4.GoNintendo Podcast

Just like arcade games, Nintendo games are also extremely popular these days. In this case, this would be one of the best video game podcasts for Nintendo game players. This is a weekly podcast that has been around for a decade with a loyal base of listeners.

The podcast is hosted by Kevin Cassidy and he has tons of guests every now and then. Apart from gameplays, they also discuss new and upcoming Nintendo games in the podcast.

Video Game Podcast 4


5.Three Moves Ahead

Three Moves Ahead is owned by Idle Thumbs and has to be one of the best video game podcasts for strategy gaming. The podcast hosts all kinds of expert gamers who share their tips and come up with different strategies for popular games.

This video game podcast has also been around for almost a decade and it features an hour-long episode every week. As of now, it is hosted by Troy Goodfellow and Rob Zacny.

Video Game Podcast 5


6.WhatCulture Gaming Podcast

WhatCulture is already a popular online community and its video game podcast certainly lives up to its name. The weekly podcast features all kinds of games, discussions, quizzes, suggestions, and more.

Each episode usually lasts for 20 to 40 minutes and is often known to host various gaming experts and guests (apart from gaming tips and updates).

Video Game Podcast 6


7.Game Scoop by IGN

While IGN has all kinds of video game-related podcasts, Game Scoop has to be the most popular option. One of the best things about the podcast is that it includes all kinds of games related to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and more.

Although the podcast will not include gameplays, it will let you know about all the recent updates and news related to gaming. In the end, the host will leave you with some interesting questions and facts as well.

Video Game Podcast 7


8.Gamertag Radio

For all those who are into gaming, Gamertag Radio would be a familiar name. One of the best video game podcasts, it has been active since 2005 and has over a thousand episodes.

This video game podcast is available on almost every platform and already has over 2 million listeners. Apart from its three regular hosts, it also features various guest interviews pretty frequently.

Video Game Podcast 8


9.Play, Watch, Listen

This is an all-in-one video game podcast that includes gaming tips, gameplays, interviews, news, quizzes, and so much more. The podcast is hosted by a group of four experts – a gaming journalist, a voice actor, a game composer, and a game director, each with several years of experience in the industry.

Most of the listeners like the unique take of their hosts on different topics. The video game podcast is broadcasted weekly and each episode is about 90 minutes long.

Video Game Podcast 9


10.Spawn Point

Hosted by Keza MacDonald, it is known as the go-to video game podcast for tired people. Ideally, if you are a parent or an adult who can’t seem to have enough time for gaming, then this would be one of the best video game podcasts.

Apart from popular games and tips, the host would also try to blend other aspects of life into gaming. While the frequency is not regular, the podcast is available on almost every platform and is certainly worth a listen.

Video Game Podcast 10


Start Your Own Video Game Podcast with an Excellent Audio Editor

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There you go! Now when you know about some of the best video game podcasts, you can get hooked to your favorite one in no time. As you can see, I have tried to include different kinds of podcasts on this list. Apart from that, if you want to start your video game podcast too, then use a resourceful tool like Wondershare Filmora X. A highly professional and user-friendly application, it will meet every video and podcast editing need of yours in no time.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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